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Euromoney's recent coverage of the global wholesale bank.

AfE 2020 logo 197x136Awards for Excellence 2020
July 2020

Excellence in leadership in North America 2020: Citi
Excellence in leadership in Asia 2020: Citi
Excellence in leadership in Africa 2020: Citi
Excellence in leadership in Latin America 2020: Citi

North America's best bank for corporate responsibility 2020: Citi
Central America and Caribbean's best investment bank 2020: Citi
Asia's best investment bank 2020: Citi
CEE's best bank for advisory 2020: Citi
Africa's best bank for sustainable finance 2020: Citi
Africa's best bank for advisory 2020: Citi
Middle East's best bank for advisory 2020: Citi

Western Europe: Denmark's best investment bank: Citi
Western Europe: Ireland's best investment bank: Citi
Middle East: Israel's best investment bank: Citi

Asia_PB_20_WebAsiamoney Private Banking Awards 2020: Asia
June 2020

Best for Investment Research: Citi Private Bank
Best for HNW: Citi Private Bank
Singapore: Best International Private Bank: Citi Private Bank
Hong Kong: Best for Asset Management: Citi Private Bank
Hong Kong: Best for Investment Research: Citi Private Bank

Country_Awards_20_WebAsiamoney best bank awards 2020
June 2020

Hong Kong's best international bank: Citi
Taiwan's best international bank: Citi

The storm before the storm: US banks use Q1 to prepare for worse to come
April 2020
storm pixabay 780pxSome parts of US investment bank earnings in the first quarter of the year looked more like boom than bust as record trading and debt issuance helped offset weakness elsewhere. Now the banks are building reserves to prepare for coming out of lockdown.

Citi steps up direct aid to buy ventilators in Kenya
April 2020 
Citi’s chief executive for Kenya and east Africa tells Euromoney how Kenya’s banks have come together to buy ventilators; how Covid-19 will accelerate the adoption of digital banking; and why the removal of the interest rate cap is more important than ever for Kenya’s SMEs.

The evolution of investment banks
April 2020 

Diversify or specialize: that has been the question for all the big global corporate and investment banks since the financial crisis of 2008 – we delve into the data to see who did what.

Country_Awards_20_WebAsiamoney best bank awards 2020: India
March 2020
Best International Bank: Citi

Ebru-Pakcan-Citi-160x186.jpgEbru Pakcan appointed global head of trade at Citi TTS
March 2020
The move to treasury and trade solutions is designed to bring cash management and trade businesses closer together.

Class of 2019: Citi
January 2020
The global bank has refreshed its senior management but needs to start demonstrating its platform can deliver best-in-class returns.

Citi and YieldStreet announce partnership to spur retail investment in alternative assets
January 2020
Partnership with digital investor platform is the latest move by bank’s Sprint fintech team.

UK PRA hits Citigroup with record fine over mis-reporting
November 2019
Citibank-logo-london-780It appears that basic errors rather than deliberate attempts to game the system lay behind Citi’s large miscalculations of UK RWAs and CET1.

What they said about CIB in Q3 '19: a guide to bank results
November 2019
Investment bank quarterly heatmaps
3Q19 q heatmapIt's that time of year again, when we round up what senior management said about your business line in their quarterly earnings calls.

Ebru-Pakcan-Citi-160x186.jpgTransaction banking trailblazer: Ebru Pakcan, Citi
October 2019
The bank's head of treasury and trade solutions, EMEA, says: 'In transaction banking, we see exponential growth.'

China_CIB_19_WebChina Corporate and Investment Banking Awards 2019
September 2019
Best International Corporate and Investment Bank in China: Citi

New_Silk_Road_19_WebNew Silk Road Finance Awards 2019
September 2019
Best overall bank for advising Chinese institutions on BRI
Middle East & Africa: Best international bank in the region for BRI

Best_Bank_Awards_19_WebAsiamoney best bank awards 2019
September 2019
Indonesia: best international bank
The Philippines: best international bank
Singapore: best international bank
Thailand: best international bank

What they said about CIB in 2Q19: a guide to bank results
August 2019
Investment bank quarterly heatmaps
2Q19 heatmap 1b 780px
Didn’t have time to go through your investment banking rivals’ results announcements? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you, business by business.

