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Effectively managing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is imperative for all businesses. We can help to protect your people and organisation from the risk of non-compliance, making sure that everyone understands their GRC responsibilities and how to action them. Blending specialist knowledge with behavioural skills through our learning programme, we will give your team confidence in meeting their GRC obligations.

Enhance practical understanding of your GRC management

Through a customised learning programme designed by Euromoney Learning experts, you can equip your team with essential knowledge on meeting your GRC requirements. Using their recent and long-term exposure to major institutions, our experts will design and deliver impactful programmes, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of risks, regulations, and actions required for best-practice GRC. As well as general updates, we can use our global presence to educate on local laws around the world and specialised compliance areas such as Islamic finance, anti-money laundering and greenwashing.

Our customised learning approach will help your organisations push GRC beyond a tick box exercise. We will ensure that vital concepts are memorable by using real-life case studies, focusing especially on where GRC has gone wrong in similar organisations. This approach helps our learning programmes have real impact and be taken seriously. Co-creating the programme with you, we will ensure the learning outcomes tie in with your overall strategy and reflect your unique culture to best motivate your team. Applying the latest learning theory and incorporating collaborative and continued learning will deliver an engaging experience.

    Some of our most popular customised training programmes
    • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
      Dive into the key characteristics of Anti-Money Laundering, gain insights into current trends and issues in financial crime, acquire techniques to make considered risk decisions more quickly with a robust understanding of financial crime risk management
    • Corporate Governance
      Get an overview of Corporate Governance for listed companies, banks and non-listed companies, learn about board governance best practices, roles and responsibilities of directors and corporate governance frameworks
    • Compliance Risk Management
      Learn how to effectively structure and lead the compliance function, gain insights into regulatory compliance in banking, Anti-Money Laundering compliance, compliance reporting and monitoring, and compliance risk assessments
    • ESG Regulation
      Explore ESG frameworks, sustainable finance and banking, and seamless integration of ESG into risk management, learn how to report on ESG performance to align with regulatory standards
    • Financial Conduct
      Explore the ethical landscape of banking, understand the Code of Conduct for financial professionals, navigate whistleblowing and reporting procedures, and manage conflicts of interest
    • Fraud Investigation
      Equip yourself with techniques to detect and prevent fraud, recognise the early warning signs of fraud in documents, transactions and behaviour, leverage date science and analytics to enhance fraud detection capabilities
    Featured Client Story

    Fostering collaboration with business partners and implementing effective solutions to enhance risk management and compliance

    This case study focuses on one of the international banks. Our customised learning solution helped their senior professionals better engage with their business partners and implement practical solutions that improve risk management and compliance within their division.

    What our clients say
    The training allowed me to understand fundamental details regarding different topics in a short timeframe, the e-Learning modules complemented the subjects that were covered in the classroom extraordinarily. It was a great learning experience.
    Santander logo 31.png

    Elizabeth Patricia Gorostieta Canela, XVA Desk
    Programme: Six-month analyst training for Santander Mexico

    Very comprehensive, with in-depth analysis of case studies. The instructor was an engaging and well-informed presenter who highlighted very important points.

    Societe Generale

    Past attendee, Societe Generale
    Prgoramme: Technological Breakthroughs and Future of the Bank

    Meet the faculty

    Meet our experts in global GRC management

    Maurice Ewing.png

    Maurice Ewing

    Maurice, PhD, seasoned executive, and Founder and CEO of Conquer Risk,a consulting firm that conducts investment due diligence of corporates and banks, specialising in emerging and frontier markets. Formerly a group CRO for a major African bank for which he developed the entire enterprise risk management (ERM) and risk oversight functions, managing 400+ staff across 5 countries. Maurice is a renowned speaker on risk oversight, strategy, and governance, he has also trained teams in predictive analytics and market intelligence acquisition and internal model development for Basel II & Basel III purposes.

    He previously taught in the Kellogg-HKUST program, served as a regulator at the New York Federal Reserve and the Board of Governors. Maurice holds a PhD and MA in economics from Princeton, along with a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Northwestern University. He is a certified FRM with the Global Association of Risk Professionals and a Subject Matter Expert on ERM for the Professional Risk Manager's International Association.

    As an experienced executive, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), board member and consultant, I strive to deliver practical learning experiences that are rooted in the reality of the industry.
    Maurice Ewing

    Mario DiFiore.png

    Mario DiFiore

    Mario Difiore, Assistant Dean and Senior Advisor at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business, brings 25 years of Wall Street and Federal Reserve Bank of New York experience. Formerly Co-Global Head at Deutsche Bank AG, he was responsible for one of Wall Street's largest financial regulation and compliance training programs. Mario also served at Ten Squared LLP and Prudential Securities, with over 12 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    In addition to his current teaching at Fordham, he has also instructed at prestigious institutions like New York University, Baruch College, Pace University, SUNY Empire State College, and the Mountbatten Institute (St. Mary’s College of the University of Surrey, UK). Mario is an MBA and BA (summa cum laude) graduate from Fordham University.

    After a 25 year career on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I entered the world of academia and training and have never looked back.
    Mario DiFiore

    Our approach to learning design

    Our primary goal is to ensure your people’s time invested in learning is well spent. We follow this 6-step process to understand your business strategy and deliver innovative learning to help your people achieve it.


    1: CONSULT

    Understand your organisation's strategy, learning culture, requirements and desired learning outcomes.


    2: PROPOSE

    Propose high level solution including approach, subject matter experts and learning activities/formats.


    3: REFINE

    Collaborate with your key stakeholders to meet your requirements.



    Design learning environment and programme structure. Develop learning assets and materials.


    5: DELIVER

    Deliver the programme in the format(s) that work best for your organisation.

    Assess & Evaluate.png


    Measure learner progress and feedback on knowledge acquisition and application.

    Why choose Euromoney for customised learning solutions?
    Why choose Euromoney Learning for customised corporate learning?

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