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Case Study

Digital Banking and FinTech Programme: helping bankers and relationship managers understand finance industry trends of the future

Background to the partnership
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This case study focuses on one of our global clients. Their top strategic priority was digital transformation.

Bankers and relationship managers across their 4 regional hubs attended the programme.

The requirement

Our client wanted to provide a workshop for their client-facing teams to help them understand and have sensible discussions with clients about the business impact, challenges and opportunities posed by digital innovation in banking. Their focus areas were blockchain and cryptocurrency including:

  • The role of centralised blockchains
  • Digitalising money
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • The diversification and expansion of decentralised finance
  • The impact of the metaverse

Due to busy schedules and the global reach, the learning needed to be online, interactive and delivered as short bite-sized content.

Our solution

Our solution


60-minute webinar

Participants attended a 60-minute webinar, delivered multiple times for maximum global reach.

Cohorts were kept relatively small to encourage full interaction including quizzes, polls and live chat.


Community of practice

Participants were invited to join an online community where they could collaborate, share insights and deepen their digital knowledge.

Our experts initially led the discussions, sharing the latest information, research and opinion.


Access to on-demand learning

Participants had ongoing access to our Euromoney Learning On-Demand content to further their knowledge of both the webinar content and other associated topics.

The outcomes

Participants reported increased understanding of the trends and topics, which resulted in higher confidence in client meetings. When discussing future products and solutions, they were better able to consider digital options.

The online community discussion highlighted areas of strength and development which led to recommendations for future webinars and development opportunities.

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