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Euromoney's recent coverage of the bank's battle to retool its business model and boost earnings.

Q1 bank results: Barclays ticks all the trading bingo boxes
April 2020 
Former investment bank head Tim ‘Danger’ Throsby sadly isn’t at the firm to see the team he built deliver in a crisis.

The evolution of investment banks
April 2020 

Diversify or specialize: that has been the question for all the big global corporate and investment banks since the financial crisis of 2008 – we delve into the data to see who did what.

tidjane-thiam_2018_160x186When conduct goes wrong, who do you blame?
February 2020 
If Credit Suisse's board felt able to fire a chief executive who was not personally involved in spying, how will Barclays respond if its own CEO falls foul of a personal regulatory probe?

Class of 2019: Barclays
January 2020
While many European peers languish, Barclays’ transatlantic pivot is paying off – and helping it build elsewhere.

What they said about CIB in Q3 '19: a guide to bank results
November 2019
Investment bank quarterly heatmaps
3Q19 q heatmap
It's that time of year again, when we round up what senior management said about your business line in their quarterly earnings calls.

What they said about CIB in 2Q19: a guide to bank results
August 2019
Investment bank quarterly heatmaps
2Q19 heatmap 1b 780px
Didn’t have time to go through your investment banking rivals’ results announcements? Don’t worry, we’ve done it for you, business by business.

Awards for Excellence 2019

July 2019
Western Europe's best investment bank 2019: Barclays

Country Awards for Excellence 2019: Western Europe
United Kingdom Best investment bank: Barclays

Country Awards for Excellence 2019: Middle East
Israel Best investment bank: Barclays


Bob Diamond: Architect of Barclays Capital
April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our April capital markets focus. 


Jean-François Astier: Dealing with debt 
April 2019
As part of Euromoney's 50th anniversary coverage, we profile some of the biggest names that we interviewed for our April capital markets focus. 

Barclays: Cometh the hour, exit the man
March 2019
Barclays doesn’t want Tim Throsby’s exit to be about Tim Throsby, but it is.

Barclays: Have collaboration, will grow
January 2019
After a good result in its core areas, Barclays is setting its sights firmly on a better future for its investment bank in Europe.

UK banks’ IT systems are having a heart attack
October 2018
The frequency and severity of UK banks’ IT failures are troubling their customers even if their regulators remain calm.

Africa needs international banks – and they need Africa
October 2018
Absa’s efforts to establish wholesale-banking partnerships outside Africa, possibly with Barclays or Société Générale, underlines the importance of international links to African finance.

August 2018
Some of the Europeans – HSBC, Deutsche, BNP Paribas – had a torrid time.

Investment banks in 2Q18, part 1: group and CIB
August 2018
With HSBC having reported on Monday, the last of the 2Q18 results are in for the 12 main global corporate and investment banks; now for part 1 of our number-crunch.

Awards for Excellence 2018
July 2018
Western Europe's best bank for financing
Western Europe: Best investment bank in the UK
Africa: Best bank in Ghana

Lending: Dry powder could push debt funds into revolving credits
June 2018
Product diversification high on agenda; bank fund relationships could change.

Africa: Absa looks abroad in wholesale banking push
May 2018
London office slated for Q3, New York for 2019; CIB crucial to target of doubling revenue share.

Barclays: Move along, (almost) nothing to see here
April 2018
MB banking banner 770px
Jes Staley gets to stay in his job, but his difficulties don't end with one investigation.

Barclays: Staley stays the course
March 2018
Barclays CEO has to deliver now he has the bank the way he says he wants it to be.

Gender pay gap: Time to pay attention
March 2018
At Barclays UK, which includes retail banking, consumer credit cards and corporate credit cards, men were paid an average 14.2% more than women, while at Barclays International the difference was 43.5%.

Whistleblowing: still a risky business
February 2018
Barclays came under fire after it emerged that CEO Jes Staley tried to unmask a whistleblower in 2016, breaching the bank’s rules. The FCA has already delayed its investigation into Staley twice, prompting criticism.

Barclays in Japan: Double impact
January 2018


Two former debt bankers – one a globetrotter, the other a lifelong Japan specialist – head Barclays’ Japanese investment banking business and present a formidable double act. Rivals may snipe at Barclays’ diminishing presence in Japan, but Kentaro Kiso and Tetsuya Kodama tell Asiamoney how they intend to play to their strengths.

Barclays: Nowhere to hide

December 2017
After restructuring, is Barclays' markets business the right engine for growth?

Boxing goes ultra-white-collar as bankers fight for charity
November 2017


The first rule of Finance Fight Night is to write about Finance Fight Night.

Diversity and inclusion: Thomson Reuters reveals Q3 bank rankings for D&I

November 2017


The top three banks globally for diversity and inclusion (D&I) are Bank of Montreal, BNP Paribas and Barclays, according to data from Thomson Reuters.

