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Real Estate

Run by experts in PFIs, project finance and urban regeneration projects, our real estate finance courses are always based on real-life case studies.

Euromoney’s property finance courses focus on real estate finance and investment techniques from an investor’s and lender’s perspective. They will provide you with a rich understanding of the benefits and risk associated with real estate finance and improved skills in modelling financial structures and evaluating investments.

Real Estate Finance Training Courses

Attend our industry-leading Real Estate Finance courses taking place in key financial hubs across the world. Our courses are attended by the world’s top investment and corporate banks. Discover upcoming courses in the list below and click on the course title to find out more.

Real Estate Finance Training Courses

Popular Courses
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Public Course Testimonials

There is no-one better to tell you how good our public courses are than those who have attended them. From optimising your organisation's working capital to increasing the rigour of your internal audit practices, our courses will help you thrive in this ever-changing sector.

Well organized course, the content was so useful and very well structured. The instructor is a great expert.
Past Attendee Qantari Diar Real Estate Investment
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Real Estate Finance & Investment Training Week

Very impressive course, the syllabus is excellent. It's difficult to find courses like this.
Past Attendee Irish Life Investment Managers

Real Estate Cashflow & Financial Modelling

The content was so useful and very well structured. The instructor is a real expert in this area.
Past Attendee Qatar Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Finance & Investment Training Week

Amazing trainer with useful templates and clear examples.
Past Attendee Injazzat

Real Estate Cashflow & Financial Modelling

The course was excellent. The content covered most important areas and was well delivered. The knowledge garnered can be highly utilised in the workplace.
Past Attendee Development Bank of St. Kitts & Nevis
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School of Real Estate Finance & Investment

Bespoke, Inhouse Programmes

Take a look at some of the tailored learning programmes we have delivered for our clients and the feedback we have received. Get in touch to discover what we can do for your business.

Excellent delivery… the trainer was very engaging and clear in his explanations.
Past Attendee Bank of China
Bank of China logo 3_1.png

Real Estate Finance

Very beneficial and relevant to my day-to-day work.
Past Attendee National Commercial Bank
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Real Estate Investment: Valuation and Financing

Meet the Faculty

Find out more about about our real estate finance instructors.