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Blockchain: special focus

Euromoney's latest coverage of the distributed ledger technology.


Class of 2019: CCB

January 2020

The Chinese bank is making a big push in areas such as financial inclusion as it targets sustainable ways to build its business and support the Chinese economy.

Swift KYC registry opens to corporates

December 2019


Swift hopes its know your customer (KYC) registry, now open to corporate partners, will succeed in ways in which others have failed, given the institution's not-for profit and cooperative position.

Blockchain takes back seat in drive to digitize Asian trade finance

December 2019


Singapore-based trade finance portal CamelOne has put blockchain on the backburner to get to market more quickly.

ABS to test Cagney’s blockchain revolution

October 2019


The SoFi co-founder’s second act involves eliminating ‘rent seekers’ from the capital markets. Securitizing blockchain-originated loans will go some way towards demonstrating if it can be done.

Blockchain is not the only solution for better and faster payments

October 2019

Kanika Saigal column banner-780

Consolidation in payments is inevitable, but while some believe that only those with state-of-the-art technology – such as blockchain – will reign victorious, that’s not the case.

Transaction banking's trailblazers

October 2019


Driven by changes in technology and many new entrants to the business, transaction banking is no longer a boring, old, but stable revenue earner, chugging along in the background. Instead, trade finance and cash management are becoming an exciting and critical area of banking.

WeBank: China’s financial unicorn

September 2019


This Chinese financial institution should be on everyone's digital radar, not just for being one of the world's largest unicorms, but for also trying 'to make the world flatter' – via tech.

UnionBank of the Philippines: Upping the digital stakes

September 2019


This financial institution was the first in the country to put its money where its mouth was regarding a digital transformation – making it one to watch as it brands itself a disruptor too.

Trade finance and blockchain: now is the time for a network of networks

September 2019


A lack of regulation and standardization creates opportunities for businesses that can create a one-stop shop for all blockchain trade finance needs. So who is doing it?

Trade finance’s blockchain dreams still far from reality

August 2019


Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize trade finance, but a lack of standardization will hinder its adoption.

Blockchain trade finance platforms see value in network effect 

June 2019 


There has been a distinct shift towards collaboration rather than competition as new distributed ledger technology platforms continue to emerge and more established platforms extend their reach.

LenderComm brings loan servicing on blockchain 

May 2019


Taking blockchain proof of concepts into production is a slow process, but a new loan-servicing platform shows how banks could cut costs and improve service.

Bankers weigh in on JPM’s new digital coin

March 2019


JPMorgan announced that it will be the first American bank to launch its own digital currency, but what to other bankers think of it?.

JPM Coin competes with the Federal Reserve as much as with Ripple

February 2019

PL banner 660px

JPMorgan says that its new dollar stablecoins are collateralized against client dollar deposits but it also emphasizes its own strong balance sheet as surety.

HSBC finds blockchain drastically improves efficiency of internal payments

January 2019


Having tested HSBC FX Everywhere on internal payments, the bank now aims to provide it as a platform service to clients.

Trade Finance Survey 2019: Asia finds a block in blockchain

December 2018

After much talk and little action, the use of blockchain in trade finance is picking up, and Asia-Pacific is at the heart of that change – but despite progress, the many different consortia need to agree on some common ground to get things moving.

CLS payment netting service goes live with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

December 2018


CLSNet – a new payments netting service for FX trades – aims to reduce costs and increase liquidity for market participants.

FX: Blockchain seen as the solution to enhanced post-trade efficiency

November 2018


Under-investment in post-trade infrastructure is driving interest in distributed ledger technology as a means of reducing back-office costs.

Can blockchain fight trade finance commodities fraud?

November 2018

Banks and traders tout efficiency and the trust benefits of a new fintech platform, but key absentees mitigate the hoped-for 'network effect'.

Blockchain-based platform for letters of credit goes live

November 2018


Eight banks have gone live with the Voltron initiative, an open platform for documentary trade.

Blockchain? What blockchain?

October 2018

Why blockchain is not the only answer for transaction banking.

Two blockchain start-ups offer very different bets on the future of bitcoin mining

October 2018

Argo offers state of-the-art crypto mining as a service to the little guy but COTI’s trustchain may do away with miners altogether.

Banks rush to join JPMorgan’s blockchain-based interbank information network

October 2018


With 75 banks signed up in late September, IIN is already approaching 100 banks convinced that blockchain is the best, safest and quickest way to resolve blocked cross-border payments.

New technologies transform cross-border payments space

October 2018


The world of cross-border payments in undergoing a digital transformation, which is set to eradicate long delays, friction and high transaction costs.

