Euromoney Podcasts: Treasury & Turbulence

Stories of corporate treasury innovating to mitigate external threats

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Euromoney Podcasts: Treasury and Turbulence

Cybersecurity: The Kerckhoffs' Principle & why attack is the best form of defence

November 21, 2018


In the unceasing struggle against cyber criminals - where hackers seem always to be one step ahead – companies are increasingly realising the best form of defence could be to leave themselves open to attack. Rather than trying to outwit hackers, these companies offer “bug bounties”, paying hackers to attack their systems and report back the weaknesses they find. 

Hear from the people in charge of organising cyber defence at some of the world’s biggest corporations, and the ex-hackers they are paying to break into their systems.

Euromoney Podcasts: Treasury and Turbulence

The Beiersdorf story

October 17, 2018


The early 20th century saw the emergence of the multinational corporate. But the harsh geopolitical and economic circumstances of inter-war Europe forced many companies to take extreme steps to prepare their business for the looming threat of war.

In this episode, we tell the story of the German pharmaceutical company Beiersdorf – creator of Nivea beauty cream – and Willy Jacobsohn, its Jewish CEO, who in the 1930s became an early adopter of the holding company. The Beiersdorf story exemplifies the challenges many corporates faced at that time – and the innovative solutions they instigated had some surprising repercussions that went well beyond saving the business.

When facing extreme geopolitical upheaval, what lessons can treasurers in the 21st century learn from the past? 

Euromoney Podcasts: Treasury and Turbulence

The auto industry and Brexit

September 18, 2018


A disorderly Brexit will have implications across the economy, but few sectors demonstrate the scale of the challenge better than the auto industry, which has made an art form of cross border manufacturing that arrives just in time for the production line. In this episode, Euromoney will examine the impact that Brexit will have on the corporate treasury function. It explains the lessons treasurers can learn from disruption to the auto industry and what actions they might take to minimise disruption to their own businesses. 

Euromoney Podcasts: Treasury and Turbulence

Treasury and Turbulence trailer

September 11, 2018


Corporate treasurers are too often the unsung heroes of their businesses. Operating in the background, they only become noticeable when things go wrong. This is because they are the people responsible for keeping their firm afloat. In this series, Euromoney examines how treasurers battle risk and defend company interests – sometimes under impossible conditions. From world wars, to geo-political risks, to cyber-crime, these are just some of the travails of the corporate treasurer in the past, present and future.

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