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Interactive live video streams to help you navigate the financial storms of coronavirus and beyond

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Join Tareq Al-Musharaf from the Real Estate Development Fund, Maan Al-Kahmous from Samba and Fabrice Susini from SRC live at 12.00 noon BST on Tuesday 6th October. As always, the session will be live, lively and interactive.

The second LiveStream in our Saudi Housing series will focus on the potential of the Saudi mortgage market. This fast-growing market, undented by the pandemic, will see both domestic and international capital market issuance in the near future and has the potential, in time, to be of a similar size to Canada. It matters.

We’ve brought together three leaders from different parts of the industry to learn how this market is evolving, to understand its unique characteristics and to appreciate what opportunities it presents to international capital. We’ll also discuss, as importantly, why the market matters to the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



  • Saudi mortgages – a fast growing financial market for the 2020s, October 6
  • European banks after Covid-19: the investor’s view, October 8
  • Euromoney LiveStream- Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS Bank, October 13




Join us live at 12.00-12.45 London / 14.00-14.45 KSA / 15.00 - 15.45 Dubai on Thursday 1st October for our Euromoney LiveStream

The Saudi housing finance market is a key part of the Kingdom and the region’s developing capital markets. The Kingdom’s housing policy and market strategy is led by the Minister of Housing, H.E. Mr Majed Al-Hogail and we’re interviewing him on Thursday 1st October at 12pm UK/2pm KSA. We’ll be asking the Minister about the state of the housing marketing in the KSA in the light of the pandemic, if the goals of the Vision 2030 programme are still intact and what the remainder of 2020 holds for securitisation, mortgages and other financial markets associated with this vital sector. Directly following that interview will be a live and in-depth Q&A with HRH Prince Saudi bin Talal Al-Saud, Deputy Minister for Residential Support & Beneficiary Services and Mr Marwan Zawawi, Deputy Minister of Residential Products.

Join us live at 12.00-12.45 London / 14.00-14.45 KSA / 15.00 - 15.45 Dubai on Monday 21 September for our Euromoney LiveStream

How has the pandemic affected Saudi Arabia’s strategic direction? Is Vision 2030 still appropriate for a post-Covid world? Will the Financial Sector Development Programme be changed? What do the answers mean for the financial sector and international investors?

To find out the answers to these important questions we’ll be joined by senior representatives from SAMA and the Ministry of Finance on 21st September at 12.00 London time. As part of our ground-breaking Saudi series, we’ll be discussing these topics with these policy-makers directly and you can put your questions to them live in a stream we have titled: Saudi Arabia: Response to Covid-19, the FSDP & Vision 2030.

Next in a ground-breaking series of exclusive interviews from the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we are excited to have as our guest none other than the Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, HE Dr Ahmed Alkholifey.

Our Middle East head, Victoria Behn, sat down with the Governor for a conversation recently and we will be streaming the full interview, no cuts, live on 9th September. We’ll also have a panel of experts to comment on the interview and the direction of the Kingdom’s financial sector now and after the pandemic.

Will the dollar peg stay? Is SAMA comfortable with its FX reserves position? Is the financial sector stable? How will SAMA deal with larger than average provisions from Saudi banks? Has the FSDP programme been derailed by this crisis? We asked all these questions to the Governor – and many more. And you can ONLY see them on our LiveStream.

Can you miss it? If Saudi’s important to you (and it should be) then you really should join us...

Join us live at 12.00-12.45 London / 14.00-14.45 KSA / 15.00 - 15.45 Dubai on Thursday 3 September for our Euromoney LiveStream 

September still means Saudi at Euromoney! Saudi Arabia is the Arab world’s global player, chair of the G20 in 2020 and a country in the throes of massive and meaningful change.

In late August our senior editorial team was given exclusive access to record a Zoom interview with H.E. Mr Mohammed Al-Jadaan, the Minister of Finance, and Acting Minister of Economy & Planning for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
On 3rd September we will air this interview and host a special interactive post-interview session with leading analysts to discuss the outlook for the Kingdom this year and next. We’ll take your questions and comments too.

Join us on 3rd September to get a clear picture on the region’s most important economy. Only on Register below.

Join us live at 12.00-12.45 London/ 07.00-07.45 New York/15.00-15.45 Dubai/ 19.00-19.45 Hong Kong on Wednesday 15th July for our Euromoney LiveStream.