Hedging complacency adds to corporate FX risk, Citi finds  
July 2019

Risk_780Citi’s latest global corporate benchmarking survey shows that companies are worryingly complacent about their potential exposure to emerging market currencies and remain reliant on manual processes to manage risk. 

afe-19-logo-196x160Awards for Excellence 2019

World's best bank for transaction services 2019: Citi
July 2019
In an industry of fast-paced change, this is the bank that is not only engaged with but driving change for the benefit of its customers.

World's best bank for corporates 2019: Citi
July 2019
Citi’s worldwide presence is proving an asset as new regional trading blocs emerge. 

Africa's best bank for transaction services 2019: Citi
Africa's best bank for financing 2019: Citi
Asia's best digital bank 2019: Citi
Asia's best bank for transaction services 2019: Citi
CEE's best bank for financing 2019: Citi
CEE's best investment bank 2019: Citi
Best investment bank in Singapore: Citi

The bankers that define the decades: John Reed, Citibank
June 2019

John-Reed-portrait-frame-780The technology pioneer of the 1980s.

The CEO agenda: Mike Corbat, Citi
June 2019

MikeCorbat_780People rise to the top of the agenda. 

Zdenek Turek_160x186
Zdenek Turek: The specialists
April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our May CEE focus.

Macaskill on markets: Forese vs Kelleher – the final scorecard  
April 2019

Citigroup president Jamie Forese and his Morgan Stanley counterpart, Colm Kelleher, are bowing out after contrasting quarters for their investment banks.

Citi’s trader firings reflect tougher regulators
April 2019


Authorities are being more proactive in uncovering trouble.

Tyler Dickson: Understanding the markets

April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our April capital markets focus. 


Asiamoney best bank awards 2019: India
March 2019
Best corporate and investment bank: Citi
Best international bank: Citi

What they said about CIB in 2018
February 2019
heatmap FY18 680pxThe biggest dozen global investment banks have now reported their results: here's what their execs said about each of your businesses.

Investment banking: Foreign firms make their moves in China
February 2019Chess_780The pieces are starting to shift on the board of Chinese investment banking. There have been signs of progress, frustration and new strategy since last April’s announcement that foreigners would be allowed to take majority stakes in securities joint ventures on the mainland. 

Citi issues its first green bond

January 2019
US bank taps European market for €1 billion deal.

The Euromoney 25: Class of 2018 
January 2019
EM25 main 780pxWhich bank chief executives are raising a glass to a successful 12 months? How are the newcomers to the party settling in? Who’s hiding in the corner, drowning their sorrows? And will 2019 be a year of feast or famine? Euromoney reveals all in its progress reports for the Class of 2018.

Citi: Hopes that ICG can keep doing better
January 2019
Like most of its big US peers, Citi had a strong run in 2018 

Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2018: 10 strategists to guide you through Asia's volatile markets
December 2018
10-strategists-780Singapore: Patrick Yau, Citi 

Citi goes for yin and Jan in Asia
December 2018
Citi’s network banking model can sometimes sound rather old-fashioned; Jan Metzger, Citi’s CIB head in Asia Pacific, is a tech geek who can talk for hours about whatever is new – you know what they say about opposites… 

Impact banking: Bank of America – not too big to care
November 2018
helping-hand-illo-780What are the other big US banks doing?

3Q18 results: US bank chiefs focus on structure and costs
October 2018
A strong third quarter from Morgan Stanley was the highlight of a mixed bag of numbers, while Goldman Sachs’ incoming CFO offered more glimpses of the future.

Morgan Stanley strong, Citi stutters in Q3 US investment bank results
October 2018
Q318 heatmap2
Morgan Stanley looks best in the third quarter, but was just pipped by Goldman over a longer term analysis.

The cash management conundrum
October 2018
There are only two truly global, fully fledged cash management banks today – HSBC and Citi – but the digital arms race in transaction services gives far more banks the opportunity to be world class.

Impact banking champion: Bob Annibale, Citi
September 2018
Global director of Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance.

Impact banking: Can this generation of leaders change banking for good?
September 2018
From the United Nations and the European Commission to customers and shareholders, the world’s banks face increasing pressure not only to consider their broader role in society but also to take actions that have a positive impact on it. There is no doubt that most chief executives take this challenge seriously. Whether they take it far enough remains to seen.

Forese aims high with CIB rejig at Citi
September 2018
Citi is mostly playing catch-up with its new corporate and investment banking (CIB) structure: it makes obvious sense, but despite coming later than many rivals it is still a work in progress.

