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Contract Law School: Module 1 - Legal Writing and Contract Drafting

  • The  Contract Law School is made up of 2 individually bookable modules 

    Contract Law School: Module 1 - Legal Writing and Contract Drafting (3 days)

    Contract Law School: Module 2 - Contract Negotiation (2 days)


    Contract Law School: Module 1 - Legal Writing and Contract Drafting  (3 days)



    Course Overview

    This course is tailored for everyone seeking to enhance their professionalism in legal writing and drafting contracts.  Legal writing deals with expressing complex legal ideas practically, in plain, understandable English. 

    This workshop is also useful to those working with contracts.  It will enable them to improve their knowledge of contract law and learn the necessary skills of writing clear, concise contracts, legal texts and correspondence and covers various types of documents and writing. 

    This practical workshop provides much-needed skills and knowledge needed by professionals (including bankers and financiers) to ensure that they gain solid working understanding of the principles and basics of writing, perusing and drafting contracts.

    Training structure and methodology

    • In class workshop. 
    • Lectures, exercises, case-studies, group discussions and presentations, Q&As.


    • By attending this workshop, delegates will:
    • Acquire the skills of writing legal English and general correspondence and be enabled to write clear, concise contracts, letters and documents.
    • Obtain knowledge on, and be able to understand and express, legal concepts and deal with legal writing and documentation
    • Learn the skills of drafting (as well as perusing and checking) legal documents more effectively.
    • Be equipped with the skills necessary in order to write and communicate more persuasively and to deal effectively with lawyers, customers and others.
    • This 3-day intensive Workshop, delivered face-to-face, is designed with the principal objective of providing a working understanding of the principles and techniques of writing, perusing and drafting contracts, thus enhancing professionalism.

    Who should attend:
    •    All credit and legal executives and managers (frontline and back-room)
    •    Executives and managers involved with negotiation and documentation of loans
    •    Legal officers and inhouse legal counsels in corporations and businesses
    •    Legal practitioners

  • Contract Law School: Module 1 - Legal Writing and Contract Drafting  (3 days)

    DAY 1 
    0900-1300 (Coffee break 1030-1045)

    Module 1

    1.1    Strategies for effective legal writing
    •    Plan, write, revise
    •    Plain English – effective language style
    •    Planning: know what you mean to say
    •    Writing: say what you mean to say
    •    Revise: the importance of self-editing your writing

    1.2    Legal letters, emails, memoranda and opinions
    •    Letter writing – the conventions of letter writing, common pitfalls, legal and professional requirements
    •    Writing e-mails – basic rules, legal issues
    •    Writing memoranda
    •    Responding to legal opinions
    1300-1400    LUNCH

    1400-1700 (Coffee break 1530-1545)

    Module 2

    2.1    Elements of good style
    •    Clarity
    •    Consistency
    •    Effectiveness

    2.2    What to avoid
    •    Ambiguity
    •    Sexist language
    •    Constantly litigated words
    •    False word pairs
    •    Problem words and phrases
    •    False collocations

    2.3    Summary: Writing legal documents: language and structure
    Day 1 Workshop: 
    Discussion on legal writing skills – employment of skills in practical working environment.

    DAY 2

    0900-1300 (Coffee break 1030-1045)

    Module 3

    3.1     Understanding contract purpose and form
    •    Structure of contracts
    •    Purpose 
    •    Terms 
    •    Processes and Legal and Regulatory compliance issues in Contract Drafting

    1300-1400    LUNCH
    1400-1700 (Coffee break 1530-1545)

    Module 4


    4.1    Examination of some common commercial agreements
    •    Preliminary considerations in Contract Drafting
    •    Skills in Drafting documentation
    •    Skills in Perusing documentation
    4.2    Analysis of Clauses commonly drafted in Commercial Contracts
    •    Parties
    •    Recitals
    •    Interpretation/Definitions
    •    Conditions precedent
    •    Agreements
    •    Representations, Warranties and Undertakings
    •    Boilerplate (Standard) clauses
    •    Taxation liabilities
    •    Industry specific terms
    •    Intellectual property and third party rights
    •    Schedules
    •    Execution/Signatures
    •    Appendices
    Day 2 Workshop: 
    A detailed examination of a sample Commercial Contract. Discussions on what to look out for and consider when drafting and during the process of documentation.

