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Euromoney's recent coverage of the global banking group from its global footprint, management shifts and strategic overhaul.

Noel Quinn reveals HSBC considered exit from US retail banking
February 2020

The interim chief executive unveils a radical three-year restructuring plan that makes abundant strategic sense but carries plenty of execution risk.

HSBC’s first green deposit account targets Singapore and UK corporates
February 2020

HSBC launched its green deposit account in the first week of February with a deposit from a building materials company.

Trade Finance Survey 2020: Who’s top in trade?
February 2020

The leading banks in Euromoney’s Trade Finance Survey 2020 comment on the highlights of the last 12 months and their expectations for the year to come.

Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2019: The people who left their mark
January 2020

This year’s winners of the Asiamoney Brokers Poll had to navigate myriad challenges, from trade tensions between the US and China to uncertainty around global growth. They managed to find exciting investment opportunities by quickly adapting to the changing market conditions – something they will need to do in 2020 as well.

Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2019: HSBC proves its mettle
January 2020
When a bank performs well during a strong year for equity markets, it’s easy to say it is just going with the flow, but when a firm gives clients the best advice during turbulent times, it proves its worth.

Can Hong Kong endure as a financial centre?
January 2020
The economy is suffering as months of protests show no sign of abating. Banks have been targeted by demonstrators. So far, its financial markets have been largely unaffected. But surely it is only a matter of time before Asia’s greatest financial centre suffers too?

Noel Quinn-160x186

Class of 2019: HSBC
January 2020
The senior management team at HSBC looks increasingly chaotic. It needs to fix that, before it can fix the bank.

Trade Finance Survey 2020: Press release
January 2020
HSBC takes the top spot in Euromoney’s survey for the third year in a row.

Banking: Challengers pile on risk in Mexico
November 2019
The country’s positive real interest rates shine like a beacon for international banks.

What they said about CIB in Q3 '19: a guide to bank results
November 2019
3Q19 q heatmap
It's that time of year again, when we round up what senior management said about your business line in their quarterly earnings calls.

HSBC: In search of acceptable
November 2019
Third-quarter earnings show it is time for decisive action.

Diane S Reyes-160x186

Transaction banking trailblazer: Diane Reyes, HSBC
October 2019
The bank's global head of liquidity and cash management says: 'We need to stay on top of emerging trends.'

Fixed Income Research Survey 2019: Press Release
October 2019
Fixed income research consumers tell us which research teams have impressed them most during the past 12 months.

Cash Management Survey 2019: Press release
September 2019
HSBC retains the top spot in Euromoney’s cash management survey.

Real Estate Survey 2019: Global Results
September 2019
HSBC takes top spots in global banks categories.

Best_Bank_Awards_19_WebAsiamoney best bank awards 2019
September 2019 
Malaysia: Best International Bank

Financial crime: Can Europe’s banks wash themselves clean?
September 2019
European banks are trying to put a devastating series of money-laundering scandals behind them, but the crisis is far from over. The extra costs it implies are hitting them at the worst possible time, while the damage to their reputations will be even harder to repair.

HSBC needs balance and guile in Hong Kong and China
August 2019
HSBC is stuck between several rocks and several more hard places.

Asset management: Moreau’s arrival underscores need for action at HSBC GAM
August 2019
Former DWS head could shake up captive fund model after Flint’s exit.

HSBC: The world’s interim bank
August 2019
MB banking banner 770px
The lifers are being cleared out at a bank traditionally known for the long service of its senior management.

What they said about CIB in 2Q19: a guide to bank results
August 2019
Didn’t have time to go through your investment banking rivals’ results announcements? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you, business by business.


Awards for Excellence 2019

World's best bank for sustainable finance
World's best bank for SMEs
World's best bank for public-sector clients
Asia's best bank for financing
Asia's best bank for sustainable finance
Middle East's best bank for sustainable finance
Middle East's best bank for transaction services

Latin America banking: HSBC fights back in Brazil

June 2019
HSBC wants to triple both onshore and offshore revenues, profits and ebitda in Brazil within five years.