Join Ibrahim Al-Othman, Chief Executive Officer of UDC Qatar, Joseph Abraham, Group Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Bank of Qatar and Raju Buddhirajuon, Executive General Manager of Wholesale Banking at Commerical Bank of Qatar on the Euromoney LiveStream to discuss the outlook for the region, for Qatar and for the banks. We’ll be looking at the impact of the pandemic on the region’s richest per capita economy and how the changing world economy post-pandemic might provide both challenges and opportunities for Qatari banks, companies and investors. Join us on 15 July at 12.00 BST and you can, of course, ask them questions live on the day.

17.00-17.45 London/ 18.00-18.45 Cairo/ 12.00-12.45 New York/ 20.00-20.45 Dubai on Monday 22nd June.
With special guest: HE Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Arab Republic of Egypt
In 2019 Egypt’s economy stabilised significantly and began to show encouraging signs of a sustained return to growth. Then the pandemic hit. Commentators were worried that this shock could damage Egypt’s renewed growth story. But, with commendable agility the government and the people of Egypt responded rapidly and forcefully. The result: anticipated growth of 3% in 2020 – despite the worse public health and economic crisis the world has ever seen. Find out from one of the architects of this exceptional response – Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation – how Egypt was able to do this and the prospects for Egypt post-pandemic. 

Build Back Better

Join us live at 15.00-15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 25th June for our Euromoney LiveStream

Our guest speakers this week are Andrew Griffiths, Head of Value Chain Sustainability, Nestlé’s UK&I, Hans Loth, Global Head UN Environment Partnership, Rabobank and Diane Holdorf, Managing Director, Food & Nature, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Climate change, pollution and intensive farming are all contributing to a fragile food system, while Covid-19 has revealed the lack of resiliency in supply chains to cope with large global shocks. How can finance play a role helping the food sector become more resilient, and ensure supply chains remain strong?

This took place at 15.00 - 15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 7th May

The E in ESG has largely been focused on reducing carbon and other greenhouse gases. But the pandemic has refocused our attention on the relationship between people and all of the environment. What role does finance play in determining the balance of our natural world and how can it alter its practices to protect all of us? Similarly, in the context of a larger climate crisis taking place where natural resources may became scarce, how can the financial community protect itself from nature-related risks?

Margaret L. Kuhlow, Finance Practice Leader, WWF International
Andrew Mitchell, Co-Founder, Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA) - a project of Global Canopy and UNEP FI
Gwendolyn Yu, Head of Engagement Transformation, BNP Paribas

This took place at 15.00 - 15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 16th April for our Euromoney LiveStream.

Our guest this week is Mahmoud Mohieldin, formerly Egyptian Minister of Investment and Vice President of the World Bank and now at the UN. Mohieldin speaks about his view on the impact of the crisis on emerging markets and about the relevance of the UN and its sustainability agenda in the light of a prolonged global shutdown.Mohieldin shared why we must cooperate to build resilience in fragile economies as we emerge from the first-order crisis. Live attendees could pose their own questions directly to a senior leader at the top of the global response to Covid-19.


Covid-19 has made us more aware of the importance of inclusive finance and the connection between banking, savings and resiliency. Are we doing enough, however? And, how can the financial sector help? From mobile banking to microfinance, through developed and developing economies, our expert panel will be discussing how we take inclusive finance to the next level.



Join us live at 15.00-15.45 London / 10.00 - 10.45 New York / 18.00 - 18.45 Dubai on Wednesday 12 August for our Euromoney LiveStream 

Will technology and tech platforms do for emerging markets what decades of development aid have failed to do? Noor Sweid is one of the brightest investors in the MEA VC firmament and she’s working on an answer to this very question. She’s joining us for an exclusive, one-to-one live and interactive interview online on 12 August, 3pm BST.

Noor is a senior partner at Global Ventures, a Dubai-based firm with investments in firms such as mumzworlds, Kitopi, Helium Health and Mamo Pay. Global Ventures takes a unique approach to EM VC by focusing strictly on enterprise tech companies that will scale alongside core demographic and employment trends in the Middle East and Africa region. The pandemic has brought a greater focus on healthcare, naturally, but Noor is clear that the opportunity lies in secular fast-growth regional economies empowered by innovative tech.


Join us live at 15.00-15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 2nd July for our Euromoney LiveStream.

This week we will be looking at the effect of the pandemic on fintech in general and specifically at the experience of one of the most successful UK-based fintechs – OakNorth. We will be asking Sean Hunter, Chief Information Officer about whether the crisis will really make fintech come of age or whether it has exposed weaknesses in both models and funding. In this most uneven of crises – will digital-first platforms be winners or losers? Find out 2nd July at 3pm BST.