The Philippines: UnionBank takes a digital journey into the unknown

September 2018

man walking in mystery forest with thorny tree, digital art style, illustration painting
Grandfailure/Getty Images/iStockphoto

For decades, Union Bank of the Philippines has been a worthy medium-sized lender, but little more. Now, it has shaken off its shackles and is investing heavily in technology, with a view to supplanting DBS as the best digital bank in Asia. Can it succeed?

Ping An ups the digital stakes in China and beyond

September 2018


The insurance firm has armed itself to the teeth with fintech, but can it really take on internet champions such as Alibaba and Tencent?

Regulated exchanges for crypto security tokens could transform equity capital markets

September 2018

New efforts to execute equity transactions on blockchain are emerging, for now concentrated in private equity, as disruptors seek to build investor and regulatory confidence in security tokens.

World Bank launches first bond on blockchain

August 2018

With a modest-sized two-year Aussie dollar transaction, the World Bank may have ushered in a new era of speed, efficiency and transparency in debt capital markets, with deals announced, order books built and bonds priced and allocated on blockchain.

Banks investing more in blockchain than tech companies

July 2018


Banks were once sceptical about blockchain technology, but now – having recognised it as an existential threat to their businesses – they are leading the way in its development and implementation.

Trade finance: banks to support multiple platforms

July 2018

Those behind blockchain-based trade finance platform, which completed its first round of transactions this month, have acknowledged that banks will have to support multiple platforms to offer a rounded digital trade service.

Dunedin picks up GPS and looks to Asia

June 2018


Private equity house takes stake in UK payments processor.

Polish banks to put millions of confidential records on blockchain

May 2018


Distributed ledger technology could be answer to GDPR for banks worried their legacy systems will struggle to cope with customer rights over their records.

Trade finance on blockchain moves to full commercial production

May 2018


A soybean trade between two arms of Cargill using letters of credit from HSBC and ING shows the R3 Corda platform is finally set to scale up.

Energy market might beat banking onto blockchain

April 2018

PL banner 660px

Banks are proving so slow to collaborate on blockchain protocols that could reduce costs in financial markets that it almost looks as if they wish to profit from persistent inefficiency.

KYC reform catches up with tech evolution

February 2018


IHS Markit has recently announced it is to collaborate with Cambridge Blockchain to look into ways to take the information on its database onto the distributed ledger (DL).

Tend token sale points to a regulated future for ICOs

January 2018


The luxury-asset investment platform is to raise funds by selling tokens that mirror participation certificates under Swiss law, with full KYC and AML checks on buyers.

DCM bankers battle the rise of the machines

December 2017


Primary debt capital markets have been remarkably slow to embrace technology. Vested interests are at play: lucrative underwriting fees will not be wrested from the banks without a fight. But automation is coming, partly driven by regulators looking into dysfunctional allocation. 

China's Leaders in Fintech 2017

December 2017


Forget the impression that China’s banks are out-dated and too traditional – they are rapidly embracing the importance of technology and often partnering with the country’s disruptors to modernize their products, services and business performance. Here are the leaders in Chinese fintech.

Wealth management blockchain platform promises new standard for ICOs December 2017 

PL banner 660px

Marco Abele, former head of digital for private banking at Credit Suisse, plans to tokenize billionaires’ luxury assets so millionaires can enjoy them too.

Trade finance: Clients prove slow to embrace digital

December 2017


Although banks like talking about bringing digital services to trade finance, a surprisingly low proportion of the 7,000-plus participants in Euromoney’s annual trade finance survey are actually using the technology.

Middle East transaction banking debate: Providers push new services as region’s economies bounce back

December 2017


Financial providers are pushing to identify new higher-margin services, while remaining relevant to corporate partners and boosting profitability in a disruptive digital age. Meanwhile, across the Middle East economies, governments want to diversify away from oil and gas, creating opportunities for multinationals, regional banks and export credit agencies.

Western Europe: LBBW – Why Rainer Neske feels at home in Stuttgart

November 2017


LBBW needs to invest in technology, learn from fintech and even look at what blockchain could mean to its clients. 

A bridge to blockchain scepticism

October 2017

I realize my mistake within minutes of sharing with a colleague the notice from Dentacoin of the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry, including its own cryptocurrency token to pay for dental care products on a new trading platform.

Banking jumps to post blockchain

October 2017

Tearing out the old plumbing of the global payments system and switching to distributed ledger is an enormous and potentially risky transition that could take a decade or more, but there may be an easier way to capture efficiency.