Allegra Berman: The voice of experience

April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our April capital markets focus.

Samir Assaf: Quality over quantity
April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our April capital markets focus.


Asiamoney best bank awards 2019: country awards
Bangladesh: Best bank for CSR: HSBC
Sri Lanka: Best international bank: HSBC

Latin America investment banking – the brittle relationship
March 2019

cliffedge-crumble-istock-780.jpgProfile of Gerardo Mato, chairman of global banking, Americas, HSBC: Building from scratch

Trade finance: Banks’ digital deficit
February 2019

World network_780Digital innovation has the potential to transform international trade, yet many argue that banks are lagging in replacing antiquated systems for trade with smart solutions. What is behind the delays?

HSBC finds blockchain drastically improves efficiency of internal payments
January 2019

blockchain-network-780Having tested HSBC FX Everywhere on internal payments, the bank now aims to provide it as a platform service to clients.

Trade Finance Survey 2019: Press Release
January 2019 
HSBC retains the top spot.

The Euromoney 25: Class of 2018 
January 2019 

EM25 main 780pxWhich bank chief executives are raising a glass to a successful 12 months? How are the newcomers to the party settling in? Who’s hiding in the corner, drowning their sorrows? And will 2019 be a year of feast or famine? Euromoney reveals all in its progress reports for the Class of 2018.

HSBC: A year of transition
January 2019
New chief executive John Flint has bought himself some breathing room to deliver the bank’s return-to-growth mode 

China’s ABS awards: 2018 leaders in securitization
December 2018
Best firm for auto loan asset-backed securities: HSBC

Asset management: Should Europe’s banks buy back into the buy side?
November 2018


Asset management is one of the few opportunities European banks have for growth and good returns, but regulation is challenging the captive market and margins are falling. Can banks build their own versions of the low-cost US fund management firms – or are these few remaining crown jewels heading the same way as their investment banks?

HSBC whistleblowing: Anonymous month
October 2018
First Trump and now HSBC: welcome to Anonymous month.

The cash management conundrum
October 2018
There are only two truly global, fully fledged cash management banks today, but the digital arms race in transaction services gives far more banks the opportunity to be world class.

Impact banking champion: Jonathan Drew, HSBC
September 2018
Managing director, Infrastructure and Real Estate Group Asia at HSBC.

Outlook darkens for the Gulf’s competing powers
September 2018
In early 2016, the Middle East’s two largest countries looked set to become the world’s most vibrant frontier markets. Two years on, many bankers doubt that either Iran or Saudi Arabia can live up to these expectations.

Impact banking: Putting the impact back into Islamic finance
September 2018
Islamic finance has become too focused on getting arcane structures to be technically Shariah compliant, but a new initiative in Malaysia attempts to make Islamic finance socially positive once more – and to measure its success.

Asiamoney China Corporate and Investment Banking Awards
September 2018
Best International Corporate and Investment Bank in China

The ups and downs of HSBC’s Mexico way
September 2018
For the first time since HSBC’s acquisition of a Mexican bank in 2002, its franchise is enjoying positive momentum. Country chief Nuno Matos says more customers and a new culture are key to getting the bank’s market share back.

Mexican banks struggle to plug SME funding gap
September 2018
Banks have found it hard to lend to Mexico’s large SME segment, but persistence is beginning to pay off for those with the requisite focus – and skills.

New Silk Road Finance Awards 2018
September 2018
Best overall research house for BRI
Southeast Asia: Best bank for BRI-related financing in the region
Middle East & Africa: Best international bank in the region for BRI

Cash Management Survey 2018: Press Release
September 2018
HSBC maintains its dominance of the cash management industry.

Investment banks in 2Q18, part 3: FICC and equities

August 2018
Some of the Europeans – HSBC, Deutsche, BNP Paribas – had a torrid time.