Asiamoney best bank awards 2018
The Philippines: best international bank
Singapore: best international bank
Thailand: best international bank
Vietnam: best digital bank

AI helps treasurers keep pace with changing demands of role
August 2018
Regulatory change, cost pressures, advances in technology and more-demanding customers: treasurers have a lot on their minds, but artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help. Citibank’s engagement with AI has also attempted to improve the insights it can deliver to clients.

Investment banks in 2Q18

Awards for Excellence

Awards for Excellence 2018: Who you gonna call? How Citi became clients’ go-to global investment bank
July 2018

The old charges against Citi’s wholesale banking division no longer apply. Its scale and breadth are a big positive that no other bank can match. Its diversity and balance are clear strengths that its competitors increasingly envy. As a firm, it’s more joined up than anyone thought possible. And its clients value what Citi can deliver more than ever before.

World's best investment bank 2018: Citi
July 2018
The firm is a genuine contender in investment banking in every region of the world.

World's best bank for financing 2018: Citi
July 2018
Global growth provided the backdrop for a strong year for Citi’s financing businesses, while the return of volatility has showcased the value of its great reach.

World's best bank for corporate responsibility 2018: Citi
July 2018
The firm has consistently demonstrated its commitment to work alongside communities and support their growth.

Asia's best bank 2018

Middle East's best investment bank 2018: Citi
May 2018
Middle East investment banking volumes saw a tentative rebound in 2017, after a drop in 2016, suggesting that regional reform is already producing opportunities for deal makers, after the demise of the international sovereign buy-outs of the oil-boom era. The region’s best investment bank, Citi, is more aware of these opportunities than most and is positioning itself accordingly.

Country Awards for Excellence 2018: Middle East – Kuwait

A new golden age for banking?
July 2018
Good, sustainable returns for shareholders are finally in sight, 10 years after the global financial crisis.

A tale of two US ECM houses
July 2018

Equity capital markets moves at Citi and BAML say more about the two firms than they do about ECM.

Sustainable finance: What a difference a decade makes
July 2018 

Ten years on from a financial crisis often portrayed as caused by the greed of bankers, we are talking recycled carpets and alleviating poverty. It is a genuinely good thing.

Asiamoney best bank awards 2018
June 2018
Hong Kong best international bank
Taiwan best international bank

Citi’s simplicity pays off in Latin America
May 2018
It is one thing to simplify a business plan but quite another to execute it. Nevertheless, Citi appears to be on the verge of making its new simple approach, well, simple.

CSR: Time's up for finance's gender pay gap
May 2018
Gender pay gap disclosure has arrived in the banking industry, but a movement that aims to bring gender equality across the whole financial sector is just beginning. Euromoney speaks to some of the pioneers.

Not the last thing: Where have all the bank leaders gone?
April 2018
havery-column-banner 600x172
The cat is out of the bag: the public is aware that if you want to stop something, you have to stop the financing. Right now in the US, that something is guns. And Citi is being bold.

Asiamoney best bank awards 2018: India
March 2018
Best international bank: Citi

The banks aiming to beat the equities blues
February 2018


Equities is a business where only the top handful of banks traditionally make money. It is also a sector with shrinking volumes and revenues. So why are two banks outside the top tier – Citi and HSBC – trying to boost their franchises?

US banks face more taxing issues than meets the eye
January 2018
While tax reform charges make a bad year worse for US banks, the timing of the law sets the scene for better results in 2018. But the fundamentals may not change: trading is bad, financing is good.

US bank CEOs hail boost to economy from tax cuts
January 2018

US dollar America-600

Banks are booking big charges in the fourth quarter, but the domestic names are sitting pretty for the future as US taxes fall.

US tax changes prompt cash management overhaul

January 2018
Changes to the US corporate tax code are aimed at driving more onshore investment. For treasurers, this will mean reassessing their current global cash management structures.

Can Citi make the most of its Asian network?
January 2018


Francisco Aristeguieta has spent two and a half years trying to change Citi’s approach to Asia. The process is not complete, not least in China, but Citi’s numbers show a strategy starting to work.

Citi’s Aristeguieta makes his mark in Asia
January 2018
Five quarters of profit after years of flat performance; consumer revamp gains traction.

25logo 160x186
Citi: Investors get the message
December 2017
Stock buybacks are a landmark moment in Citi's resurgence.

