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Euromoney's recent coverage of the Swiss bank's strategic overhaul.

Credit Suisse: Thiam tied up in knots
March 2017

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Rumours that a listing for the Swiss universal bank might be shelved cast doubt on the CEO’s strategy for Credit Suisse.

Brazil’s valuation recovery might have run out of steam
March 2017

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Credit Suisse books Brazilian profits and switches to Malaysia; crowded trade hints at heated valuations.

Banking: Mixed signals from Asia bonuses
March 2017
International banks are showing divergent patterns on remuneration. Credit Suisse was reported to have increased bonuses by 15% to some staff, UBS to be reducing them by the same amount and Deutsche to be preparing to resume paying them at all.

Asia: Sitohang’s mission to save Credit Suisse
August 2016

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With growth hard to come by elsewhere in Credit Suisse’s global network, CEO Tidjane Thiam has turned to Asia. He has given Asia Pacific chief Helman Sitohang not only tough targets, but also a degree of autonomy. Can he deliver?

Macaskill on markets: Thiam loses credit as Credit Suisse stumbles
March 2016
A botched move to take the distressed credit out of Credit Suisse and an ‘acceleration’ of the strategic plan give the impression the bank’s new leader is making it up as he goes along.

Thiam fights Europe’s – and Credit Suisse’s – corner in pointed rights-issue snub
November 2015

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Exclusion of leading US investment banks looks like a calculated move from Credit Suisse’s new CEO.

Credit Suisse: Whither global private banking?
November 2015
Credit Suisse is ditching its global ambitions in wealth management, suggesting that worldwide private banks have had their day.

Credit Suisse CEO to split the bank
October 2015
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Looks like the much-needed shake-up at Credit Suisse has finally come. Will it be a bank of three parts?

Credit Suisse to launch new digital wealth management offering
Hans-Ulrich Meister-large
February 2015
Next month Credit Suisse Private Bank will be rolling out new digital capabilities in Asia, and April will see the launch of a tablet banking offering in Switzerland.

Credit Suisse buoyed by Swiss and Asian clients
January 2015
Hans-Ulrich Meister, chief executive of Credit Suisse Private Bank, talks about his firm’s geographical aims.

Private banking CIO outlook 2015: Credit Suisse Private Bank
Michael Strobaek-large
January 2015
US growth, dollar appreciation, China slowdown and potential geopolitical fallout from lower oil prices: Michael Strobaek, global CIO for Credit Suisse Private Bank, discusses his firm's outlook for the year ahead.

Leveraged finance: Between a rock star and a hard place
December 2014
Regulators’ scrutiny of Credit Suisse’s leveraged finance business has the potential to hit one of its most successful divisions hard. Has the Swiss bank been unfairly singled out?

The sour taste of Credit Suisse’s plea
May 2014
Credit Suisse’s $2.6 billion fine and criminal conviction in the US tax-evasion case raises many questions.

Investment bank: Crunch time for Credit Suisse
May 2014
Does Swiss wealth management business really need an investment bank too?

Macaskill: Credit Suisse wobbles on its high-wire fixed-income act
March 2014
Emerging markets have bounced back impressively from an early-year slump that had threatened to turn into a full-blown crisis. But there are still plenty of questions about prospects for emerging nations and related banking revenues.

Credit Suisse's Olympio fights usurpers to his kingdom
December 2012
Can Credit Suisse’s newly promoted CEO of Brazil, José Olympio Pereira, maintain his own and his bank’s high standing in equity capital markets? Euromoney interviews Olympio to find out.