Join us live at 14.00-14.45 London / 09.00 - 09.45 New York / 17.00 - 17.45 Dubai on Thursday 27 August for our Euromoney LiveStream

What does philanthropy mean in the 2020s? Has the nature of giving changed -particularly in light of Covid, a pandemic that has forced us to rethink and reconsider the state of healthcare, nature of education, and format of daily communication?

Is philanthropy at a crossroads? Cerulli Associates reckons $68 trillion in wealth will be transferred between generations in the US alone over the next 25 years. Trillions more will pass into the hand of next-generation HNWs around the world.

These Gen Xers and millennials feel more strongly about ESG and impact investing than any past generation. The way they feel about giving – whether to solve local issues or global challenges from climate change to inequality, will change not only philanthropy, but the nature of global investing.

Covid-19 has exacerbated the wealth gap at the same time as putting extra strain on non-profits and NGOs. Are philanthropists rethinking how they give? And how can the world’s wealthy bring the biggest impact to bear on a global crisis? Join Phyllis Costanza, head of UBS in Society and chief executive officer, UBS Optimus Foundation, Carly Doshi, head of philanthropy, family governance and family office advisory for HSBC Private Banking, Americas and Romy Krämer, managing director of the Guerrilla Foundation on the Euromoney LiveStream on 29 July at 2pm BST.

Join us live at 15.00 - 15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 4th June for our Euromoney LiveStream

Is real estate in trouble? Is there a systemic crisis brewing? Does the asset class need to be re-evaluated now we’re all staying at home? To find out and ask your own questions, join Richard Croft, Executive Chairman, M7 Real Estate and Alasdair Pritchard, Partner, Knight Frank on our Euromoney LiveStream.



Join us live at 15.00-15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Wednesday 10th June for our Euromoney LiveStream

Our guest speaker this week is Dr Herbert Stepic, former Chief Executive Officer of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI).

Countries in emerging Europe went into the Covid-19 crisis in good economic shape and many have outperformed their western counterparts in managing the spread of the virus. But how will they fare during the next phase of the pandemic? As the architect of Raiffeisen’s central and eastern Europe (CEE) empire, Herbert Stepic has been closely involved in the region’s development for more than 30 years. He joins Euromoney’s Emerging Europe Editor, Lucy Fitzgeorge-Parker, to discuss the potential impact of Covid-19 on CEE’s economies, banks and citizens, including the outlook for Chinese involvement in the region and the need for a revamped Vienna Initiative.  



Join us live at 15.00-15.45 London / 10.00 - 10.45 New York / 18.00 - 18.45 Dubai on Wednesday 5 August for our Euromoney LiveStream

Is there really a magic money tree? Government finances post pandemic with Constatin Gurdgiev.

The course of the pandemic is anything but certain, but as global debt/gdp is forecast shortly to hit more than 100%, might the medicine be worse than the illness? We’re taking an in-depth look at the options facing public finances across the world in 2021 and beyond. Will inflation re-emerge and when? Are we destined to entrench inequality through decades of austerity or can modern monetary theory ride to the rescue and usher in a new era of socially beneficial investment? We have, as our guest, the eminent economist Constantin Gurdgiev. We’ll debate these points and more LIVE on 5th August at 3pm BST.


Join us live at 14.00-14.45 London / 09.00 09.45 New York / 17.00 - 17.45 Dubai on Wednesday 22 July for our Euromoney LiveStream.

Jean Pierre Mustier is one of the most important figures in European and, indeed, global banking. He’s joining us for an exclusive, live and interactive interview online on 22nd July, 2pm BST. He will be interviewed by our Europe Editor, Dominic O’Neill and take your questions alongside ours. Mr Mustier is, CEO of UniCredit and also now one year into the job as President of the European Banking Federation. Dominic will be talking to him about banking in the pandemic and its aftermath, the outlook for the Eurozone, the responses of national governments, the EU and, naturally the ECB. We’ll also be taking a deep dive into the future of European banking.

We’re more than pleased to welcome Jean Pierre to Euromoney LiveStreams at a time when the future direction of the Eurozone financial sector is, arguably, as important to us all as it was in 2012. Is the sector really strong enough now to provide the financial muscle necessary to get Europe’s economy moving again? We will find out, we think, on Wednesday 22nd July at 2pm.

The oil market, on the back of Covid-19 and the price war, is in a state of crisis not seen since the 1920’s. The prospect of a major realignment of producers is real and emergent. Everything could be about to change.