Trade Finance Survey 2018: Domestic best service
December 2017
Country rankings: Argentina

David Miliband: How we can keep the globalization bargain
November 2017
David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee, and Jim Cowles, CEO for EMEA at Citi, discuss exclusively with Euromoney how finance can help the refugee crisis at the launch of an initiative.

China: Citi staffs up for Belt and Road

October 2017
New recruits show bank sees tangible business from Belt and Road; some will be new hires, others existing staff being moved.

New Silk Road Finance Awards 2017 CEE: Best international bank for BRI
September 2017

Technology investments drive up banks’ costs
August 2017


For all their boastful talk of becoming technology companies, Citi points out that many banks still depend on legacy IT platforms that are now as much as 40 years old.

Choosing Greenpeace over clients: the new banking reality
August 2017
HA banner new 660px
Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline has left 26 banks wide open to backlash. But there is one bank that isn’t impacted at all… And that is Citi.

Awards for Excellence 2017

World's best bank for markets 2017: Citi
July 2016
Citi is perhaps the only global markets business remaining that shows that scale and breadth – both geographically and by product – can deliver good returns.

Solving the challenge of world’s unbanked is going to take investment, innovation, and an ability to bring together key players in payments, fintech and microfinance. No bank is quite as committed to that combination as Citi.

Citi aims to develop new banking apps with the speed of a Silicon Valley startup and deliver them across a vast incumbent bank.

How the universal banking model will be reborn
July 2017

RD banner 600x208
Have HSBC and Citi found a way to cut costs and maintain revenues in Latin America? If so, local banks will not accept that quietly.

FX Survey 2017: All change but no change
May 2017

The top firms this year look like they haven’t moved in 18 years. For example, there is Citi in its accustomed place at number one. How can nearly two decades of upheaval appear to have altered the rankings so little in Euromoney’s foreign exchange survey?

Citi’s own fintech upstart disrupts from the inside
January 2017 


Citi's new mobile app is a first crucial step to re-invention. Head of consumer banking, Stephen Bird, tells Euromoney the bank may have only a couple of years to convince customers it is the high-quality, always-connected partner with the services they want.

Citi’s $1 billion push ‘won’t alter’ Mexican dynamics
November 2016

Jose Marcos Ramirez-600
Internal analytics, not retail price war, behind the move; strong growth expectations prompt high bank valuations.

Banking: CEOs call for regulatory harmony, time to digest change
November 2016 
Brexit threatens eurozone, but region still crucial to global banks.

Citi rebrands in Mexico as HSBC signals it will stay
October 2016
Citi seeks to commit to Mexico after Latin America withdrawal; HSBC injects capital but commitment questioned.

Dimon, Corbat and Gorman talk Brexit
October 2016
The topic of Brexit was never going to be far from the minds of delegates at the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the Institute of International Finance, both being held this week in Washington, DC. And on Friday afternoon, delegates got a chance to hear the views of three vocal US bank chief executives — Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, Mike Corbat of Citi and James Gorman of Morgan Stanley.

Jim Cowles-350

Emerging Europe: Citi stands firm in CEE as rivals pull back
September 2016
Collapsing investment banking volumes have prompted global players to pull back from emerging Europe over the past two years. But Citi’s Jim Cowles, CEO for EMEA, has alternative sources of revenue to fall back on.

Asia: Citi grabs a ride in taxi tie-up
September 2016
Citi is joining up with the Singapore-based ride-hailing service Grab in a partnership that will allow people to burn credit card loyalty points in exchange for taxis – a world first.

Check your hedges, Citi warns corporates, amid Brexit FX volatility
July 2016
The UK's decision to leave the EU has left corporates scrambling to review many aspects of their business to ensure they are able to withstand heightened volatility. Injecting a greater level of optionality into their hedging strategies is one way to protect themselves from increased uncertainty, says Citi.

AfE 2016 logo-196 135

Awards for Excellence 2016

World's best bank for financial institutions

World's best investment bank in the emerging markets

World's best bank for transaction services

Africa's best bank for financing

Asia's best bank for markets

Asia's best bank for transaction services

CEE's best investment bank

Central America and Caribbean's best investment bank

Latin America's best investment bank

Latin America's best bank for markets

Latin America's best bank for transaction services

Wealth management: Mansour's new style of family office

June 2016
Global institutions like Citi are adept at managing the fortunes of the wise and wealthy, but Mohamed Mansour decided to build his own business to manage his family’s wealth and staff it with seasoned investment bankers. Six years on...

