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IJGlobal Masterclass in Infrastructure and Project Finance

Delivered live-online and on-demand over 6 weeks

15 Apr - 24 May 2024 | Price: £1,495+VAT



Increase your success in infrastructure and project finance decisions. The IJGlobal Masterclass in Infrastructure and Project Finance offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, curated content from IJGlobal and Euromoney Learning, and insights from global peers.

Join this Masterclass and you will:

  • Master the basic structuring of a limited recourse project financing
  • Be confident in where to find potential sources of finance for a project and how to approach them
  • Understand the different types of project financing and how to apply them
  • Have become familiar with the evolving approach of governments towards private sector's participation in infrastructure
  • Know how to identify those markets with the most credible opportunities

  • Be able to analyse and allocate risks arising in a project financing structure and understand the commercial drivers behind the allocation of risk
  • Become familiar with the potential multiple workstreams in project financing and how to coordinate them
  • Understand the approach to stakeholders and how to address ESG and political/public relations issues
  • Be guided through the reasons for obtaining a rating and how to go through the process within the time constraints of the project finance process

Through on-demand interviews, presentations, and live Q&A sessions, this Masterclass features content from a panel of industry-renowned expert contributors. They will share their in-depth knowledge of financing and implementing projects, allowing you to approach the development and structuring of project financing with increased confidence. You’ll also get the opportunity to join a weekly live Q&A with the Masterclass Director, Robin Earle, to review key learning outcomes, ask any questions you have and consolidate your learning from that week’s module.


Masterclass Director: Robin Earle

Infrastructure Consultant, Gottex SA; Sector Consultant: Multilaterals, Infrastructure Finance and Financial Services, Saïd Business School, Oxford University; Former Head of the Infrastructure and Project Finance teams at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong, Banco Espirito Santo de Investimento, London; Senior Banker, EBRD

Expert Contributors


Agnes Mazurek

Former Director at MUFG, Managing Director at Macquarie, Global Head at Santander, Independent Consultant; NED

Chris Reeves (1).png

Christopher Reeves

Independent Director and Board Advisor; Former Director for Responsible Investment on the Investment Committee at John Laing; Former Director for Global Natural Resources at PwC

Warren Beardall.png

Warren Beardall

Former senior adviser at JLT and Aon; Risk Consultant and Academic Researcher

Camilla Culley

Camilla Culley

Former project finance practitioner at Schroders and Morgan Grenfell; Industry renowned financial modelling instructor


Ian Dixon

Former CEO at Ambac Assurance, Head of Debt Capital Markets at Investec and MD at Fitch Ratings; Infrastructure Consultant

James Stewart

James Stewart

Former CEO at Partnerships UK and Infrastructure UK, Global Head of Infrastructure and Vice Chair at KPMG; NED


Jon Phillips

Chief Executive Officer, GIIA; Former Communications Director at BAA Heathrow


Andrew Rose

Former CEO at Infrastructure UK, Homes and Communities Agency and Global Infrastructure Investor Association; NED


Chris Heathcote

Former global head of infrastructure at WestLB and Lloyds, Head of Project Finance at Partnerships UK; Infrastructure Consultant

IJGlobal Masterclass CTA

This Masterclass is designed for anyone who is looking to gain a thorough understanding of the process of financing infrastructure projects.

Participants will master the intricacies of financing infrastructure projects in just 6 weeks. Each week delves into project financing elements with curated content from IJGlobal and Euromoney Learning, including expert-contributed on-demand content, video interviews, articles, case studies, and activities. Wrap up each week with a live Q&A session with the Masterclass Director to deepen your understanding.

To view the detailed agenda, download the brochure.

week 1.png
First Principles of Project Finance & Risk Analysis
Master the basic structuring of a limited resource project financing to mitigate risks
week 2.png
Commercial & Other Debt Financiers

Understand the different types of project financing and what lenders are looking for
week 3.png
A Guide Through the Corridors of Power
Explore the evolving approach of governments towards private sector's participation in infrastructure
week 4.png
The International Infrastructure Markets
Understand the dynamics of investment in international markets to empower decision making
week 5.png
Stakeholder Balance & ESG

Learn how to develop a project while maintaining high ESG standards
week 6.png
Project Finance for the Digital Economy
Be updated with the latest development and future trends in particular renewables and digital infrastructure
IJGlobal Masterclass CTA

This Masterclass offers a flexible, social way to expand your knowledge within infrastructure and project finance. Complete learning at your own pace, with guidance on your progress provided by our Masterclass Director.