Investment banks in 2Q18, part 1: group and CIB
August 2018
With HSBC having reported on Monday, the last of the 2Q18 results are in for the 12 main global corporate and investment banks; now for part 1 of our number-crunch.

HSBC looks to revolutionize primary markets with MyDeal
July 2018

Deal-management app promises to transform the new issue process, bringing much-needed efficiency to absorbing investor feedback and roadshow management.

Awards for Excellence 2018
July 2018
World's best bank for corporates 2018: HSBC
World's best bank for public-sector clients 2018: HSBC
World's best bank for transaction services 2018: HSBC
North America's best bank for transaction services 2018: HSBC
Latin America's best bank transformation 2018: HSBC Mexico
Asia's best bank for sustainable finance 2018: HSBC
Hong Kong's best bank 2018: HSBC

China: Foreign banks fumble over their expansion strategies
June 2018

China has finally started to open up its financial sector, but international banks seem to be struggling to find a clear or coherent strategy for tackling the market. HSBC is possibly the closest thing to a success story.

Greater Bay binds old Hong Kong to new Shenzhen
June 2018

Never shy about championing its latest grand development plan, Beijing is set to unveil the Greater Bay Area, a scheme designed to bind together the economies of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. What is it, will it succeed, and can it really transform the region into China’s Silicon Valley?

Asiamoney trade finance survey 2018: Your bank needs you
June 2018
BNP Paribas, HSBC and Cathay United can be proud of individual country wins, with the former two also doing enough to clinch spots in the top three overall.

Asiamoney best bank awards 2018: Hong Kong
June 2018
Best domestic bank: Hang Seng Bank
Its parent HSBC Holdings is the big global name, but Hang Seng Bank, led by chief executive Louisa Cheang, is Hong Kong’s bank.

Global RMB Poll 2018: The renminbi steps onto the world stage
June 2018
Asiamoney Global RMB Poll 2018: Results
HSBC, the most Chinese of global banks, is once again the winner of this year’s poll, nabbing the top spot for the seventh consecutive year.

Why the conviction of an FX banker has huge implications for all market participants
June 2018

Kevin Rodgers gives his personal views on the trial and conviction of FX banker Mark Johnson and its ramifications for global markets. Anyone working in banking should consider what it means for them.

Trade finance on blockchain moves to full commercial production
May 2018

A soybean trade between two arms of Cargill using letters of credit from HSBC and ING shows the R3 Corda platform is finally set to scale up.

Middle East's best bank for financing 2018: HSBC
May 2018
A rebound in equity issuance and the continued rise – from a high base – in DCM issuance, helped offset lower regional M&A volumes last year, as international yield hunters helped sovereigns and government-related entities offset the decline in petro-dollar flows. The bank that looms largest in this financing activity, especially in bonds and sukuk, is HSBC, the region’s best bank for financing.

Country Awards for Excellence 2018 Middle East: Saudi Arabia

Asiamoney best bank awards

Best bank for SMEs: Bangladesh
Best international bank: Sri Lanka
Middle East's best bank for Asia: Egypt

Flint flogs tech treatment
March 2018
One senses Douglas Flint is enjoying life after HSBC.

Euromoney's Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2018: Press release
February 2018
More than 2,000 private banks took part in the 2018 Euromoney private banking survey.

Global results: Commercial banking capabilities – HSBC

The banks aiming to beat the equities blues
February 2018 

Equities is a business where only the top handful of banks traditionally make money. It is also a sector with shrinking volumes and revenues. So why are two banks outside the top tier – Citi and HSBC – trying to boost their franchises?

Ex-HSBC banker Slevin saddles up for British Cycling
January 2018
‘Budgie’ always made his passion for cycling clear during his banking career.

Trade Finance Survey 2018: Globals don’t give way to locals
January 2018
HSBC emerges as 2018’s big winner, moving up to first place in the global overall best service rankings from second last year. The result pushes Deutsche Bank down into third place, with UniCredit creeping up from third to take second.

