FX Survey 2014 Respondent Report

Erica Jeffery
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You can download our exclusive FX data reports, defining the key trends and providing essential analysis of the FX industry. These reports provide a small sample of the data collected during our research process and are made available for free.

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Institution types included in the reports:


Bank; Securities House; Investment Bank

Leveraged funds

Private equity firm; Hedge fund

Non-financial corporates

Corporate; Corporate related financial service/funding vehicle; Broker/Financial Intermediary

Real money

Insurance company; Real money institutional investor

Global Volume Headline Summary FX 2014 (PDF)  

fx report

Global E-Trading Volume Headline Summary 2014 (PDF)

E-FX global volume summary

Global FX volume/Global e-FX volume - broken down by: Institution types/Account size/Client size/Geography/Spot/Forwards/Swaps/Options/e-trading - As well as: Rankings of ‘Top Banks’ for servicing the various client types cut by geography/FX clients importance factors when selecting counterparties/Which banks are best for servicing clients in specific currencies?

Download sample report from the 2013 non-financial corporate report
FX report 2013

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About the FX Survey

The Euromoney Foreign Exchange Survey is the benchmark for the FX industry. It was first published in 1979. Most leading global banks judge their relative performance in foreign exchange according to their results in the Euromoney survey. As well as quantitative data on a global, regional and client and product-type basis, Euromoney also publishes qualitative performance rankings across a similar range of categories.