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Restrict your travel, not your training, with
our expanded portfolio of virtual learning


We're In This Together

In these turbulent times, it’s more important than ever to learn and develop skills – and to have different ways of learning to suit your needs. 

We are committed to helping you develop new skills, connect with others, and grow in confidence through our expanded portfolio of virtual learning solutions.

Whether you want a quick, deep-dive or comprehensive virtual learning programme, Euromoney Learning is here to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to not only get through this crisis, but come out stronger on the other side.

If you have any questions about our virtual learning solutions, please submit an enquiry.

Euromoney Virtual Training Room (VTR)

Live courses you can attend from anywhere


Attend our industry-leading public courses from the comfort of your home or office with our VTR courses. Delivered by our expert faculty using interactive video conferencing technology, you will experience the same quality of learning in an engaging, online environment and get the same value as you would from our in-person training courses. You will also receive a 20% discount compared to the price of the in-person equivalent.

We are currently offering live VTR courses across three different time zones – BST, EST and SGT. We can also deliver any VTR course for your organisation in any time zone globally.

Euromoney LIVE

Live Interactive Virtual Education: join our subject matter experts for short online workshops


If you're after a quick deep-dive into a specific topic or skill, our Live Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE) sessions are the perfect solution. These informative, bite-size workshops from subject matter experts offer practical advice, useful insights and immediately actionable takeaways. Attend the live masterclass so you can pose questions to our experts and share your opinion via real-time polls. 

Euromoney Masterclasses

Join a cohort of ambitious learners with our fully online, self-paced certificate programmes


Led by industry experts in a modern, engaging and flexible format, these 4-6-week intensive programmes are design to develop real expertise, challenge your thinking, and build confidence. Built using our social learning platform, the Euromoney Masterclasses consist of weekly on-demand lessons with intermittent live interactive classes/Q&As with a Euromoney subject matter expert to discuss the latest modules and reinforce key takeaways.

The challenging nature of these programmes creates a real sense of camaraderie, building rapport across the class. On conclusion of the programme, you will receive a digital certificate.

Euromoney E-Learning 

Online, self-paced courses for maximum flexibility


Learn from anywhere in the world, at your own pace, in your own time with our e-learning courses. It’s the most flexible way to develop skills in areas such as loan documentation and project finance modelling. With our self-paced e-learning courses, you can learn at the point of need or at the time that’s most convenient to you.

Why choose Euromoney for Virtual Learning?

1. Unrivalled industry expertise
We have 30+ years’ experience delivering training to the world’s top banks and financial institutions. Our global team of 100+ subject matter experts are among the most talented specialists in their respective fields, and our position within the Euromoney PLC means we have access to the latest news, insights and analysis on the industry.

The scale and depth of our combined expertise allows us to deliver virtual learning that covers a broader range of topics, specialisms and skills that many of our competitors. We are also one of the few training providers that can incorporate both technical and behavioural skills into a single learning programme that reflects the real-life challenges and situations course participants face in their roles.

2. Ahead of the curve
We have adapted to the changing learning environment through rapid product innovation, that’s driven by the needs of our clients and the wider banking and finance community, without making any compromises on the learning experience. Our virtual learning products offer the same outstanding quality and learning outcomes, and are delivered by the same practitioner subject matter experts as our in-person equivalents. 

3. Here to support your transition
Virtual delivery is not new to us. We have substantial experience helping our clients move from an entirely in-person training approach to blended and/or virtual learning. We can help you overcome the practical challenges throughout the transition and set you up for long-term success.

4. Experience delivering online, social learning at scale 
Delivering a successful virtual learning programmes is about more than simply webcasting experts. We combine our expertise in training and use of learning technology to deliver world-class virtual learning experiences that engage, inspire and fast-track growth.  

Our approach to learning – enabled by our social learning platform and interactive video conferencing tools – provides a vibrant, virtual environment for learners to connect and share the learning journey, reinforcing the feeling that ‘we are all in this together’.


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