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Euromoney's recent coverage of the American market leader.

JPMorgan: Inflows into EM bond funds set to halve in 2020
January 2020
After a stellar year for emerging market bonds in 2019, the world’s largest EM bond house says returns don’t look so rosy for 2020.

Class of 2019: JPMorgan
January 2020
The world-leading bank aims to stay big with long-term investments, no matter what difficult conditions the market throws up.

Trade Finance Survey 2020: US and Europe bring two models to transaction banking
January 2020
Standardization in transaction banking is making it easier for banks to enter new markets, but will it be the banks that have built strong, steady relationships or those with big budgets that take transaction banking into the future?

Wear your love of JPMorgan
December 2019
Screen Shot JPMorgan
What do you gift the JPMorgan employee who has everything? How about a piece of JPMorgan history?

What they said about CIB in Q3 '19: a guide to bank results
November 2019
3Q19 q heatmap
It's that time of year again, when we round up what senior management said about your business line in their quarterly earnings calls.

IIF 2019: Dimon and Gorman on regulation and why it sucks to be public
October 2019

The CEOs of JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley worry about the consequences of capital and liquidity regulation – and are not surprised that companies prefer to stay private.

Umar-Farooq-jpmorgan-160x186.jpgTransaction banking trailblazer: Umar Farooq
October 2019
The head of channels, analytics and innovation for treasury services and head of blockchain initiatives for corporate and investment banking at JPMorgan says: 'The boundaries between technological innovation and product development are blurring.'

How Facebook can win the global currency battle
August 2019
"Knowing your customer is not the sole province of Facebook and Google. I would rather be JPMorgan. Banks know everything about what you do with money" - John Reed, CaixaBank.

What they said about CIB in 2Q19: a guide to bank results
August 2019
Didn’t have time to go through your investment banking rivals’ results announcements? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you, business by business.

Awards for Excellence 2019

JP Morgan number 1 statue_780
This is the era of JPMorgan
World's best investment bank
The US's best bank 2019
North America's best bank for transaction services
Latin America's best bank for financing

The bankers that define the decades: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase
June 2019

Dimon-cover-frame-780The icon of the 2010s.

The bankers that define the decades: David Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan
June 2019
The first global banker, from the 1970s.

FX Survey 2019: JPMorgan retains its lead; Deutsche Bank is back in business
June 2019
This year’s Euromoney FX survey results show up some important multi-year trends. The main lesson? Foreign exchange is more competitive than ever.

Hong Kong ex-JPMorgan princeling case gets personal
May 2019


A case by Hong Kong’s ICAC against an individual on bribery charges is another example of Asia-Pacific regulators targeting the person as well as the institution.

Martin Egan: Euromarket stalwart
John McNiven: Pioneer of global bonds
April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our April capital markets focus.

Bank exec pay not quite biblical, yet…
March 2019
JPMorgan's JD is still down the pay scale compared with Christianity's JC. 

US banking inches closer to ESG alignment
March 2019
JPMorgan Chase to stop financing private prisons; Aspiration shows values-based banking model.

Latin America investment banking – the brittle relationship
March 2019

Staying committed to a region where deal flow sometimes stops overnight is tough for an international investment bank. Local firms and the few foreign competitors that have stuck around hope to benefit from any upturn in business. The in-and-outers might find it hard to get back. 

Bankers weigh in on JPM’s new digital coin
March 2019

JPMorgan announced that it will be the first American bank to launch its own digital currency, but what to other bankers think of it? 

Sideways: JPM Coin – to ubiquity and beyond!
February 2019
JPMorgan is trying to advance its master plan for global fintech domination with a discipline that is often lacking in a sector better known for wildly over-promising than actually delivering practical solutions. 

JPM Coin competes with the Federal Reserve as much as with Ripple
February 2019 PL banner 660px

JPMorgan says that its new dollar stablecoins are collateralized against client dollar deposits but it also emphasizes its own strong balance sheet as surety.

Private banking architects: Mary Callahan Erdoes – broadening clients’ investment horizons
February 2019 Mary-Callahan-Erdoes--2017-780

Mary Callahan Erdoes of JPMorgan speaks to Euromoney about being the port in the storm during the financial crisis and opening up the private wealth market to the whole investment industry. 

