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Euromoney's recent coverage of the Swiss bank.

The evolution of investment banks
April 2020 
Diversify or specialize: that has been the question for all the big global corporate and investment banks since the financial crisis of 2008 – we delve into the data to see who did what.

Obituary: Jürg Zeltner – the first modern private banker
March 2020 
The former UBS private banking chief leaves an impressive legacy across the wealth management industry.

Why did UBS choose Ralph Hamers for CEO?
February 2020 

Taking the top job at UBS is a great move for ING chief Ralph Hamers, but it’s less obvious for UBS.

Class of 2019: UBS
January 2020
Being the world’s leading wealth manager presents challenges in this market environment. UBS is coping relatively well.

UBS art: Lobby lighting
December 2019
CWE install-780
An art installation shines a light on UBS.

What’s behind UBS’s joint venture with Banco do Brasil?
November 2019
UBS’s country head refuses to comment on whether Banco do Brasil has been given a ‘call option on the bank’s Brazilian IB business’.

What they said about CIB in Q3 '19: a guide to bank results
November 2019
3Q19 q heatmap
It's that time of year again, when we round up what senior management said about your business line in their quarterly earnings calls.

Partnerships offer European banks a way forward
November 2019
European banks don’t have a continental market, right? Wrong. Even if they cannot do full-blown mergers, the cross-border consolidation of specific business lines offers a way of gaining some of the economies of scale that US and Chinese banks enjoy.

Can Credit Suisse’s Khan turn around UBS Wealth Management?
September 2019
Iqbal Khan replaces Martin Blessing as UBS co-CEO of Global WM; costs still plague both firms.

What they said about CIB in 2Q19: a guide to bank results
August 2019
2Q19 heatmap 1b 780px
Didn’t have time to go through your investment banking rivals’ results announcements? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you, business by business.


Awards for Excellence 2019

Country Awards: Asia – Australia's best investment bank
Country Awards: Asia – The Philippines' best investment bank

The CEO agenda: Sergio Ermotti
June 2019
Sergio Ermotti, UBS_780
The scourge of short termism.

Lost in translation: Has a comment on pigs cost UBS a bond deal?
June 2019
A UBS economist made an innocuous comment about swine flu in China, and five days later a belief among Chinese speakers that he used a racist term has led to him being suspended, UBS apologizing and it disappearing from a key Chinese bond mandate. Now what?

UBS Hong Kong sponsor ban settles misconduct case
April 2019
After years of investigation, the Hong Kong SFC has come up with its verdict against UBS and three other banks for errant past IPOs. The fines are inconsequential; the disclosure of embarrassing due diligence lapses more significant.

UBS: Ermotti warns Q1 woes may persist
March 2019
Little confidence profit warning relates to one-off; cost cuts not enough to compensate.

A positive picture: How banks are presenting their art treasures in a better light
February 2019
Banks hold a lot of art, but how can they justify owning valuable collections, which have no practical use, when their previous extravagances have left their stakeholders in such pain? Euromoney looks at some of the biggest troves and asks what banks are doing to lift the veil on these collections.

Wealth management: The Next Generation
February 2019
The last 20 years of private banking have been all about building scale, international growth and professionalization; the top wealth managers are still getting bigger and are confident they have the right model – but as they struggle to maintain quality of service under pressure on revenues, new specialists are emerging.

Private banking architects: Mark Branson – the man who cleaned up private banking
February 2019
Mark Branson, chief executive officer of Swiss financial regulator Finma, talks to Euromoney about how tax transparency has changed the trajectory of private banking and how far regulation can go in curtailing misconduct.

Women in private banking: Why we need a new normal
February 2019
Wealth management was built by men for men, but now that women will become the largest beneficiaries of the $30 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer, the industry needs to overhaul itself. If it doesn’t, it will be letting down more than just its female clients.

UBS: Brought to below book?
January 2019
The bank is delivering a strategy for the post-crisis world. So why aren’t investors giving it more credit?

Banking: What Santander’s failure to appoint Andrea Orcel as CEO means for the industry
January 2019 
Spanish-based group will struggle to overcome fall-out of recruitment U-turn, while Orcel’s situation raises broader questions for banks’ hiring and compensation strategies.