Designed to develop real expertise, challenge your thinking and build confidence, you’ll expand your existing knowledge base, benefit from decades’ worth of expert experience, share comments, build your professional network and problem-solve with others

Self-paced learning
Weekly live Q&A
A library of curated content
Progress Tracking
Peer Knowledge Sharing
Final project

Undertake 2-3 hours' self-paced learning each week, divided into bite-sized videos, articles, case studies and activities

On-demand learning.png

Consolidate your learning in a weekly live Q&A session with the Masterclass Director

Live session.png

Access a library of curated content and resources for up to 6 months

Access a library of curated content and resources for up to 6 months.png

Track your progress via weekly online tests

Track your progress via weekly online tests.png

Share knowledge and insights with your peers and get pragmatic advice from your Masterclass Director

Peer learning.png

Apply your learning to a final project

Apply what you've learnt to a competitive team challenge.png

The Masterclass in Infrastructure and Project Finance is suitable for anyone who is looking to upskill, reskill or simply keep up to speed with the latest industry developments. We recently welcomed delegates from organisations across the globe including:

IJGlobal Masterclass previous attendees.png
IJGlobal Masterclass CTA

Watch our taster sessions to sample the content, experience the Masterclass platform, and discover more about the topics covered in this programme.

  • Watch this taster session with Robin Earle (Masterclass Director) and Warren Beardall (Expert Contributor) discussing the potential impact of AI on the industry, covering: AI and technology in infrastructure and project finance, the rise of ChatGPT and its implications for various jobs, and responding to the increasing application of AI in infrastructure finance. In addition, you will experience the platform and learn about core topics covered.
  • Watch this taster session to sample the content. You will learn from our expert contributors, Ian Dixon and Warren Beardall discussing Insurers’ and Credit Rating Agencies’ approaches to ESG and the impact this has on infrastructure and project financing. In addtion, you will find out more about each week's content and why these topics will help you make the right decisions to give your projects the edge over the competition.
  • This 30-minute taster session will guide you through the structure of the programme, introduce you to our expert contributors, and explain how the programme design will deliver a learning experience that truly drives value.

Insights and experience, straight from the experts. Don't miss your opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our experts and master the financing of infrastructure projects.

Interested in a group booking? Email learning@euromoney.com for more information

  • What do I need to do each week?

    This is a 6-week, self-paced online programme delivered via our online learning platform. This includes:
    • 2-3 hours of self-paced learning, divided into bite-size content, each week
    • Participating in community forums, share knowledge and insights with your peers
    • Completing the online weekly progress test to help you determine:
      • what you have learned that week
      • where you may want to go back and revise information
      • key questions you want to post for Robin to answer during the live session
    • A 60-minute live session every week which we encourage you to join; if you are unable to join we will upload recordings in due course
    • Completing and submitting your project within one month of the last live session
  • How is the weekly live session structured?

    The live-online session with Robin and the expert(s) will happen towards the end of the week and is an opportunity to consolidate your learning from the week.

    Robin will review the discussions and completed tasks and discuss key themes arising from them. He will share key learning points and correct any misconceptions.

    You will also have the opportunity to post questions in advance of each live session to ensure that any outstanding issues/challenges are addressed.
  • What happens if I miss a live session? Will they be recorded?

    We have set the time for the live sessions to accommodate as many time zones/countries as possible and encourage you to join the live sessions to benefit from Robin's input and answers to your questions as well as hear from/debate with your peers. If you are unable to join we will upload recordings in due course for you to review.
  • How will I connect with others taking the Masterclass?

    Via the Online Platform

    We strongly believe that people should learn from each other and the experts, so you’ll be able to discuss each piece of content and your learning activities with your peers via the discussion forums in the platform.

    The platform has a social mentions function which means you can contact each other and Robin directly from the discussion forums.
  • Who will I be learning from?

    You will be learning from industry experts. Importantly, that means gaining insights you wouldn’t normally experience and progressing quickly by absorbing knowledge that is then applied in real-world simulations.
  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes. Once you have submitted your project you will be able to download a pdf certificate. You will also receive an invite to download a digital badge to add to your CV and LinkedIn profile. This credential confirms your attendance, achievement of the stated learning objectives and acquisition of related knowledge and skills.
  • What do I need to do to gain my certification?

    • Undertake 2-3 hours of self-paced learning, divided into bite-size content, each week
    • Attend a 60-minute live session every week
    • Participate in community forums, share knowledge and insights with your peers
    • Complete the online weekly progress test
    • Submit your project
  • What are the key benefits of this Masterclass?

    • Learn from industry-renowned experts
    • Fit your learning around your life with added flexibility
    • Only 2-3 hours’ online work each week – divided into bite-sized activities
    • Consolidate your learning in a weekly, 60- minute live session
    • Share insights, knowledge and content with your peers
    • Gain the experience needed to master infrastructure and project finance
    • Assess your progress as you learn
    • Access downloadable resources you can retain for 6 months
    • Participate in discussion forums for each activity
    • Apply the theory to practical examples, guided by industry experts
    • Explore inspiring real-life business cases
    • Demonstrate what you’ve learned via a final project submission
    • Available on any device

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