The Euromoney 25: Class of 2018
January 2019 EM25 main 780px

Which bank chief executives are raising a glass to a successful 12 months? How are the newcomers to the party settling in? Who’s hiding in the corner, drowning their sorrows? And will 2019 be a year of feast or famine? Euromoney reveals all in its progress reports for the Class of 2018 

JPMorgan: Master of all trades
January 2019
The bank has gone from strength to strength and its tech firepower makes it hard to dislodge. 

Transaction services: JPMorgan exec aims for top league-table spot
November 2018 Takis-Georgakopoulos-JPM-780

JPM wants to become the top transaction bank in the world – Takis Georgakopoulos, global head of treasury services, tells Euromoney how the bank will do it. 

Banks rush to join JPMorgan’s blockchain-based interbank information network
October 2018

With 75 banks signed up in late September, IIN is already approaching 100 banks convinced that blockchain is the best, safest and quickest way to resolve blocked cross-border payments.

Impact banking champion: Colleen Briggs, JPMorgan

September 2018
Executive director of community innovation for JPMorgan

Investment banks in 2Q18

Macaskill on markets: JPMorgan’s Spinal Tap problem
August 2018

The smooth chief executive transition at Goldman Sachs will increase scrutiny on the potential succession to Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan.

Sideways: The Jamie Dimon ex-deputies club

August 2018 
If JPMorgan CFO Marianne Lake becomes the banker most likely to succeed Jamie Dimon as chief executive before mysteriously deciding to pursue interests outside the group, she will be in good company.

Awards for Excellence 2018
Country Awards: Asia – Korea best investment bank
Country Awards: CEE – Russia best investment bank

A new golden age for banking?
July 2018

Good, sustainable returns for shareholders are finally in sight, 10 years after the global financial crisis.

Banks versus fintechs #2: Tension builds with regtech innovation
May 2018

Banks face a payments dilemma of either collaborating with fintechs or developing systems in-house, and the same issue is now arising in the approach to regulation and the best way to digitize compliance. On the banks’ side, there have been pushes forward. For example, JPMorgan has developed its Data Once platform to streamline know-your-customer compliance.

FX Survey 2018
May 2018
Press release: JPMorgan takes top ranking
Overall results

CSR: Time's up for finance's gender pay gap
May 2018

Gender pay gap disclosure has arrived in the banking industry, but a movement that aims to bring gender equality across the whole financial sector is just beginning. Euromoney speaks to some of the pioneers.

FX: Execution leads liquidity as biggest issue for traders – JPMorgan
February 2018


The findings of JPMorgan’s 2018 e-trading survey underlined yet again the importance of effective execution policies and systems.

Electronic trading on the up since Mifid II – JPMorgan
February 2018
JPMorgan’s annual institutional e-trading survey shows rising appetite for mobile trading, but growth in algo execution has been slower than anticipated.

US banks face more taxing issues than meets the eye
January 2018
While tax reform charges make a bad year worse for US banks, the timing of the law sets the scene for better results in 2018. But the fundamentals may not change: trading is bad, financing is good.

US bank CEOs hail boost to economy from tax cuts
January 2018
US dollar America-600
Banks are booking big charges in the fourth quarter, but the domestic names are sitting pretty for the future as US taxes fall.

Alternative awards for the year 2017
December 2017
The King Canute award for ordering back the bitcoin tide: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan.

JPMorgan: Plugging the gaps
December 2017
No one doubts JPMorgan's global influence, but it still needs to fill some holes in its corporate bank.

Banking: What Asia league tables tell us as the year draws to a close
November 2017


JPMorgan has been agreeably dull in Asia lately: no dramatic new strategy, no groundbreaking diversions, just steadily earning money.

Pay equity: Closing the gap
November 2017 

havery-column-banner 600x172

Banks face lawsuits over pay inequity as regulators now take diversity into their own hands.

Custody goes cutting-edge
October 2017


And the big three – State Street, JPMorgan and BNY Mellon – will only be stronger.

