Who we are
Who we are


Euromoney Learning is well-recognised as a leading global provider of learning in banking and finance. For over 40 years we have delivered learning to thousands of finance professionals across the globe, evolving our approach to match banking and learning industry trends and deliver our clients’ expected ROI. As part of the Euromoney brand, Euromoney Learning benefits from access to unique insights into the institutions and personalities that shape banking and drive global markets.
What we do


Our diverse faculty of 117 market experts, each with decades of experience in their field, deliver on average over 500 learning programmes a year across the globe. Alongside our team of learning advisors, logistics and product experts, they adopt a collaborative approach that puts our clients first. Together, we are an extension of our clients' L&D teams, delivering a consistently outstanding trust-based service - whether that’s delivering individual courses, running learning curricula or designing custom learning journeys. We identify our clients’ strategic goals, design and deliver the right solution to meet them, and provide the relevant metrics and analysis to measure success from our real-time data.

Public Courses

Our calendar of public courses offers individuals up-to-date courses reflecting current trends and evergreen banking topics. Our courses take place in high-end venues across the globe and focus on delivering practical skills and techniques that can be applied directly to the workplace.

Customised Learning

We collaborate with clients to deliver customised learning solutions in three ways: bringing a public course in-house, delivering a tailored learning curriculum to address organisation-wide knowledge gaps, and creating bespoke learning journeys for organisations, departments, or teams. We consult with stakeholders, design, and deliver learning solutions, evaluate participant performance and adjust them as needed.

On-Demand Learning

Our on-demand video learning platform, powered by Finance Unlocked, provides entire teams and organisations with the ability to learn in the flow of work, accessing the knowledge they need to do their jobs better, whenever they need it. The platform provides access to hundreds of high-quality and engaging short courses, covering all aspects of banking and finance, and can be used as a standalone learning platform or integrated into a blended learning solution.

Our Leadership


Euromoney Learning’s leadership team brings together a wealth of financial services learning expertise. They are dedicated to providing banking education that delivers clients’ strategies, ensuring the necessary upskilling and reskilling so that their people deliver products and services aligned to industry trends and regulatory requirements.

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Our values


As educators, we embody our core values in our approach to designing, building, and delivering programmes.


We uphold ethical standards in all aspects of the learning process, encouraging integrity in our research, course activities and assessments. Our faculty, leadership and wider team collaborate to foster a sense of teamwork and shared purpose. We are committed to including the most relevant, accurate learning content that aligns to our clients’ processes and values.


Creating a supportive, effective educational environment is paramount. We embrace diversity, listen actively, and ask questions. We encourage collaboration and networking in our programmes, via team discussions, group work and relevant software. When customising programmes, we consult with our clients, co-creating and refining programmes so our training materials include examples, case studies, scenarios and real-world examples that reflect and illustrate current world and regional trends, regulations as well as each client’s culture and policies.


We award certificates and digital badges for course completion, skills’ mastery, and participation. We celebrate participants’ success and provide constructive criticism, suggested areas for improvement and action plans to help learners grow. In turn, we regularly seek feedback from learners and clients, acknowledging their input and actioning survey results to improve our learning solutions and ensure continuous improvement.


We are open and transparent with learners, instructors and stakeholders, respecting privacy rights and ensuring data security. We deliver reliable knowledge and communicate clearly course objectives, expectations and subsequent successes and challenges in achieving them.

Job Vacancies


Euromoney Learning is always seeking talented and ambitious individuals who can support in upholding our position as a leading provider of learning to the global banking industry.