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Euromoney Learning On-Demand

Join the future of financial learning with Euromoney Learning On-Demand, powered by Finance Unlocked: a world-leading, on-demand video learning platform, built specifically for finance professionals.

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Give your people the ability to learn in the flow of work, accessing the knowledge they need to do their jobs better, whenever they need it.

Introducing Euromoney Learning On-Demand, powered by Finance Unlocked: a world-leading, on-demand video learning platform designed to the unique needs of finance professionals. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and engaging short courses, covering all aspects of banking and finance, from fundamental concepts to advanced theory. Whether used as a standalone learning platform or integrated into a blended learning solution, Euromoney Learning On-Demand represents the next evolution in your learning ecosystem.

On-Demand learning for your organisation
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Enterprise Wide On-Demand Learning

Provide your people with access to a continuously growing library of interactive short courses and expertly curated learning pathways, covering all of the key areas of Finance.

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Bespoke Blended Learning

Fill the skills gaps preventing your organisation from achieving its strategic goals with blended learning tailored to your unique requirements and learning culture.

Sample our interactive short courses

Discover our extensive content library with over 1000 interactive video short courses. Easily navigate through topics, experts, and levels of complexity to find the specific content you need.

Designed to be concise and engaging, each video is accompanied by an executive summary for a quick overview, a detailed text-based summary with supporting diagrams, and clearly defined key learning objectives. From basic concepts to advanced theories, all aspects of banking and finance are demystified.

Learn from the experts

Our expert contributors are recognised, leading specialists in their respective fields. With an average of 20 years of practical experience, they bring a wealth of real-world insight and expertise to every short course on our platform. Your people could learn from over 100 experts, including:

Gurdip Dhami.png

Gurdip Dhami

25 years: Treasury & ratings

Sarah Breeden.png

Sarah Breeden

Executive Director: Bank of England

Mark Carney.png

Mark Carney

UN Special Envoy on Climate Action & Finance

Nisrin Abouelezz.png

Nisrin Abouelezz

20 years: Structured finance & diversity

Faisal Sheikh.png

Faisal Sheikh

25 years: Wealth & risk management specialist

Sir Mark Boleat.png

Sir Mark Boleat

40 years: Executive leadership & banking

What our learners love:

Forget "text and next" e-learning and generic workplace learning. Euromoney Learning On-Demand is premium interactive video education, built specifically for finance professionals. Here's what our learners love:

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Learning at the point of need, or when curiosity strikes

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Slick, insightful and user-friendly platform

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Invaluable source of up-to-date and practical knowledge

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Time-efficient way to learn a lot in limited time span

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Learning is 100% focused on finance

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Learning is delivered by leading, recognised specialists

Why choose us?
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Unrivaled expertise
All learning is delivered by recognised, leading specialists with an average of 20 years experience
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Just-in-time learning
Our user-friendly platform delivers learning at the point of need or when curiosity strikes
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Our interactive short courses and curated pathways cover all areas of banking and finance
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