Sideways: Staley bets the farm on the Fab Four
October 2017
Barclays CEO Jes Staley has staked his future on the ability of four markets veterans to produce a fast turnaround in performance at the firm’s investment bank.

Barclays’ loss is now Africa’s gain
October 2017
Aside from the regulatory pains put forward as a reason for Barclays’ departure from Africa, there are other reasons why African banks are much better at serving local clients today.

African banks grasp the global retreat
October 2017
Barclays’ exit from the continent shows how banks based in developed countries are either unable or unwilling to support growth in emerging markets. But for institutions with a focus on Africa, the departure of such international rivals makes banking in the region look even more attractive.

Ramos leads Barclays Africa into a new era

October 2017
Barclays’ ownership has hobbled some of its biggest businesses in Africa. Now Maria Ramos, chief executive of the Johannesburg-listed successor company that makes up the bulk of Barclays Africa, tells Euromoney Africa about the challenges she faces in extricating Absa and the rest of the network from the London-based group.

Bob Diamond is back on the offensive

October 2017
After a characteristically bold attempt last year to acquire Barclays Africa, a firm which he was instrumental in developing, Bob Diamond is even more determined to build his own pan-African bank at Atlas Mara. The London-listed African banking platform he co-founded four years ago has had its setbacks, but thanks to new funding and a bigger stake in its flagship Nigerian investment, another former Barclays asset, Diamond sees plenty of opportunities ahead.

Macaskill on markets: Curious Qatari tactics
July 2017 


The UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) charged Barclays and four former managers with fraud in June, alleging misconduct relating to two capital raising deals in 2008 and a loan to Qatar.

Sideways: Barclays gentleman charged along with players
July 2017
There was an air of mild incredulity in some quarters of the City of London when John Varley, the former CEO of Barclays, was charged with fraud alongside the bank he once headed and three ex-colleagues.

Serious Fraud Office: UK whistleblowers deserve better
July 2017
The Barclays case may have saved the SFO, but the UK fraud agency needs to change the way it deals with whistleblowers.

Throsby turns back the clock at Barclays
June 2017
Barclays has reversed course on the regional structure it put in place last year, with new investment bank head Tim Throsby putting a global stamp on the business and also paving the way to complete its previous expansion effort.

Barclays reorganization: good in parts
June 2017
MB banner 660px
Tim Throsby needs to strike a balance between upheaval and stability.

Throsby shakes up Barclays CIB
May 2017
Takes control of markets unit; builds global structure for banking.

Barclays Libor affair: a reminder of what they said
April 12017
The BBC is broadcasting on Monday an episode of Panorama that will present new material relating to the Barclays Libor affair: here is a guide to some of the related evidence from the UK Treasury Select Committee inquiry in 2012.

Barclays caps stunning year in own-account corporate finance
December 2016
The sale of Barclays’ French retail business is another feather in the cap of CEO Jes Staley and his top executive team.

Treasurers left in the dark over ring-fencing plans
August 2016
Barclays has outlined its timeframe for the implementation of ring-fencing, but banks have so far given little public detail on what the structural reform of the UK’s banking industry will entail. This is leaving corporate treasurers unable to make their own plans.

Sideways: Brexiteers’ financial gains may be short-lived
July 2016
Barclays was among many European banks to see further price falls and volatility in the week following the Brexit referendum, even after shares bounced from their early lows. There are plenty of reasons to be gloomy about the banking sector in the wake of the vote, especially for a firm such as Barclays that remains an active player in investment banking and now faces a host of uncertainties over sales of financial products into Europe from its London base, as well as a worsened outlook for advisory, underwriting and trading services.

AfE 2016 logo-196 135

Awards for Excellence 2016

World's best bank for public sector clients

Western Europe's best investment bank 2016

UK's best investment bank

Macaskill on markets: Brexit and the merchant bankers
June 2016
Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays and a former employee of Dimon’s, provided a stark contrast with his decision to remain largely silent on the implications of the vote – and afterwards released a statement on his commitment to a transatlantic UK/US model. That didn’t help to inoculate Barclays from market turbulence after the decision to leave the EU was confirmed. Its shares fell by 30% at one point in early trading on Friday, before partially recovering when Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England (BoE), publicly committed to provision of extra liquidity to support UK banks and stated they are adequately capitalized.

Barclays: Can Jes do it?
June 2016
Six months ago, Jes Staley took on a job that many of his peers said they did not envy. His task: to turn Barclays' business performance around and create a clear strategic vision for a bank that had not adapted to a new regulatory and market environment. Work remains to be done, not least in agreeing a ring-fenced structure and improving returns at the investment bank. But the mood at Barclays appears to be brightening.

