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Stay up-to-date with global financial reporting and accounting standards with strategic and operational level accounting courses led by respected industry experts. 
Euromoney’s finance and accounting courses are designed to enhance and update your knowledge and skills in financial modelling, strategic budget analysis, and the role of audit committees, whilst ensuring you are up-to-date with the latest global financial reporting and accounting standards.
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Deconstructing Carillion

Euromoney's in-depth guide, Deconstructing Carillion: When Aggressive Accounting leads to Collapse, diagnoses the cause of Carillion's collapse, explains why nobody saw it coming, and reveals how a debt-fuelled disaster on this scale can be prevented in future.

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There is no-one better to tell you how good our public courses are than those who have attended them. From optimising your organisation's working capital to increasing the rigour of your internal audit practices, our courses will help you thrive in this ever-changing sector.

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