Optimism dominates in Washington despite geopolitical worries

October 2017


Delegates at this year’s IMF/World Bank meetings are managing to look beyond macro concerns to present a more upbeat tone.

Corporate treasurers see the benefits of blockchain

September 2017


Corporate treasurers are putting forward the case for using blockchain in their daily operations, weighing the benefits and potential drawbacks.

Trade finance moves toward digitization

September 2017

Trade finance has long been in need of a move way from paper documentation. With a number of digital solutions based around distributed ledger technology (DLT) in development the foundations look to be in place.

Blockchain set to transform loan trading and collateral markets

August 2017

After breakthrough proofs of concept in the spring, two large projects are now quietly moving forward into pilot production that could see blockchain technology transform wholesale markets at the core of the global financial system.


UK enjoys Summer of Love for contactless cards

August 2017

For years, much of the hype in payments has been around mobile payments and blockchain technology. But the innovation that has done the most to change British shopping habits has been contactless cards, which launched in 2007 but have really come of age in recent years.

FX: Cobalt fends off blockchain competition

July 2017

Despite the progress of other projects applying blockchain technology to FX, Cobalt’s CEO remains confident that his post-trade processing network can reach critical mass.

Ripple reaps benefits of payments focus

May 2017

Ripple has come to be the dominant name for payments in the distributed ledger (DL) space, thanks largely to the decision to consolidate its efforts.

FX: CLS netting service expanded to cover all tradable currencies

April 2017


As well as helping traders manage risk, CLSNet will be of interest to many institutions as a way of getting some hands-on experience in using distributed ledger technology (DLT). 


Blockchain shifts from theory to practice

March 2017

Pilot projects to transact on distributed ledgers are starting to deliver lower costs, higher speeds and improved efficiency to bank customers. Blockchain may be the biggest shake up in market share the banking business has ever seen.

E-commerce treasurers look for alternative payment options

March 2017

E-commerce needs a strategic rethink in how payments are collected to increase efficiency and reduce clearing times. PSD2 is one possible resolution, with social media also starting to play a role.

Blockchain: Collaborate to innovate

February 2017

Robert Palatnick of the DTCC says that with so much activity occurring across the industry, it is critical that all parties place standards at the heart of their DLT initiatives.

Regulation and innovation thrive together in the FCA’s sandbox

February 2017

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) regulatory sandbox has been a hit with market participants and regulators alike, giving firms whose services were never anticipated by existing rules the chance to test out new features without fear of fines or enforcement action. As the regulator sifts through applications for the second phase of the programme, some of the FX and blockchain-related firms from the first cohort outline here the value of the regulatory insight gained from their participation.

Hubert Benoot-160x186

Seven-bank consortium to deliver trade finance on blockchain this year

February 2017

Some of Europe’s biggest banks have joined behind KBC’s blockchain prototype to help SMEs increase trade across the continent.

Trade finance modernization turns towards blockchain

February 2017

Treasurers are looking for digitized trade finance solutions; blockchain may be the answer.

DTCC puts blockchain at heart of $11 trillion credit derivatives market

January 2017

Taking post-trade processing onto distributed ledger could be the first big step, with clearing and settlement and even payments to follow.

Federal Reserve raises concerns over blockchain

December 2016

The Fed’s white paper on blockchain shows the extent of concerns about instability in the $12.6 trillion-a-day US payments system as it adapts to new technology. It also puts tech providers on warning of bank-like regulation.

BitLicense not template for UK, say experts

December 2016

While accepting that regulation can help increase consumer and business confidence in cryptocurrencies, providers and industry analysts agree that the BitLicense model is not the way forward for the UK.

R3 releases Corda as blockchain strains start to show

November 2016

Chain break-600
Even as some original founders withdraw from the R3 consortium of banks developing blockchain proofs of concept, it opens up what could become a key piece of infrastructure for the future of wholesale financial services.

Fintech creeps up on the capital markets

November 2016


Some big things are going to happen on blockchain in the years ahead – and lots of little things as well that in aggregate might have a big effect on how the capital markets operate and how issuers raise funding

Fintech: Blockchain landmarks point to transformation of trade finance

November 2016

First international test; regs and compliance must catch up.

Blockchain allows for invoice securitization

October 2016

As Applied Blockchain and Tallysticks progress with their invoices-on-blockchain project, the prospect of a new form of short-term capital markets funding for companies emerges.

Blockchain could revive gold’s role as a payments currency

September 2016

The days of using gold for everyday transactions have long since passed, but could the blockchain change that?

