Best Managed Companies Middle East 2014

Best Managed Companies Middle East 2014

Saudi markets get chance to shine?

Leveraged finance

Leveraged finance

Between a rock star and a hard place

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  • Leveraged finance: The threat to corporate America

    Multiples and lack of covenants in the leveraged finance market are firmly in the firing line of US regulators. Sponsors say they can handle the new rules. Banks are already looking for ways round them. But with regulators hell-bent on proving a point in 2015, what will happen when a leading US company struggles, or fails, to refinance a cov-lite loan?

  • Africa: Regional dreams spur banks and their clients

    Many of South Africa’s leading companies see a once-in-a-generation chance to build businesses across the continent. Banks in South Africa spy an opportunity too, by growing around the region alongside their clients. Can they make the most of it?

  • Brazil: Bankers rueful over Rousseff

    Brazil’s banking industry exclaimed loudly that another four years of Dilma Rousseff would be a disaster for the country. Now that she has been re-elected, have the bankers changed their minds?

  • Best Managed Companies in the Middle East 2014: Saudi markets get chance to shine?

    The opening up of the Saudi Stock Exchange to foreign investors could be a watershed moment for the country’s capital markets. Bankers predict a rush of deals to soak up demand. But what will foreign investors find in the Middle East’s biggest market? And can structural issues over settlement be solved?

  • Five Qatari investment institutions that aren’t the QIA

    A look at Qatar Foundation Endowment, QPI, Qatar Sports Investment, Qatar Luxury Group and Hassad Food.

  • Banking: AQR aftermath throws up more questions for banks

    Investors greeted the European Central Bank’s asset quality review with little more than a shrug. They view it as merely the first step on a journey to enhanced and uniform bank supervision that might take a decade to complete. They are much more worried about the sustainability of banks’ business models and whether or not they can even earn enough to service their growing capital stack.

  • Case studies of SSA stock markets

    African exchanges can be small, illiquid and difficult to navigate. Some regulators are making efforts to resolve these issues, while others struggle to keep up with investors' demands.

  • Navigating Africa’s disparate markets

    Illiquid markets, limited exchanges and sometimes vague institutional information make Africa’s securities landscape difficult to navigate. Firms such as Imara are in a good place to act as guides.

  • Regulation puts global banking in peril

    Don’t believe the G20 hype. In interviews with Euromoney, the world’s top financial policymakers admit regulatory tensions are tight. What’s more, the collateral damage of the focus on too-big-to-fail, capital rules and bankruptcy resolution risk rolling back financial globalization. Is it time to change the terms of the discussion?

  • Municipals: ripe for disruption?

    Want to see improvements to your town or city? Don’t just rely on municipal budgets. New crowdfunding sources are springing up. The disruptors even have municipal bond markets in their sights.

  • Leveraged finance: Between a rock star and a hard place

    Regulators’ scrutiny of Credit Suisse’s leveraged finance business has the potential to hit one of its most successful divisions hard. Has the Swiss bank been unfairly singled out?

  • Myanmar: first-mover advantage?

    It is not often new countries open up to international banks. Nine lenders have recently received licences to operate in Myanmar. It gives them a ready advantage in a country that lacks some basic infrastructure.

  • Inside Qatar’s investment diaspora

    Asset-hungry and cash rich, Qatar keeps grabbing the headlines. But there are questions over which branch of Qatar’s wealth actually owns its trophy assets, while it is becoming increasingly hard to fathom whether the authorities are coordinating these investments.

  • Moscow Exchange: All revved up with no place to go

    Moscow’s revamped stock exchange has everything it takes to be a global player, with the exception of supply and demand. Has Russia’s isolation put a dampener on its ambitious domestic capital markets development programme?

  • Saudi Stock Exchange: Ambitious Al-Ghamdi manages expectations

    What’s in a name? Adel Saleh Al-Ghamdi is the chief executive of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). The brackets are important. They are a sign of the increasing attention he and his institution are paying to the world outside Saudi Arabia.

  • The battle for Bank Asya

    Turkey’s president has tried to kick of one of the country’s largest banks into touch, through public attacks and behind-the-scenes pressure. Despite becoming a political football, Bank Asya is still in the game. Can Turkey’s reputation in the west as a place to do business survive Erdogan’s continued, politically-motivated vendetta?

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