Jes_Staley 600x400

Barclays looks outside for King successor
June 2016
Barclays CEO Jes Staley has moved quickly to fill the top positions of his management team, with one big exception.

Barclays: Staley needs numbers to match the message
June 2016 
Deutsche Bank’s John Cryan might have the toughest job in banking, but Jes Staley probably runs a close second. The Barclays CEO has had an impressive first six months, all things considered. As always, there is more to do.

Anatomy of a wind-down: life in Barclays Non-Core
May 2016
For the past couple of years, staff in a unit of Barclays have been hearing the sound of bells. Unlike at the New York Stock Exchange, however, this does not indicate the end of the trading day. The Barclays bells tell the global team tasked with offloading the bank’s non-core businesses that one of their colleagues has closed a deal.

Barclays Africa eyes growth despite group sale
April 2016 

Maria Ramos-600
CEO to press on with pan-African investment; PLC exit comes as African business turns round.

Staley cements Barclays’ new order with Africa exit
March 2016


Barclays' planned divestment of its Africa unit signals a new normal for the lender but the move appears counter-intuitive given the latter's relative profitability.

New twist in Barclays saga as Staveley sues for £1bn
January 2016

Amanda Staveley 2016 use-R-600

A long history of dispute over what the Gulf-based adviser should be paid for her role in helping the UK bank raise capital during the financial crisis, first revealed by Euromoney, has been revived – and escalated – by a new claim lodged in the UK High Court.

Barclays' FX fine: The death knell for last look?
November 2015

Barclays no-R-600 2

The $150 million fine imposed on Barclays this week for abusing its last-look policy on clients' currency orders until as recently as three months ago signals another nail in the coffin for the controversial practice, say analysts.

Staley and Barclays: this time it’s different
October 2015 What kept Jes Staley out of the Barclays job three years ago does not apply in 2015, but this time round his challenges could be even greater.

McFarlane loses patience with Jenkins and takes over at Barclays
July 2015
The only surprise about Wednesday's change at the top of Barclays is the speed at which the new chairman has chosen to take direct responsibility for meeting the considerable challenge of providing a decent return to shareholders.

Jenkins' downfall in quotes
July 2015
Euromoney's last in-depth interview with Antony Jenkins before he was fired revealed tensions at the top amid an existential crisis in the bank’s business model.

Barclays' identity crisis
June 2015
One year on from its big restructuring announcement, Barclays is still struggling to convince that it has found the right model. Investment banking remains the sticking point. Senior executives in the division say they’ve pulled off a £100 billion restructuring and improved the client franchise. They want to invest for growth. But sceptics say that bull market conditions and accounting sleight of hand have flattered results and the investment bank needs to become even smaller and more focused. The instinct of chief executive Antony Jenkins may be to give the investment bank more time. Shareholders and the new chairman may not be so patient.

Barclays: FICC is reborn as Macro

June 2015
As head of the macro products group inside Barclays’ investment bank since May 2014, Mike Bagguley, who had previously run foreign exchange and commodities before being asked to run the revamped FICC group, has been at the centre of the biggest changes.

Banking: Jenkins’ critical year at Barclays
June 2015
The Barclays CEO is stuck between a rock and a hard place in trying to reposition the bank. He may be running out of time to extricate himself.

FX rigging: Barclays feels the heat
May 2015
Barclays has suffered the biggest blow in the latest round of billion-dollar regulatory fines for rigging currency markets, with a penalty of almost $2.4 billion from five regulators, with the spotlight shifting to FX options.

Macaskill on markets: Moulds sets out to make Barclays dance again
January 2015
New COO Jonathan Moulds will bring a straightforward and sensible approach to the challenges facing Barclays. Will he end up pulling the strings more than CEO Antony Jenkins?

Three challenges facing Barclays’ new head of wealth
September 2014
Akshaya Bhargava, Barclays' new CEO for wealth and investment management, has his work cut out.

Macaskill on markets: Barclays retreat turns disorderly
August 2014

The partial withdrawal by Barclays from investment banking is starting to look disorderly – more retreat from Moscow than Dunkirk-style retrenchment.

Investment banking: As Barclays cuts FICC, Deutsche invests
June 2014
Barclays cuts its investment bank in half; Deutsche raises equity to protect market share.

Barclays' Qatari capital-raising timeline
May 2014
A chronology of the controversial Barclays-Qatar courtship amid a UK investigation into the capital raising.

Barclays Wealth continues streamlining
May 2014
Barclays’ latest round of restructuring is hitting the investment banking business hard, but the future for the wealth management business might not be so bright either.

Barclays under Antony Jenkins is a mess in transition
March 2014
Some have dubbed Antony Jenkins' reign at Barclays a work in transition. To me, it is undoubtedly a mess in transition.