Trade Finance Survey 2018: Plugging the trade finance gap

January 2018
The impediments to providing more trade finance to emerging-market clients are well known, but that does not make them any easier to overcome. Could the ultimate solution be in turning trade finance into an attractive asset class for institutional investors?

Euromoney Trade Finance Survey 2018: Press release
January 2018
HSBC rises to the top of trade finance.

HSBC: New boys face early tests
December 2017
Tucker and Flint must not squander Gulliver's legacy at HSBC.

Cash Management Non-Financial Institutions Survey 2017: Which ICMs do you use most globally?

Cash Management Financial Institutions Survey 2017: Which ICMs do you use most globally?

Asiamoney Cash Management Survey 2017: Satisfaction is far from guaranteed
December 2017


As part of our global cash management survey of 30,000 treasurers, we asked those with operations in Asia a simple question: how satisfied are you with your banks? The answers have been compiled, tabulated and dissected. They make for interesting reading.

Gulliver cements HSBC legacy with DPA removal
December 2017


Outgoing chief executive was determined to leave HSBC without the deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) continuing to loom over the bank’s entire business and reputation.

Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2017: Press release
December 2017
CLSA comes out on top in this year’s contest for best brokerage in Asia (ex-Australia, China A&B, Japan) in the 28th edition of the poll, beating second best HSBC by a narrow margin. UBS, winner of the poll in 2014 and 2015, takes the third place. While dropping from the first place after last year’s win, HSBC snags the win as overall best house for regional research.

Why Westerman’s departure from HSBC became inevitable
November 2017


Attempts to refocus the global banking division led to culture clashes at an institution that is notoriously hard to bend to an individual’s will.

Foreign partners consider next steps for Chinese securities JVs
November 2017
It may be illuminating to look at the recent experience of HSBC, which became the first foreign bank to get approval for majority ownership of a securities JV this year and is in the process of launching HSBC Qianhai Securities Limited right now. (See our November edition for a detailed feature on this venture.)

Banking: What Asia league tables tell us as the year draws to a close

November 2017
CW banner 660px
Several trends emerge from the year-to-date league tables, and not everyone will like them.

HSBC: Flint will need to find his spark

November 2017
HSBC’s next chief executive must quickly show he’s the man to take the bank forward.

Macaskill on markets: New rules for the trading road
November 2017
The conviction of former HSBC trader Mark Johnson for front-running a customer FX order could transform the way dealers hedge client trades – and how they communicate with each other.

Bond custodians seek value from customer data
October 2017
BNY Mellon and HSBC hope that, in an illiquid fixed income market with no registry of beneficial owners, their asset management clients may benefit from alerts about other counterparties wishing to buy or sell bonds.


Regional banks set the pace
October 2017 
At first glance Euromoney’s global cash management survey 2017 results suggest that it is business as usual, but digging a little deeper into the rankings reveals that some regionals are setting new standards in quality of service.

Cash Management Survey 2017: Press release
September 2017
HSBC holds top place in both the global financial institutions and non-financial institutions results; global banks dominate but regional banks continue rise.

Results index

Fixed Income Research Survey 2017: Results index
September 2017
More than 2,200 fixed income investors took part in Euromoney’s annual survey. French firms Natixis and SocGen vie with JPMorgan and HSBC for best in class. 

Fixed Income Research Survey 2017: Overall

A first look inside HSBC’s China JV
September 2017
After years of discussion and an agonizing wait for regulatory approval, HSBC’s securities joint venture in China – the first to have majority foreign control – is approaching launch. Senior figures explain the process and what the JV will look like.

Making sense of Belt and Road – The international bank: HSBC
September 2017
To Gordon French, head of global banking and markets for Asia Pacific at HSBC, Belt and Road is “a supercharger.”

