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Of the top 100 banks have chosen us as their training provider
  • 500K
    professionals trained in the last 5 years
  • 7K
    companies work with us to fulfill their learning needs
  • 150
    countries where our training is delivered
  • 11
    languages spoken across our team
  • 136
    expert course instructors, each with a wealth of industry experience
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Topic areas

With unique access to the latest industry news and insights, we deliver world-class learning programmes with a lasting impact. We deliver training in more than 20 different topic areas including:
  • Refine your knowledge and technical skills in Corporate Finance to drive business growth in any economic climate
  • Develop the skills and expertise required of today's top performing business leaders and Board
  • Become a crucial driver of revenue growth and risk mitigation with an in-depth understanding of Treasury & ALM
  • Develop credit portfolio modelling skills to effectively analyse, measure, and mitigate risk
  • Master new skills and techniques in order to deliver an exceptional client experience

  • Expand your knowledge of the theories, tools, market dynamics and regulations in capital markets

Tailored Learning Solutions

All of our learning programmes combine a range of methodologies to optimise the training experience and bring complex theories to life.
  • Blended Learning
    Optimise your learning approach
  • Graduate Programmes
    Give your future leaders the best possible start
  • Talent Development
    Accelerate the development and progression of your top performers
  • Simulations
    State-of-the-art simulations for your skills development
  • Virtual Classrooms
    Remove the hassle of additional costs and travel
  • Social Learning
    Discuss what you're learning and contribute relevant content
  • Learning Needs Analysis
    Pinpoint the skills you need across a wide range of roles
  • Academies
    Stay ahead of the competition by attracting and retaining the right people
  • Demonstrating ROI
    Demonstrating ROI
    Derive business insight from your learning data
Our Approach to Learning

We develop bespoke learning experiences with the perfect blend of technologies and techniques to help you succeed.

From the Boardroom to the front line, we can deliver engaging, multi-faceted learning programmes that will nurture the skills needed to fast-track development and enable teams to flourish.

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