Asset management: Should Europe’s banks buy back into the buy side?
November 2018
Asset management is one of the few opportunities European banks have for growth and good returns, but regulation is challenging the captive market and margins are falling. Can banks build their own versions of the low-cost US fund management firms – or are these few remaining crown jewels heading the same way as their investment banks?

Why Switzerland wants to be the crypto nation
October 2018
While negative rates fundamentally undermine its domestic lenders, the Alpine nation’s enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies also coincides problematically with threats to its private banks.

Negotiation is key as UBS heads for China JV majority stake
October 2018
UBS’s path to China JV control raises questions for others.

Sideways: Why does ‘Killer’ Karofsky get second billing in UBS’s The Odd Couple?
September 2018
Jon Macaskill profiles the two new co-heads of investment banking at UBS.

Santander brings shock and Orcel
September 2018
A new CEO at the Spanish group was not expected, and neither was the name of the appointee. What will Andrea Orcel bring, and why did chairman Ana Botín turn to him?

Impact banking champion: Mark Haefele, UBS
September 2018
CIO, UBS Global Wealth Management.

Investment banks in 2Q18
Under the hood of UBS’s Q2 results
July 2018
MB banking banner 770px

A strong quarter for UBS contained a few of the usual curiosities in the investment bank.

Awards for Excellence 2018

World’s best bank for wealth management 2018
July 2018
The bank has integrated its North America and global operations to bring more focus – and better results.

Asia's best bank for wealth management 2018

Diversity and inclusion: What the next generation thinks
July 2018

Which banks are doing the most to impress and attract their future employees? A potential young recruit gives her opinion.

FX Survey 2018: Overall results
May 2018
Overall market share: UBS moves up to second place.

CSR: Time's up for finance's gender pay gap
May 2018
Gender pay gap disclosure has arrived in the banking industry, but a movement that aims to bring gender equality across the whole financial sector is just beginning. Euromoney speaks to some of the pioneers.

UBS sharpens its focus… while Hong Kong’s regulator draws its knife
March 2018
Competitors have been quick to delight in the travails of UBS’s Asian investment bank, notably its decline in the league tables and a revolving door at senior management level. A ban imposed by Hong Kong’s regulator is the latest stick with which to beat the Swiss bank. But UBS’s regional leadership remains bullish – not least thanks to the power of its private bank.

Euromoney’s Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2018
February 2018

Asiamoney best bank awards 2017
January 2018
Australia: Best international bank

UBS: Star performer poorly marked
December 2017
Earnings were positive in 2017, but it's a shame about the share price.

Zeltner leaves UBS Wealth as the clear global leader
December 2017
Jürg Zeltner inspired UBS to regain its position as the world’s best private bank, and his departure has shocked many in the industry – what will he do next?

Asiamoney brokers poll 2017
December 2017
Prime broking
Hedge fund services

Foreign partners consider next steps for Chinese securities JVs
November 2017
When it finally came, it took the market – and bankers who had been hoping for the news for many years – by surprise, but China’s decision to allow foreign partners in domestic securities joint ventures to take majority stakes raises as many questions as answers.

UBS and ECM: A public-private partnership

November 2017
Banks’ third-quarter results show fixed income trading still depressed and CIB revenues mostly down, but UBS is looking remarkably perky, especially in equity capital markets. What’s up?

Cash management: UBS’s Swiss bliss

October 2017
A focus on clients with a strong connection to Switzerland allows the bank to forge particularly close relationships and deliver a quality service.

Wealth management industry reviews compensation (again)
August 2017
UBS Americas head says cost of hiring too expensive; fees and salaries based around AuM rather than product.

Awards for Excellence 2017


UBS rebuilds in Brazil with acquisition of Consenso
June 2017
Swiss bank buys Brazil’s biggest multi-family office; wealth management industry continues to grow fast despite economic turbulence.

Latin America: UBS spies inflection point for EM banks’ valuations
March 2017
Cost of equity (COE) dips under return on equity (ROE) as outperformance forecast; long decline in ROE since 2007 seen to have ‘bottomed-out’.

UBS rethinks gender-lens investing
March 2017
Americas wealth management division partners with specialist investment fund to back tech companies with women at the helm.

Asia: 1MDB puts Singapore private banking on notice
November 2016
On October 11, the Monetary Authority of Singapore threw Falcon Bank out of the country – the second bank to be closed down over 1MDB connections, after BSI in May. It fined DBS S$1 million ($720,000) and UBS S$1.3 million for breaches of anti-money laundering requirements and control lapses.