Dimon in the rough: bitcoin gets a thrashing
October 2017

bitcoin burns-600

JPMorgan's CEO finds it hard to shake a habit.

JPMorgan's David Hudson: Meet Dimon’s disruptor-in-chief

October 2017


As JPMorgan’s head of markets execution, David Hudson has an ambitious mandate to bring technological innovation and a willingness to fail to the heart of the investment bank, but why is he “obsessed” with Amazon?

Fixed Income Research Survey 2017: Overall
September 2017
Credit Strategy results

US bank chiefs welcome regulatory reform
July 2017


The chief executives of US banks have spent so long complaining about regulations that they can scarcely believe their luck at the impending relaxation.

Awards for Excellence 2017

For country results, see full results

Foreign exchange: JPMorgan storms the top three in Asia
July 2017

Aside from Citi holding on to top spot, it’s all change in the 2017 Euromoney FX Survey rankings for Asia.

JPMorgan Corporate Challenge: Running the numbers
June 2017

The challenge has become a regular fixture in Singapore, an annual 5.6-kilometre run from the city’s National Gallery to its F1 Pit Building.

Asia: Indonesia’s side of the JPMorgan row
May 2017
cw-on-asia banner-600x183
It turns out that part of the reason Indonesia reacted so badly to the JPMorgan equities call was because it was downgraded more than Brazil.

FX: 2017 to be the year of algos, says JPMorgan
March 2017
Demand for FX algos is on the rise as asset managers seek to take greater control over order execution, according to a JPMorgan survey.

Indonesia’s JPMorgan rebuke hurts the country
February 2017

CW banner 660px
Indonesia’s reaction to a bank’s tactical call on its equity markets helps nobody, including Indonesia and its investors.

FX: Start-up BestX wins first bank client with JPMorgan
January 2017
JPMorgan’s decision to adopt a newly launched trade analytics service for its market-leading currencies business highlights the need for independent validation of execution quality in foreign exchange, according to the service’s co-founders.

Asia: Banning JPMorgan won’t help Indonesia
January 2017

Sri Mulyani Indrawati-R-60
Cutting off a bank for an anodyne macro equities call is an over-reaction and a backward step.

Banking: CEOs call for regulatory harmony, time to digest change
November 2016
Brexit threatens eurozone, but region still crucial to global banks.
Dimon comes up Trumps
October 2016
Has Jamie Dimon been taking public speaking lessons from Donald Trump? Watching a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) in Washington recently, where he sat alongside Mike Corbat and James Gorman, you'd be forgiven for thinking so.

Dimon, Corbat and Gorman talk Brexit
October 2016
The topic of Brexit was never going to be far from the minds of delegates at the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the Institute of International Finance, both being held this week in Washington, DC. And on Friday afternoon, delegates got a chance to hear the views of three vocal US bank chief executives — Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, Mike Corbat of Citi and James Gorman of Morgan Stanley.

JPMorgan repo retreat shows cost of rule changes
September 2016
US bank winds down GCF business; concern over BNY Mellon dominance.


Real Estate Survey 2016: Press release
September 2016
JPMorgan climbs to top of global real estate. Asian developers dominate the 2016 Euromoney real estate survey, but the biggest changes are revealed among the global banks providing real estate finance.

JPMorgan private bank head retires
July 2016
Phil Di Iorio, global chief executive of JPMorgan Private Bank, has announced he is retiring at the end of the year.

Awards for Excellence 2016

World's best bank for CSR

North America's best bank for wealth management

FI logo 2016 196w
Fixed Income Survey 2016: Press release
May 2016
JPMorgan moved up to dominate in Euromoney’s 14th survey of fixed income research providers, winning the overall credit research category and overall trade ideas, having placed second in both categories last year.

Fintech 2016: OnDeck seeks scale through international expansion
April 2016
The decision last year by JPMorgan, America’s biggest bank, to outsource underwriting and servicing of small business loans to OnDeck in a pilot white-labelling deal, looked like a watershed event in the nine-year history of marketplace lending.

The curious case of JPMorgan and the $9 Iran trade
February 2016
When Iran Air needed some Boeing spare parts before sanctions were lifted, JPMorgan took the US side of the trade. Why and how?

