Islamic Finance

Our Islamic finance courses cover everything from operations and the structure of financial products to the Sukuk market and Sharia-compliant alternatives to traditional insurance.
Understanding the world of Islamic banking and finance gives you access to a number of lucrative, emerging markets. Our Islamic finance instructors are all established experts in the field and bring real-life experience and practical knowledge in order to design and deliver Islamic banking and finance training that is highly practical and immersive. 
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Islamic Finance Training Courses

Attend our industry-leading Islamic finance courses taking place in key financial hubs across the world. Our courses are attended by the world’s top investment and corporate banks. Discover upcoming courses in the list below and click on the course title to find out more.

Public Course Testimonials

There is no-one better to tell you how good our public courses are than those who attended them.  From developing new financial products in the Sukuk market to developing Sharia-compliant alternatives to traditional insurance, our courses will help you tap into lucrative, emerging markets. 

Bespoke, Inhouse Programmes

Take a look at some of the tailored learning programmes we have delivered for our clients and the feedback we have received. Get in touch to discover what we can do for your business.

Meet the Faculty

Find out more about our Islamic Finance instructor.

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