Citi sees the funny side
June 2016 
When an investment bank sponsors a national award in investigative business journalism, there will occasionally be inevitable tension between the bank that rewards the journalism while also being on the receiving end of it.

All change in the 2016 Euromoney FX rankings
May 2016
Citi retains top ranking while Deutsche plummets.

FX: Fired currency traders fight back

April 2016

Citi woman-R-600
Ex-Citi trader Carly McWilliams’ employment tribunal win will spur on other fired currency traders waiting for their day in court and encourage more women to bring unfair dismissal claims, say legal experts. The banks’ argument that a handful of rogue traders acting behind senior managers’ backs were to blame for the currency rigging scandal is contested.

Orient IPO brings Citi partner to Hong Kong market
April 2016 
Citi JV opts for Hong Kong for IPO, but should it have gone six months ago?

Francisco Aristeguieta illustration-160x186

Citi plots next stage of development in Asia
April 2016 Citi’s Asia-Pacific business is the ultimate test of its universal banking model. New regional CEO Francisco Aristeguieta knows he needs to build on its strong component parts, not just to maintain its position in Asia, but to push the bank forward globally.

Citi capitalizes on market retrenchment for Shell win
September 2015
Shell logo mirror-R-600
Rajesh Mehta, regional head of treasury and trade solutions, EMEA, at Citi, comments on the bank’s winning mandate to provide Shell’s cash management services for 16 countries in western Europe.

Best global bank 2015: Citi – Last man standing
July 2015
Citi is the last global wholesale bank offering all products to its clients everywhere. It operates in 100 countries and boasts a payment system handling $3 trillion of transactions a day, which no other bank is ever likely to emulate. It has taken the axe to its global consumer business, but still operates in 24 countries. Under the leadership of Michael Corbat, Citi has closed the share price discount to book value. It must now prove that a global universal bank can avoid the pitfalls of scale and deliver sustainable returns. If it does, it will be the only one.

Bird’s promotion recognises strengths of Citi Asia
May 2015
Move raises profile of Asia Pacific; Bird heralds ‘Asia’s century’.

Citi's top TS banker eyes SME support
April 2015
Naveed Sultan, global head of treasury and trade solutions (TTS) at Citi, explains the importance of developing SME and MME financing options, as the clout of transaction services to Citi's business strategy grows.

Trade finance: Citi grows global commodities as rivals exit
February 2015
Buys trading portfolios from Credit Suisse, Deutsche; integration of commodities and banking paying off.

Private banking CIO outlook: Citi Private Bank
January 2015
Steven Wieting, global chief investment strategist for Citi Private Bank, shares his firm's views on the surprises of 2014 and the market ahead.

Cutting the fat in FICC
May 2014 
For the first quarter, Citigroup reported an 18% decline in fixed-income revenues compared with 2013 and chief financial officer John Gerspach described the overall FICC business as a “shrinking pie”.

Citi to launch new private-bank client technology
February 2014
Citi Private Bank is set to launch its new client/banker technology platform at the end of February, with the hope it will be the industry standard for digitalization.

Corbat reconsiders Citi’s global resources
August 2013
Michael Corbat looked like a safe pair of hands when he took over from Vikram Pandit as Citi’s chief executive. Known as a details man, a leader and strong manager, he will execute the strategy Pandit first laid out. But overseeing the rundown of Citi Holdings has given him a taste for better deploying scarce resources. And every business in Citi’s renowned 100-country network, the bank’s defining differentiator, will have to justify itself to his scrutiny.

Citi: Taking share in flat markets
August 2013
Since 2009, after John Havens had to slash headcount and reduce the investment banking business to serve far fewer customers, Citi has been fighting its way back to prominence.

Vikram Pandit and John Havens: Restructurning – The light comes on at Citi
December 2009
From the ruins of a failed, large investment bank, Vikram Pandit and John Havens are trying to build the foundations of a much better, smaller one. It’s still global in ambition but designed to deal with fewer clients, commit its capital much more thoughtfully and this time in the right businesses. Sceptics either say they’ve heard it all before or question why it took the bank’s leaders so long to reach the obvious conclusion. But the early signs are that it’s working rather well. Peter Lee reports.