New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017


New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017: Results index
September 2017
Through the internationalization of the renminbi, capital markets activity, mergers and acquisitions and the funding of some remarkable projects, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has taken root in financial markets. These are the banks leading the way.

Best international bank for BRI
Best overall international bank for BRI

New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017 Southeast Asia: Best bank for BRI-related infrastructure finance

New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017 South Asia: Best bank for BRI-related infrastructure finance

New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017 CEE: Best bank for BRI-related finance

HSBC, Morgan Stanley and UniCredit scoop top honours at the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2017
July 2017
Euromoney names HSBC as the World’s Best Bank and Morgan Stanley as the World’s Best Investment Bank; UniCredit’s chief executive Jean Pierre Mustier wins Banker of the Year award.

World's best bank 2017: HSBC
July 2017
Stuart Gulliver’s six-year transformation of HSBC has created a global bank that works, rather than one that merely exists. And through that process, the bank has continued to deliver impressive returns.

Awards for Excellence 2017: How Gulliver fixed the world's best bank HSBC for the future
July 2017
As Stuart Gulliver’s time as chief executive of HSBC runs down, the moment has come to acknowledge his achievement in managing the remarkable transformation of one of the world’s biggest, most complex banks. Once a diffuse portfolio of unconnected banking franchises, it now starts to look much more like the jewel it should be: a properly managed network that can serve customers and reward shareholders by handling global trade and capital flows.

Awards for Excellence 2017: HSBC
July 2017
An awards round-up.
Middle East's best investment bank 2017: HSBC
May 2017
HSBC brains as well as brawn, as its coordination of bonds for regional financial institutions illustrates, notably the first Gulf insurance hybrid from Qatar Insurance Company and a string of perpetual sukuk from Kuwait.

HSBC and Tradeshift launch supply chain finance ‘game changer’
March 2017
Christian Lanng-600
HSBC sees new lending opportunities in the increasingly digital exchange of purchase orders and invoices between big companies and their smaller suppliers.

Banking: Assaf sets positive tone for HSBC
March 2017
Lost amid disappointing 2016 results, HSBC’s Global Banking and Markets (GB&M) division has already hit the group 10% return on equity (ROE) target and holds out hope for more to come.

Runners and riders in the HSBC Succession Champion Chase
March 2017

HSBC Flint Gullivar-R-600
Who’s leading the field? Who’s coming up on the rails? Which outsiders are worth ranking? The race is on for one of the biggest jobs in global banking… or is it?

Banking: Divine inspiration
March 2017
Lloyd Blankfein may think that Goldman Sachs’ bankers have a monopoly on doing God’s work, but HSBC seems to be giving the US firm a run for its money.

Banking: Could HSBC finally crack the US?
February 2017
Attempts to build a North America business have left egg on the faces of many senior HSBC executives, but now, with two key differentiators – its big balance sheet and global network – it may have figured out how to be an investment bank in the US.

Citi rebrands in Mexico as HSBC signals it will stay
October 2016
Citi seeks to commit to Mexico after Latin America withdrawal; HSBC injects capital but commitment questioned.

Brazil: Itaú acquisition raises competition concerns
October 2016
Itaú’s move on Citi’s Brazilian bank comes as Bradesco nears the completion of its purchase of HSBC’s operations in the country.

Lake_Spencer 160x186

Lake calls time on HSBC
September 2016
HSBC global banking and markets vice-chairman and architect of its transformative capital financing model Spencer Lake has decided to leave the firm, Euromoney has learned.


Cash Management Survey 2016

Regional banks on the rise in global cash management
September 2016
While HSBC scores a notable double in Euromoney’s annual global rankings, the record response rate of almost 35,000 validated votes generated a host of changes at the upper end of our cash management survey. Regional banks move to the fore and some previous global leaders have dropped back.

Cash management non-financial institutions survey 2016: Which ICMs do you use most globally?

Cash management financial institutions survey 2016: Which ICMs do you use most globally?


