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Case Study

Fostering collaboration with business partners and implementing effective solutions to enhance risk management and compliance

Background to the partnership
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Helping senior professionals better engage with their business partners and implement practical solutions that improve risk management and compliance within their division.

This case study focuses on one of our international banks with risk and compliance professionals located across the globe.

The Requirement

Our client identified their senior risk and compliance professionals needed to have more focused conversations with their business partners when discussing how to improve risk management and compliance within Risk Stewardship, Digital Transformation and ESG.

We were asked to provide a two-fold solution:

  • upskill their people to identify potential risks and reduce losses in these 3 areas
  • give their people accountability for building a future-proof toolkit to improve risk-based decisions as new “hot topics” emerge
The Solution

Our “Disrupt and Improve” series identified 8 workshops, each covering a key issue or challenge attributed to one of the 3 topics. Run monthly, these 1-hour workshops were broken into 3 segments:


1. Disrupt

Challenging the existing norms for compliance and risk management professionals and resetting the thinking process


2. Insights

Giving access to data, tools, techniques, guidance and proof (where required) to support the challenges


3. Action Planning

Facilitator-led, encouraging participants to debate the challenges presented to them and define real actions they can take to improve risk management and compliance within the bank

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Key Issues/Challenges Discussed

  • Identify the risks your bank is exposed to, thus avoiding “surprise” events
  • Why common methods for measuring risks fail and how to measure risk more effectively
  • Tips and techniques to:
    • safely assess risks and make appropriate risk-based decisions
    • take the necessary governance steps to withstand regulator, analyst and shareholder challenge
  • Predict future events by learning the techniques others have accurately to used forecast major global events
  • The impact of digital currencies:
    • why central banks are introducing their own formats and the consequences of this for banks
    • technologies being used and their wider-reaching advantages if properly implemented
  • The future of, and risks associated with, digital based banking and the skills required to thrive as a risk management professional.
  • Assessing the risks associated with the Bank’s net zero approach and tools to best manage your risk-based decisions.
  • How to use data to make the best judgments incorporating ethical, environmental, commercial and political factors.
Return on Investment
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Remedied over 20% of overlooked risks related to a business decision
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Reduced surprise events from 29 to just 1 in a year by following workshop guidelines

Participants say that, once they’ve attended the series, they know how to conduct a risk assessment that identifies all of the risks. It’s no longer acceptable to say: “it’s impossible to know what you don’t know”.

Our facilitator’s engaging style and fair challenge enabled participants with many years’ working in risk and compliance to accept new ways of working. Participants have successfully:

  • increased engagement with senior business partners resulting in reduced losses and surprise events
  • improved their relationships with regulators
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