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Case Study

Six-month analyst training for Santander Mexico

Background to the partnership
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Santander is a global bank offering a broad range of banking services to a global audience. A key part of Santander’s global strategy is its people. As a group, Santander aims to be one of the best banks to work for, to be able to attract and retain the best global talent.

Santander Mexico has 21,000 employees. Their vision is to be the best commercial bank and their strategy to achieve this focuses on digital services and growth in digital clients, positioning themselves as trusted banking advisers offering a full portfolio of banking services. Santander Mexico approached Euromoney to assist in upskilling their analysts to support these ambitions.

The requirements

In order to achieve their growth targets, Santander Mexico required a more structured, role-specific and career path focused approach to learning.

A Mexican University initially delivered the career path training for analysts, but the design and delivery of the training resulted in long hours away from the desk, low pass rates at the end of the programme, and minimal return on investment.

We worked closely with Santander Mexico to design a six month programme that met the specific training needs of the analysts.

Santander Mexico approached Euromoney Learning to redesign the programme to deliver maximum impact by focusing on the real-life experiences of the analysts.

Santander Mexico came to us for five reasons:
Excellent client service
Our client relationship manager built up a strong relationship with Santander and was always available to answer questions, ensuring the programme ran smoothly and deadlines were always met.
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Tailored learning
We worked closely with Santander Mexico to design a six month programme that met the specific training needs of the analysts.
Engaging, interactive and impactful training delivered in Spanish and English
This made the classroom experience fun, memorable and relevant.
Cutting-edge training content
Our expert trainers are world-renowned financial leaders and commentators, ensuring we cover up-to-the-minute topics and issues.
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Blended learning
Technical classroom training was combined with interactive, relevant case studies and access to Euromoney’s online training.
The training allowed me to understand fundamental details regarding different topics in a short time frame, the e-Learning modules complemented extraordinarily the subjects that were covered in the classroom. It was a great learning experience.
Elizabeth Patricia Gorostieta Canela, XVA Desk

Our solution

Our solution

We designed a six-month programme comprised of monthly one-day classroom sessions that focused on specific technical finance topics, reinforced with case studies to bring the theories to life.

The course instructors ensured that the topics covered were relevant to the challenges the analysts would face in their roles and brought the learning to life with real-life case studies and examples to illustrate the key areas. The classroom experience was complemented by Euromoney’s online training, which allowed analysts to access a wide range of resources online after a classroom session.

Our blended learning approach helps to ensure a focused classroom environment so maximum benefit is derived from the time away from the desk. Delivered in both Spanish and English, the programme was designed to be very interactive to ensure a long-lasting impact.

The trainers took into account the different skill levels of the participants to ensure that everyone left with an excellent understanding of the concepts under discussion. Evaluation at the end of each module identified learning gaps to address in the online training and an end of programme assessment was carried out to measure overall progress.

All participants had access to an extensive interactive library of 240 premium e-Learning modules covering introductory and advanced level training on all areas of financial markets.

Access to this digital learning resource allowed Santander’s analysts to address any knowledge gaps and refresh the learning covered during the classroom sessions flexibly in their own time and tailored to their unique requirements.

The outcomes
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“On average the participants received a final score of 90%”

Santander Mexico has established itself as a standout employer in the region.

The Top Pool analyst training programme has developed a highly skilled team of analysts equipped with sound financial knowledge, improved confidence and higher productivity.

Line managers and senior directors have noted the positive impact of the programme across the business and they are confident that the programme is helping to improve the recruitment and retention of good staff. On average the participants received a final score of 90%, based on analysis of online assessment scores and end of module evaluation of each subject-based case study.

The training has improved the confidence and effectiveness of analysts involved. There are plans to run the programme again next year.

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