As part of our continued coverage of key strategic markets in this time of disruption here is a conversation between Robert Ryan, the Chief Commodity and Energy Strategy for BCA Research and our Middle East Consultant Editor, Richard Banks. We look at where the market is structurally now, where it is likely to go and why. We even try to game out some scenarios for the short and medium term price path. We may not have all the answers but we can promise you an insightful, informative and entertaining discussion.


Join us live at 15.00-15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Wednesday 17th June for our Euromoney LiveStream.

Our guest speaker this week is Professor Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics, Founder & Co-Director of the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise, Johns Hopkins University.

Join renowned professor Steve Hanke on the Euromoney LiveStream to find out which sovereigns will default and when. We’ll be looking at both emerging and developed markets and talking about debt holidays, rescheduling, forgiveness, moral hazard and, of course, the German Constitutional Court! We’ll take advantage of Professor Hanke’s wide and deep experience of debt work outs and quiz him on some of his more unorthodox opinions – we hope you will too! 


Join us live at 15.00 - 15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 21st May for our Euromoney LiveStream.

This week we’ll be joined by Karen Ward, Managing Director, Chief Market Strategist, EMEA, J.P, Morgan Asset Management.

We’ll be gauging where the global economy is now, what its likely medium-term trajectory is, what the prospects are for public finances and, finally, how the dynamic of the macroeconomic environment may change completely after the pandemic finally ends. Join us and put your own questions to Karen.  


This took place at 16.00 - 16.45 London/ 11.00-11.45 New York/19.00-19.45 Dubai/23.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 30th April

Our guest speaker this week is Cyrus Ardalan, Chairman, International Financing Facility for Immunization

In a very special episode of the Euromoney LiveStream we were joined by veteran financier and Chair of the IFFIm to discuss how capital markets can create solutions to current and future health challenges. We’ll look at how IFFIm and GAVI are supporting the vital work CEPI is doing to create a vaccine, the financial innovation which enables it and how it can be adapted to address the huge health security investment all nations will need to have in coming years…

This took pace at 15:00 BST on Wednesday 8th April for our weekly Euromoney LiveStream. 

Our guest this week is George Magnus, the distinguished economist and China expert. Magnus spoke about and answered questions on how the current storm compares to 2008, whether China is really recovering and just how much pain the global economy will feel in Q2/Q3.



Join us live at 15.00 - 15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 28th May for our Euromoney LiveStream

Our guest speaker this week is Peter Sullivan, Public Sector Head for Africa at Citi.

Calls for debt relief in Africa have reignited concerns over the continent’s build-up of debt since the Heavily Indebted Poor Country rescheduling initiative in 1996. Freeing up fiscal space to enable African governments to fight the heath and economic crisis is essential but debt relief is complex.

We discuss the new initiative, how debt has accumulated over the past decade, how the composition of creditors has evolved and how African governments have managed public finances. Most importantly we look ahead to Africa’s recovery and at what change of behaviour from both borrowers and lenders is needed to improve Africa’s resilience and reduce its vulnerability to external shocks.



This took place at 15.00-15.45 London/10.00-10.45 New York/09.00-09.45 Bogotá/08.00-08.45 Tegucigalpa on Wednesday 22nd April

Analysis and insights on how Covid-19 is affecting Latin America. Dr. Dante Mossi, Executive President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI/BCIE) has replaced Hernán Danery Alvarado.

Our senior adviser Christopher Garnett, of ChuteCourt Asesores, spoke with guests about how their two institutions are reacting to the current crisis; what programmes they have in place to mitigate health, social and economic damage in their member countries; how shareholders and bondholders are responding. They covered how CAF and CABEI are approaching their own funding and what are the prospects for Social Bonds and other ways to leverage capital markets; how MDBs are coordinating responses to the pandemic and its effects – and assess what may be the longer-term impacts on the region.


Transaction Services

Join us live at 15.00 - 15.45 London/ 10.00-10.45 New York/18.00-18.45 Dubai/ 22.00-22.45 Hong Kong on Thursday 14th May for our Euromoney LiveStream.

Euromoney magazine’s Transaction Services Editor, Kanika Saigal, will moderate this interactive panel discussion on corporate treasurers.

Speakers: Damian Glendinning, Chairman of the Advisory Board, CompleXCountries; Tim de Knegt, Manager Strategic Finance & Treasurer, Port of Rotterdam; Marco Nix, Chief Financial Officer, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH. 

Euromoney looks forward to welcoming a special panel of corporate treasurers to discuss exactly how they are navigating treasury during these unprecedented times. Join us as we discuss the work they are doing to keep business running under lockdown and what their post-pandemic treasury plans could look like. 


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