Macaskill on markets: Front-running and the death of fixed income
August 2016
The case against two HSBC employees for front-running a foreign exchange order from a client could hasten the death of the principal model for FICC trading by banks. A shift to an advisory-based approach is possible, but banks will struggle to make up lost revenue.

Sideways: The Committee to abolish Christmas trades
August 2016
When HSBC’s former head of global FX cash trading Mark Johnson learned that he had a window of just over 30 minutes to move the sterling exchange rate and profit from an approaching client trade, he said: “Ohhh f***ing Christmas,” according to US prosecutors.

Awards for Excellence 2016

AfE 2016 logo-196 135
Floats like a butterfly, stings like an HSBC
World's best investment bank: Global investment banks have spent the years since the global financial crisis trying to develop diversified and differentiated businesses. Few have succeeded. Quietly, but impressively, HSBC has stuck to its long-term strategy in global banking and markets and built just that. That division, led by Samir Assaf, with the backing of group CEO Stuart Gulliver, delivers impressive returns in difficult markets. And it is increasingly there for its clients on the high-profile deals where you would not have expected it.

World's best investment bank

World's best bank for corporates

Asia's best investment bank

Asia's best bank for financing

Latin America's best bank for financing

Best investment bank in the Middle East

HSBC's headquarters in London
Matthew Westerman-large

Westerman joins from Goldman as HSBC rejigs global banking management
February 2016
Hiring is a coup for HSBC as it tries to build on success of simplified structure in growing GBM division.

HSBC plotline points back to Gulliver
February 2016
With the bank’s HQ distraction now over, disappointing results have switched attention to the CEO.

Brazil banking: Bradesco buoyant, HSBC on back foot
September 2015

HSBC warped-R-600
Brazil deal lifts Bradesco; UK bank fights to retain Mexico.

Achievement in CSR Award: HSBC
September 2015
Long held up as an example of bad bank behaviour, HSBC has also done some outstanding work in the field of CSR. 

Off Message: Canny comms get results for HSBC
August 2015
Quietly, but forcefully, the bank is getting its message across to UK government and regulators.

HSBC doubles down on EM IB gamble
July 2015
HSBC Asia-R-600
Investment banking rivals may scoff, but HSBC’s Asia shift could prove a canny piece of business.

Banking: Chiang makes his point with HSBC
John Chiang-R-160x186
June 2015
California’s new treasurer picked his target when he made an example of the foreign bank but the domestic players have been warned.

HSBC expands transaction services workforce
May 2015
HSBC hired some 500 people in its transaction banking business last year and expanded its mobile offering. The bank's global head of payments and cash management Diane Reyes reflects on some of the lessons learned.

Is Bradesco in the frame for HSBC Brazil?
May 2015
Global firms feel pinch; Chinese banks set to enter?

LatAm bond markets: HSBC – building from debt
March 2015 
HSBC is pushing hard in its drive into Latin America’s markets. From a DCM foundation, it is moving into other areas, though competition will be fierce.
Gulliver and Flint face prisoner’s dilemma at HSBC
March 2015
Before revelations about HSBC’s private bank, its chairman and CEO were seen as a winning combination. As the fallout becomes increasingly political, could their relationship be coming under threat?

Private banking CIO outlook 2015: HSBC Private Bank
January 2015
Thomas Moore, CIO and head of private investment group Americas at HSBC Private Bank, talks about how oil prices and volatility are concerns for the year ahead.

HSBC shrugs off $550 million FHFA settlement
September 2014
Douglas Flint-R-envelope
It's a sad indictment of the state of the banking industry that a half billion dollar settlement looks like a good outcome. HSBC's share price went up on news of its agreement with the FHFA. But neither it nor the rest of the industry should take too much comfort.

Latin American capital markets: Competition for HSBC as it builds in equities
March 2014
Itaú strengthens position outside Brazil; equity lull a good time for hiring, says HSBC.