The mysterious potential of the blockchain

Sponsored – September, 2016

While banks are still unsure of how the blockchain will affect their businesses, there is a widely held feeling that it has transformational potential. But it is still early days for the technology, and a lot more work must be done developing the blockchain before it will be clear how it can improve the banking industry. Cobalt DL tests solution for blockchainization of FX trade settlement

August 2016

Passengers have Uber, tourists have Airbnb, now Cobalt DL is beta testing the solution that aims to bring the benefits of the shared economy to FX trade settlement.


Banks takeover the blockchain

June 2016

Everything you thought you knew about blockchain is wrong. Rather than wait for the blockchain to re-engineer banking, the banks are going to re-engineer the blockchain. It will not be public, it will be private. And across the shared ledger there will not be that much sharing. In an atmosphere somewhere between excitement and paranoia, banks are trying to turn an existential threat into a competitive advantage.

Blockchain continues to bewilder

June 2016

Banks’ experimentation with blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, is gathering pace in a fevered atmosphere.

Blockchain disrupts transactional accounting

May 2016

Treasurers have much to gain from the integration of decentralized ledger technology into traditional accounting environments.

Banks begin blockchain payment integration

April 2016

Banks are taking tentative steps to integrating blockchain technology, but so far they have focused on following established payment processes.

The Euromoney Blockchain Forum 2016: The next step for global banking


The Euromoney Blockchain Forum is the only event dedicated to the development and implementation of blockchain applications in financial services.

Fintech 2016: Applying the blockchain

April 2016

Starting by transforming the workflows around invoices, Applied Blockchain is developing practical uses for shared ledger technology on private networks.

Fintech 2016: The fintech revolution gathers momentum

tech eye-160x186

April 2016

After a record year for fund raising, large fintech companies are now emerging in marketplace lending and payments, with many more newcomers deploying venture capital money raised in $25 million to $50 million chunks to transform capital markets and traditional banking mainstays such as mortgage lending. The fintech start-ups are building revolutionary applications for blockchain, attacking every specialist niche in the financial world and keeping the image of fintech clean with business ventures aimed at inclusion.

Blockchain moves from hullabaloo to hard graft December 2015  In the second half of 2015 hype around the potential for shared ledger technology to transform banking rose to a peak. Now comes the hard work as banks and fintech companies seek to put test cases into actual use. As the first practical applications begin to emerge, Euromoney surveys the banking market to ask what’s next for the blockchain.

Year in data 2015: Blockchain 

December 2015 

Rival blockchain services test corporate appetite November 2015 Interoperability rather than exclusivity appears to be the likely path to success for corporate blockchain services.

Getting to grips with the blockchain

November 2015

Banks have suddenly cottoned on to the power of the blockchain technology beneath Bitcoin. Inside their own treasuries and innovation labs, and increasingly in collaboration, banks are testing uses for rebranded distributed ledgers to replace their costly, proprietary systems.

Enthusiasts see banks creating a new fabric for payments transfer and financial markets, an internet of money.  Doubters sense it’s all hype. Big challenges remain, but markets from private equity and syndicated loans to corporate bonds and derivatives may go on private blockchains within months.

Regulation: The benefits of blockchain

November 2015

Banks are suddenly obsessed with potential of the distributed ledger in financial markets, but regulators must make sure it is used in ways that remove collusion and wrongdoing.

Bitcoin: Jury is still out on derivatives

October 2015

Bitcoin is riding high after a recent European Court of Justice ruling that users in Europe are not liable to pay value-added tax when trading the cryptocurrency. But regulators worldwide are divided on whether it is a commodity or a currency and are still probing the advent of bitcoin derivatives as exchanges flourish to satisfy traders' demand for a wider range of products.

Challenging times: Real-time payment systems

October 2015

The number of countries with real-time payment systems continues to rise, raising the importance of addressing issues such as fraud detection and prevention, and collaboration.

Exit Bitcoin, enter block-chain technology

January 2015

Negative publicity around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has deflected attention from the potential of the underlying technology to facilitate real-time – and therefore much cheaper – international payments.

Bitcoin market starts to mature

October 2014

Interest and use of cryptocurrency bitcoin has undergone a meteoric rise in the past year, but it is now moving away from speculative investments into the real world of cross-border business transactions.

CureCoin: A cryptocurrency aiming to beat cancer

August 2014

The CureCoin Forum has teamed up with Stanford University to launch a new ethical cryptocurrency that aims to find cures for common, life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, by bringing together science and the craze for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin: special focus

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