ECB QE: special focus

ECB QE: special focus

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Bond trading

Bond trading

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FX-survey-logo-2015Euromoney Foreign Exchange survey

The Euromoney Foreign Exchange survey is the most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative annual study available on the FX markets. 

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Results from the 2014 survey:

Global FX volume headline summary 

•  Overall, FX Survey volumes were flat vs last year
•  Spot and swap activity was flat but options grew significantly
•  Electronic trading continues to grow  

About the FX survey:

Euromoney collects data for its annual FX survey by polling named individuals at industrial and commercial corporations, financial institutions, institutional investors and state agencies. We received 14,050 valid votes to the survey in 2014. Total business placed with FX providers totaled $225 trillion US Dollars. Subscribers have full access to the results. Check your subscriber status here.

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