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Case Study

Wholesale Banking Programme: building technical capability to deepen client relationships

Background to the partnership
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Building technical capability to deepen client relationships

This case study spotlights one of our clients with offices spanning Asia. Our customised training programme assisted their wholesale banking team in building capabilities across Transaction Banking, Credit Analysis, Structured Corporate Finance, and Treasury Products.

The Requirement

With the aim of expanding overseas and entering a competitive market, the wholesale banking team needed to boost their capabilities in:

  • Transaction Banking
  • Credit Analysis and Structured Corporate Finance
  • Treasury Products

With participants attending from multiple regional offices the solution needed to be:

  • Blended with a mix of formal and informal learning
  • Fully interactive so learners could understand, apply and analyse content and immediately apply it back at their desks.
The Solution
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Social and Collaborative Learning

Via our LXP, learners had access to online content before, during and after the in-person workshops. This included:

  • Learning Content: videos, articles, blogs, facilitator introductions
  • Learning Activities: diagnostic MCQs, polls, collaborative flipchart activities, UGC uploads, discussion forums to learn from each other and Euromoney subject matter experts
  • Learning Resources: performance support tools and templates, progress and success trackers
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In-person workshops

Our subject matter experts used the diagnostic results and platform analytics to tailor their classroom content to the group’s specific needs. Over a 3-month period we delivered 3 classroom sessions, each one lasting between 3 and 7 days.

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Final Assessment and Presentation

We monitored learners’ progress via the real-time platform data and adapted our classroom content accordingly. Each participant had the opportunity to showcase what they had learned in two ways:

  • MCQ to assess understanding of the knowledge
  • Final presentation to apply their knowledge to a real-world client scenario. This was observed by Euromoney experts and client stakeholders
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Coaching and Personal Development Planning

Learners were assessed at every stage using the results of the diagnostic and final MCQ, semantic analysis of forum discussions and output from online and in-classroom activities. Each person received a personalised development plan with quantitative and qualitative feedback on their progress.

Learners were offered up to 3 coaching sessions at the end of the programme, dependent on their progress and recommended development actions.

The Outcomes

Our client reported success in attaining the targeted business retention. They were delighted that the Wholesale Bankers reported two benefits:

Improved client interactions and business results.
The immersive programme design allowed participants to balance their learning with their client work. Continuous access to the content and performance support tools improved client interactions and led to improved business results.
Developed global perspective and knowledge
Increased knowledge, resilience and ability to fulfil the strategic business partner role and offer holistic solutions maximising best practice in assets and liabilities. In particular, they developed a global perspective and knowledge of Credit Analysis, Structured Corporate Finance, Global Corporate Transaction - Banking Solutions, Structured Treasury Product, and Cross Border Coverage.
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