Euromoney Virtual Learning

Restrict your travel, not your training

For many years, we have supported our clients while development programmes have been under pressure to minimise time away from the desk. We have successfully implemented blended learning techniques, using technology to provide ultimate flexibility.

We now find ourselves in unprecedented territory. In-person development programmes will be under greater scrutiny than ever. Whether your concern is health-related, the environment or ROI, suspending investment in people will be costly in the long-run with an impact on performance, risk exposure and morale.

Euromoney Virtual Learning provides a range of options that will enable your people to participate in learning events from the comfort of their base location. Virtual solutions range from on-demand, bite-sized online learning to fully customised, live and interactive experiences with our world-renowned subject matter experts.

For more information on how we can provide cost-effective learning programmes for your global teams without the need for travel, get in touch with us.

Why choose Euromoney Virtual Learning?   

  • Access hundreds of topic areas either on a whole-catalogue basis or with a customised learning pathway
  • Provide cost-effective learning programmes for your global teams without the need for travel
  • Enjoy customised learning solutions which replicate in-person events without compromising outcomes or experience 

How does Euromoney Virtual Learning ensure engagement and interaction?

  • Live delivery from the same world-class practitioner-faculty as our successful in-person events
  • Technology that enables live chat, online quizzes, break-out activities, interactive whiteboards, instant polling
  • Social and peer-to-peer learning mirroring how your people prefer to learn in 2020
  • Assessments, knowledge-checks and on-the job activities to ensure retention and application

What technology does Euromoney Virtual Learning use?

Our experience has shown us that many of our clients have their own preferred platforms and systems that their people are comfortable using and that have been pre-approved by IT. When this is the case, that is the system that we use. Chances are that we have used it before and if we have not, we learn how to use it well. Where you do not have a preferred platform, we will recommend a solution that best suits your specific requirements. Not being tied to a particular technology vendor means that we can truly offer a bespoke service and the best experience for your people.

Can I replace an existing training programme with Euromoney Virtual Learning?

The best way to answer this is by talking to us and sharing with us what you want to achieve. Once we have assessed this, we will recommend the right solution for your needs and we will tell you if we believe that a virtual solution is appropriate.