    DAY 3

    0900-1300 (Coffee break 1030-1045)

    Module 5

    5.1    Detailed Examination of a sample commercial contract
    •    Definitions
    •    Main commercial provisions
    •    Secondary commercial provisions
    •    Boilerplate clauses
    1300-1400    LUNCH
    1400-1700 (Coffee break 1530-1545)

    Module 6
    6.1    Common terms and phrases in contracts 
    •    “Best or reasonable endeavours”
    •    Joint and several
    •    “Time is of the Essence”
    •    Warranties
    •    Indemnities and limitation of liability clauses
    •    Termination clauses
    •    “Subject to contract”

    Workshop: Drafting the Facilities Agreement (or another type of contract)

    Who should attend:
    •    All credit and legal executives and managers (frontline and back-room)
    •    Executives and managers involved with negotiation and documentation of loans
    •    Legal officers and inhouse legal counsels in corporations and businesses
    •    Legal practitioners

  • Our Tailored Learning Offering

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    • Reliability – if we promise it, we deliver it. We have delivered over 25,000 events both in person and online, using simultaneous translation to delegates from over 99 countries.
    • Recognition – we are accredited by the British Accreditation Council and the CPD Certification Service. In an independent review by Feefo we scored 4.2/5 on service and 4.7/5 on Coursecheck
This course can be run as an In-house or Tailored Learning programme


  • Mei Pheng Lee


    Professor Datin Dr MEI PHENG LEE                                Academic Qualifications  Doctor of Philosophy (Law), University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England;     Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours), University of Malaya, Malaysia; Affiliations and Professional Qualifications •    Practice Professor, Faculty of Law, Bond University, Queensland, Australia; •    Member, Centre for Professional Legal Education, Bond University, Australia; •    Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya; •    Advocate of the High Court in Sabah & Sarawak; •    Associate Fellow of the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (formally, the Institute of Bankers, Malaysia); •    Advisor, Asian Banking School •    Fellow, Financial Services Institute of Australasia, Australia; •    Course Director & Trainer, Euromoney Learning Solutions, Hong Kong, UK; •    Professional Member, Malaysian Directors Academy (MINDA, 2015-2017) •    Board Member, Law Advisory Board, Bond University (2009-2021) •    Member, Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia (2018-present) •    Member, Singapore Institute of Directors (2021-present).       Upon graduating from the University of Malaya with a First Class Honours in 1983, Dr Lee became a fellow and tutor at the Law Faculty, University of Malaya.  In 1985, Dr Lee joined the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) as Head, Legal Department and served as Assistant Vice President in the Malaysia Central Office and subsequently in Kuching Branch, a position she held until she left the bank in 1994 to join Detta Samen & Co., Advocates as a partner.  She is currently a senior partner and banking and finance law consultant in Detta Samen & Co Advocates. Dr Lee was admitted as an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in April 1984 and as an advocate of the High Court in Borneo in Kuching in August 1989. On the 9th April 2000, she was admitted as an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, Malaysia. Dr Lee served as chief examiner for law subjects for bankers (IBBM) since 1985 and as examiner for accountants (MAPCA) and presently trains banking and audit examiners and writes manuals, reference books and examination texts for the banking industry, local and international universities and colleges.   Dr Lee obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy upon completion of her 4-year doctorate studies in law in 2001.  Her research was on banking frauds; in particular, on forgery.  Her area of specialization was on banking and finance law. Since 2001, Dr Lee lectures at the Bond University, Queensland, Australia as Honorary Adjunct Professor and presently, as Practice Professor at the University’s Faculty of Law. She teaches undergraduate, postgraduate students and professionals.   She has been and still is an examiner, lecturer, mentor and supervisor for undergraduate and post-graduate students and Doctorate and Masters candidates at the Bond University.  Earlier, she had also lectured Commercial Law for bankers studying at the Monash University, Australia.  She designed and wrote the AML/CFT micro-credential and is the lead educator in the Advanced Credential in Anti-International Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) – a Faculty of Law, Bond University programme designed for bankers globally.  Prof. Dr Lee conducts seminars and lectures in many areas of banking law and banking practices internationally for the Institute of Bankers, Malaysia (now, AICB and the Asian Banking School) and various financial institutions throughout Malaysia as well as regulators, supervisors and enforcement agencies, for banks, banking and finance associations, universities and lawyers abroad.  She specializes in courses designed for officers, senior officers, professionals, senior management and directors.   Dr Lee has authored and co-authored 17 publications including titles such as Commercial Law (2nd Edition) (LexisNexis); Banking Law (5th edition) (LexisNexis) and Business Law in Malaysia (McGraw Hill, 2022). She also contributes as author and contributing-editor/author to Lexis Nexis for various publications such as LexisNexis Practical Guidance: Commercial Law & Practice; Atkin’s Court Forms and Precedents – Banking; Halsbury’s Law of Banking and Annotated Statutes of Malaysia.      In 2006, the Australian Government issued her the Distinguished Talent Visa in recognition of her international contributions and academic excellence.  Dr Lee now resides in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.