JPMorgan’s results a warning to investment bank shareholders
January 2016

JPMorgan tree-R-600
Shareholders should be as worried by modest returns at the American market leader as by outright losses at Deutsche and other struggling European investment banks.

Fintech: US non-bank lenders close in on mortgages
January 2016
JPMorgan teams up with On Deck Capital; SoFi lends $4.5 billion in 2015.

Off Message: Getting on the bus
September 2015
This column’s author had an inside view of the Chemical/Chase merger 20 years ago.

Lessons from Chemical/Chase: the birth of global banking
September 2015
The merger, 20 years ago, of Chemical and Chase ushered in the era of global banking. It was driven by competition from growing regional competitors, the threat of disintermediation, technological challenges, capital constraints, the desire to serve clients more efficiently and, above all, the need to boost returns to shareholders and unlock value. Those challenges sound all too familiar today. So why aren’t more banks looking at consolidation as a way to beat the post-financial crisis blues?

Remembering Jimmy Lee
June 2015
Jimmy Lee-600
He was indefatigable, unrelenting, exuberant and eventually a senior statesman of the industry, but most of all JPMorgan’s Jimmy Lee was a man who took care of those closest to him, whether it was his family, his colleagues or his clients.

Private banking CEO of the year 2015: JPMorgan's Di Iorio
February 2015
Phil Di Iorio-600
Known for his dedication and leadership style, Phil Di Iorio has taken JPMorgan Private Bank to the top of the rankings and is Euromoney’s top private banking CEO of the year.

European liquidity boosts JPMorgan Private Bank
January 2015
Phil Di Iorio, CEO of JPMorgan Private Bank, talks about where his firm is seeing growth from around the globe.

Private banking CIO outlook 2015: JPMorgan Private Bank
January 2015
Richard Madigan, chief investment officer at JPMorgan Private Bank, shares his views on oil-price surprises, and euro-exit and geopolitical concerns for the year ahead.

Macaskill on markets: Sunset approaches for the Sun King
January 2015
Dimon - sun king
When JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon delivered the welcome news to employees that he had been given the all clear after a recent bout of throat cancer, senior managers in attendance rose to applaud.

Trading up to Carlyle
April 2014 
The decision by Mike Cavanagh, co-CEO of investment banking at JPMorgan, to move to private equity firm Carlyle should not be viewed as a surprise. Cavanagh has taken himself out of the running for the role of successor to JPMorgan group CEO Jamie Dimon in order to make a late entry in the stakes to follow Carlyle founders David Rubenstein and Bill Conway.JPMorgan commodities sale: Bambi, Godzilla and Blythe
March 2014
Will Blythe join Bambi and Godzilla at Mercuria to create a new commodities trading dream team? The fate of Blythe Masters, head of commodities at JPMorgan, is in the spotlight now that the sale of the bank’s physical commodities business to Mercuria for $3.5 billion has been confirmed.

Macaskill on markets: JPMorgan bids up industry legal costs
December 2013
Litigation cost estimates for investment banks are being revised sharply upwards after JPMorgan shocked peers by revealing that it had set aside $23 billion of legal reserves, then agreed a $13 billion settlement of outstanding mortgage claims with the US authorities.

Analysts shed crocodile tears over JPMorgan
November 2013
Post-crisis, you can’t just run a bank in the interests of shareholders.

Macaskill on markets: JPMorgan needs a president, not a new chairman
May 2013
Jamie Dimon comfortably survived an attempt to split his combined chairman and CEO role at JPMorgan, which will allow him to set the terms of his eventual departure from the bank. He should start by appointing a president to give a potential successor a trial run.

JPMorgan: Double Dimon’s number’s up
March 2013
Jamie Dimon’s dual role at JPMorgan has lost its sparkle and is past its sell-by date.

Inside JPMorgan's $2 billion loss-making CIO division
May 2012
As JPMorgan's losses in credit derivatives are revealed, Euromoney columnist Jon Macaskill reveals just how the CIO division worked and the positions it took - and warns that other houses on Wall Street could try to make their rivals' losses worse.