UBS under Hong Kong IPO investigation
October 2016
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission is investigating UBS for its handling of IPOs. Its licence could be at stake.

UBS: Steely on the outside, cashless on the inside
October 2016

UBS moved into its new home at 5 Broadgate last month, the biggest building ever let in central London.

Awards for Excellence 2016

AfE 2016 logo-196 135

World's best bank for markets

World's best bank for wealth management

Western Europe's best bank for markets

Asia's best bank for wealth management

Social impact investing finds its feet
June 2016
UBS oncology fund raises $471 million; banks turn to foundations to collaborate.

Even Leibovitz can’t make banks look good
June 2016
Star photographer Annie Leibovitz was in Singapore recently, promoting a new exhibition commissioned by UBS.

Blessing lands at UBS
May 2016
Martin Blessing happy-R-600
The former chief executive of Commerzbank surprised the markets by agreeing a new job at UBS just two weeks after completing his contract – but what looks like a snap decision was two years in the making.

UBS: Zeltner's zeal for private banking

Jurg zeltner-300
February 2016
UBS’s wealth management chief used a crisis to reinvent the bank’s core business. Even competitors admit that he also took the whole industry in a better direction.

Sideways: Ermotti does a Diamond-lite
October 2015
UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti may just have ‘Done a Diamond’ with his widely reported message to bankers at the firm that they should take more risk and not be afraid to make mistakes.

Achievement in CSR Award: UBS
September 2015
Print Order Back to winners table UBS has made important contributions to the development of impact investing over the last 12 months – one of the reasons for the bank’s Achievement in CSR award.

UBS WM chief says tougher times for advisory model
January 2015
Jürg Zeltner, chief executive at UBS Wealth Management, talks to Euromoney about the new challenges in investment management and asset allocation facing the private-banking industry.

Private banking CIO outlook 2015: UBS Wealth Management
January 2015
Mark Haefele, global chief investment officer at UBS Wealth Management, says his firm is looking to the US for this year's returns.

Best global bank 2014: UBS – Model of a modern bank
July 2014
Less than three years ago UBS was written off as one of the ultimate victims of the financial crisis. The bold decisions taken then by a new chief executive and his management team make it today a bank that others seek to emulate. Sergio Ermotti pinned UBS’s future to the core of its leading global wealth management business. Now the business is starting to look more than the sum of its parts.

Awards for Excellence 2014: Best global bank
July 2014
Sergio Ermotti AfE eyes2
The clear definition of a radical strategy distinguishes the Swiss bank from most of its peers. The successful execution of that strategy makes it Euromoney’s Bank of the Year.

New CIO for UBS Wealth Management
June 2014
UBS announces that Alex Friedman, global chief investment officer, will be leaving the firm.

Key takeaways from UBS's results
May 2014
Asia and emerging markets provide the bulk of net new assets for UBS in the first quarter.

UBS rewrites rules on how to charge private-banking clients fees
February 2014
Change is afoot in the private-banking industry as UBS launches a ‘middle-way’ approach to charging clients fees for advice, Euromoney can reveal.

Reshaping UBS
February 2013
By cutting back its investment bank sharply, UBS chief executive Sergio Ermotti has laid down a challenge to competitors. It now seems that the private bankers wielding power at the top of UBS want to keep fair chunks of the investment bank. Has Ermotti found the keys to a resurgent UBS?

Does UBS need a second home market?
February 2013
In its home market, UBS has aroused plenty of popular antipathy as an embarrassment to the country for its frequent stumbles in the past five years. But as a business, it is doing reasonably well.

UBS reports fourth-quarter loss but boosts capital and dividend
February 5, 2013
Investors and regulators will like its latest plan to pay part of bankers’ compensation in a new form of contingent convertible.

Investment banking: Shareholders welcome new UBS
December 2012
Creates challenge to other banks; Capital-lite bank suited to low growth.

UBS’s axe wielding could prove game changer
December 2012
For some reason, the phrase “Denial is not a river in Egypt” resounds in my mind.

Why should UBS stick with investment banking?
October 2011
The trading scandal raises further questions about the validity of UBS’s investment bank and whether an integrated model works for the Swiss group. Experts say they should concentrate on wealth management.