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Our Faculty

The Euromoney Learning faculty are a diverse group of over 100 industry-renowned experts in their area of specialism. Our faculty is committed to every participant’s and organisation's success in each programme they lead.


Our faculty of 117 members are true market experts, each with decades of experience in their field


Together our faculty run, on average, over 500 learning programmes each year across the globe


Our faculty has shared their expertise with thousands of learners across 150+ countries

“Probably the best work-related course I’ve ever been on. The instructor was amazing and made the material interactive and engaging.”

Past Delegate, Enabling Service Excellence

“A massive thank you to the instructor who was extremely professional, knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly.”

Past Delegate, Advanced Loan Documentation

“The instructor was very interactive with us and provided interesting case studies. Many thanks for such a great training course.”

Past Delegate, Early Warning Signals

“The trainer’s expertise in the area was clear, with a great presentation style and real-life stories that brought the subject to life.”

Past Delegate, Improving Board Effectiveness

Topic Areas

Explore our wide range of faculty expertise

Banking & Finance Courses
Management & Professional Development
Gain a complete understanding of the latest accounting standards and best practice
Expand your knowledge of the theories, tools, market dynamics and regulations in capital markets
Learn new tools and techniques to drive long-term growth in any economic climate
Develop credit portfolio modelling skills to effectively analyse, measure, and mitigate risk

Understand the dynamics of the international petroleum and energy industries and master skills that enable success in a range of contexts.
Learn how to harness new financial technologies to drive performance and gain a powerful competitive edge
Discover how you can make your business more efficient, effective, and ethical.
Enhance your knowledge of the financial instruments and regulatory requirements in investment management
World-class introductory courses delivered in partnership with the LME

Enhance your ability to analyse and monitor investment performance, minimise costs, and plan for retirement and philanthropy with our private banking & wealth management training courses.
Learn how to successfully value, structure and finance different types of projects.
Master the latest techniques in real estate financial analysis, financial modeling, newly available data sources, and portfolio risk management
Master the practical application of trade finance banking products to drive business growth and working capital optimisation

Become a crucial driver of revenue growth and risk mitigation with an in-depth understanding of Treasury & ALM
Develop the skills and expertise required of today's top performing business leaders and Board
Master new skills and techniques in order to deliver an exceptional client experience
Discover your full potential as a leader
Enhance your knowledge of the latest laws and regulations and become truly indispensable at your organisation
Our global presence

Having delivered learning programmes in over 150 countries around the world, we understand that different cultures have different learning styles.

We are committed to ensuring our faculty remain current practitioners with a keen awareness of these cultural nuances so they can work with diverse groups of different sizes and tailor their delivery accordingly.

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Insights from our faculty

Check out some recent taster sessions hosted by our faculty

  • Watch our free taster session hosted the author of 'Blockchain Babel', Igor Pejic, to understand the trends that will shape the future of the finance industry.
  • Watch our IJGlobal Masterclass taster session to hear Robin Earle (Masterclass Director) and Warren Beardall's (Expert Contributor) thoughts on the potential impact AI could have on the project finance industry.
  • Get a better understanding of Insurers’ and Credit Rating Agencies’ approaches to ESG and the impact this has on infrastructure and project financing in our recent IJGlobal Masterclass taster session.