Bespoke Learning

Our bespoke learning solutions are tailored to meet the exact learning needs of your organisation. We work in partnership with the world’s top corporate and investment banks, co-creating learning programmes to fill the skills gaps preventing organisations from achieving their strategic goals.  

Our vision is to help you achieve yours, however far and wide it might reach. That’s why we design our bespoke learning programmes to help you see beyond your skills gaps, to adapt to your changing needs, and to evolve with your growing ambitions.

We work closely with you to understand your organisation’s unique learning culture and the real-life work scenarios your people experience to determine the skills gaps you are facing. From here, we co-create programmes with the right mix of face-to-face, virtual, or self-paced content to fill those gaps.


What We Do

We work with banks and financial institutions across the world to design and deliver learning that drives change. Our team are specialists in building solutions that meet unique organisational requirements and can support you in a variety of learning initiatives, including:

Conducting learning needs analyses

Building corporate academies 

Designing intern & grad programmes 

Creating leadership or talent pathways 

Providing the right blend of technical & behavioural skills

Analysing learner activity to measure impact 

Creating social learning communities 

Delivering learning globally

Case Studies: Bringing strategic vision to reality

Explore some of our recent case studies to see how we design learning programmes that bring our clients' strategic vision to reality. 

Our approach to learning design

Our primary goal is to ensure your people’s time invested in learning is well spent. We follow this 6-step process to understand your business strategy and deliver innovative learning to help your people achieve it.


Step 1: Consult

The first step is to understand your organisation’s strategy, services, culture, and processes. Our team collaborate with your stakeholders to establish the impact a programme should have on your people’s knowledge and working practices. From there, we define specific learning outcomes and key metrics to measure your people's performance.

Step 2: Propose

Analysing the data gathered in the consultation phase, our learning designers propose a high-level solution, working with your processes, systems, and values.  This includes recommending subject matter experts, learning activities and formats, and the best approach to deliver immediate performance improvements.

Step 3: Refine

Designing a programme to achieve your strategic vision is a collaborative, iterative process. Your feedback is key to developing a successful solution. We listen to your feedback on our initial proposal and work with you to refine it until you feel confident it meets your requirements. 

Step 4: Design and Develop

Once agreed, our team gets to work on creating high impact, experiential learning . We’ll advise on duration, topics, mediums and techniques to ensure the learning environment supports your people to acquire new knowledge and practise new skills – just when they need them. This could include:

  • Diagnosing existing gaps and providing a personalised approach to filling them
  • Curating existing, or developing bespoke, content 
  • Incorporating plenty of knowledge application and skills-practice opportunities
  • Designing assets to be hosted on our social learning platform, or your platform of choice
  • Assessing, and providing feedback on, participants’ progress so they can consolidate learning back at the desk

Step 5: Deliver

Our experts are skilled in delivering learning via multiple formats. Whether it’s virtual, hybrid or on-site delivery; on-demand or live; 1:1 coaching, group simulations or masterclasses, we will deliver what your people need. 

Step 6: Assess and Evaluate

To give you a clear sense of the return on your expectations and investment, we: 

  • Use a variety of assessment techniques to determine learner progress against the agreed performance outcomes
  • Report key themes from personalised participant feedback back to you
  • Provide access to real-time learner engagement and progress metrics if the solution is hosted on our platform

Fostering a flexible approach to learning

We understand that your people want more flexible, social, personalised and diverse ways to elevate their knowledge and skills. That’s why we implement social and collaborative learning approaches into our bespoke learning programmes.

Our approach creates an environment that optimises knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration, giving your people the flexibility to choose what, when and how they learn. Access to online bitesize learning resources within our social learning platform gives participants the ability to learn on-demand, allowing them to better utilise time spent consolidating their learning with subject matter experts in the classroom. Team leaders also benefit; with access to real-time analytics and learner leaderboards, they can get a clear view of ROI.

The result is a flexible, cost effective and high impact learning environment that cultivates continuous learning and gives leaders the data they need to shape their future people strategy.

Watch the video to find out more about our social learning approach.