Peter Lee

Editorial director

Peter Lee joined Euromoney straight from Oxford university in 1985, swapping the delights of studying Coleridge and Wordsworth for the more rigorous discipline of breaking news out of the syndicated loan market. After a year reporting for the Euromoney capital markets guide, Peter joined the company’s flagship title as a staff writer concentrating on core capital markets. His investigations of the controversial Libyan block sale of Fiat shares that almost killed the international equity new issue market at birth and on the LBO of United Airlines that threatened a great stock market crash, persuaded his editors to keep him in employment and send him round the world to report on the rapidly internationalizing financial markets.

At the start of the 1990s, Peter moved to New York as Euromoney’s US editor, producing a string of cover stories including profiles of Goldman Sachs and the rapidly growing acquisition machine Chemical Bank, investigations on the dangers lurking in derivatives markets. Returning to London, he became editor of Euromoney in 1999 and directed its coverage of the birth of the euro capital market, the internet’s transformation of financial services, the emergence of China, Enron and related scandals, the explosive growth of hedge funds.

Peter  became editorial director of Euromoney in May 2005. He is 42, married with  two children and lives in  Wandsworth, south west London.  His abiding interests are football, rugby, cricket, literature, drama: think Stuart Pearce meets Salman Rushdie.