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Case Study

Private Banker Academy: Inspiring confidence in relationship management

Background to the partnership
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Industry-leading CMB Monaco demonstrates their commitment to excellent client service and innovation.

Their Private Banking Academy delivered blended online and classroom learning designed to improve their wealth managers’ technical and relationship management skills.

The Requirement

A focus on exceeding high expectations

Established in 1976 and now part of the Mediobanca group, CMB Monaco is a leading, international private bank delivering first class, advanced investment solutions to its high-net-worth client base. Their sophisticated and ambitious clients demand innovative solutions and the highest levels of customer service.

First class wealth managers

Continual evolution is paramount to CMB Monaco. Its position as the benchmark bank for Monaco residents, and the leading wealth management boutique for international clients, depends on their bankers demonstrating the highest technical skills as well as excellent relationship management.

Professional development of staff is highly valued; the bank wanted to develop a certified Private Banker Academy to guarantee consistency, technical excellence and finely tuned interpersonal skills in all interactions with clients.

The group of 50 private bankers ranged in age, experience, and fluency in English. The end goal of the professional development programme was the same for all of them: a consistently high level of service delivery for all the bank’s clients, regardless of size and language.

The end goal

A consistently high level of service delivery for all of the bank’s clients, regardless of size and language.

We are proud of what our bankers achieved. CMB Monaco is committed to lifelong professional learning.
Amandine Decoster, HR Generalist, CMB Monaco
The Solution

CMB Monaco chose to partner with Euromoney Learning because of our expert faculty, as well as our experience and reputation designing highly personalised, impactful learning programmes that deliver behavioural change.

Unrivalled expert faculty
Our high calibre experts deliver an unrivalled combination of cutting-edge technical skills and real-world relationship management experience.

In total, seven expert instructors, each with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, are involved in the CMB Monaco Private Banker Academy, delivering a bi-lingual programme (French and English).
Seamless project management
Regular meetings and responsive, clear communication with our Chief Learning Officer, Client Relationship Manager and dedicated Project Manager ensure that this programme continues to deliver to CMB Monaco’s expectations.
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Bespoke and engaging
Working closely with CMB Monaco’s learning and development team, subject matter experts and other senior stakeholders, a thorough needs analysis enabled Euromoney Learning’s consultants to understand CMB Monaco’s strategic vision, goals and culture.

Based on insight and analysis from Wealth-X dossier content, we co-created a blended, modular Private Banker Academy. This combines live and on-demand online content with in-person client role plays and scenarios.

Introductory video content from the CEO and other stakeholders establishes the importance of this investment to the bank, and interactive features on our social learning platform encourage engagement. Every aspect of the programme is personalised for CMB Monaco and designed to ensure the learning is practical and highly relevant.
From the outset, during the detailed needs analysis and build, to the delivery of the Academy, from both a content and logistical perspective, Euromoney Learning listened carefully, planned well and made the process very easy for us.
Nathalie Aresi HR Director, CMB Monaco
Private Banker Academy: Designed to maximise engagement and impact

Introductory videos from the CEO ensure participants understand how the academy builds the knowledge required to achieve CMB’s strategic priorities

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Engaging the client

  • Understanding the role of corporate and investment banks
  • Digital Transformation in private banking
  • Communicating with clients
  • Meeting client requirements
  • Equities and fixed income
  • Prospecting virtually
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Identifying opportunities & solutions

  • Investment funds
  • Managing millennial investors
  • Portfolio management and active asset allocation
  • Risk analysis, treatment and mapping
  • Credit in private banking
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Proposing & structuring solutions

  • Private equity
  • Structured products & alternatives
  • Effective client service
  • Understanding derivative instruments
  • Selling private banking services virtually
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Negotiating challenging client conversations

  • Responsibilities of the private banker
  • Handling objections and closing deals
  • Negotiating the final deal
  • Managing family offices
  • Wealth planning
  • Compliance


Awarded on successful completion of technical MCQ and behavioural one-to-one scenario based roleplay following each module


Peer discussion, debate and interaction are encouraged through the platform from the outset

Tailored diagnostics, bespoke curated online activities, CMB specific case studies and live roleplays to identify and address skills gaps
Euromoney Learning On-Demand content and live instructor-led sessions increase product knowledge and enhance relationship management skills

The Outcomes
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    Measurable results and behavioural change
    To measure knowledge acquisition and application participants complete regular multiple-choice tests and scenario-based role play assessments.

    Participants are also provided with feedback on room for growth and areas for future improvement.

    All 50 bankers in the first cohort of the Private Banker Academy passed the programme and were awarded a digital certificate of graduation, celebrating their success, and demonstrating their competence to clients.
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    Embedded knowledge and improved relationships
    The bankers report that the skills learned have helped to progress their client relationships. Team heads have also witnessed improvements.

    CMB Monaco plans to build on the success of the Academy to institutionalise a culture of continual improvement, using role play based exercises tailored closely to their staff’s learning needs.

    The Private Banker Academy is running again this year for a cohort of new joiners to ensure consistency in the bank’s wealth management approach, and to extend its reach to other areas of the bank.
It is really rewarding when I speak to the bankers involved because they give us feedback on how useful the training has been. They all have examples of putting theory learned in the Academy into practice, from developing warm, open relationships with clients to conducting tricky price negotiations with confidence.
Nathalie Aresi HR Director, CMB Monaco
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