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DTCC puts blockchain at heart of $11 trillion credit derivatives market
January 2017
Taking post-trade processing onto distributed ledger could be the first big step, with clearing and settlement and even payments to follow.

Federal Reserve raises concerns over blockchain
December 2016
The Fed’s white paper on blockchain shows the extent of concerns about instability in the $12.6 trillion-a-day US payments system as it adapts to new technology. It also puts tech providers on warning of bank-like regulation.

BitLicense not template for UK, say experts

December 2016
While accepting that regulation can help increase consumer and business confidence in cryptocurrencies, providers and industry analysts agree that the BitLicense model is not the way forward for the UK.

R3 releases Corda as blockchain strains start to show
November 2016
Chain break-600
Even as some original founders withdraw from the R3 consortium of banks developing blockchain proofs of concept, it opens up what could become a key piece of infrastructure for the future of wholesale financial services.

Fintech creeps up on the capital markets
November 2016

Some big things are going to happen on blockchain in the years ahead – and lots of little things as well that in aggregate might have a big effect on how the capital markets operate and how issuers raise funding

Fintech: Blockchain landmarks point to transformation of trade finance
November 2016
First international test; regs and compliance must catch up.

Blockchain allows for invoice securitization
October 2016
As Applied Blockchain and Tallysticks progress with their invoices-on-blockchain project, the prospect of a new form of short-term capital markets funding for companies emerges.

Blockchain could revive gold’s role as a payments currency
September 2016
The days of using gold for everyday transactions have long since passed, but could the blockchain change that?

The mysterious potential of the blockchain
Sponsored – September, 2016
While banks are still unsure of how the blockchain will affect their businesses, there is a widely held feeling that it has transformational potential. But it is still early days for the technology, and a lot more work must be done developing the blockchain before it will be clear how it can improve the banking industry.

Cobalt DL tests solution for blockchainization of FX trade settlement
August 2016
Passengers have Uber, tourists have Airbnb, now Cobalt DL is beta testing the solution that aims to bring the benefits of the shared economy to FX trade settlement.


Banks takeover the blockchain
June 2016
Everything you thought you knew about blockchain is wrong. Rather than wait for the blockchain to re-engineer banking, the banks are going to re-engineer the blockchain. It will not be public, it will be private. And across the shared ledger there will not be that much sharing. In an atmosphere somewhere between excitement and paranoia, banks are trying to turn an existential threat into a competitive advantage.

Blockchain continues to bewilder
June 2016
Banks’ experimentation with blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, is gathering pace in a fevered atmosphere.

Blockchain disrupts transactional accounting
May 2016
Treasurers have much to gain from the integration of decentralized ledger technology into traditional accounting environments.

Banks begin blockchain payment integration
April 2016
Banks are taking tentative steps to integrating blockchain technology, but so far they have focused on following established payment processes.

The Euromoney Blockchain Forum 2016: The next step for global banking

The Euromoney Blockchain Forum is the only event dedicated to the development and implementation of blockchain applications in financial services.

Fintech 2016: Applying the blockchain
April 2016
Starting by transforming the workflows around invoices, Applied Blockchain is developing practical uses for shared ledger technology on private networks.

Fintech 2016: The fintech revolution gathers momentum
tech eye-160x186
April 2016
After a record year for fund raising, large fintech companies are now emerging in marketplace lending and payments, with many more newcomers deploying venture capital money raised in $25 million to $50 million chunks to transform capital markets and traditional banking mainstays such as mortgage lending. The fintech start-ups are building revolutionary applications for blockchain, attacking every specialist niche in the financial world and keeping the image of fintech clean with business ventures aimed at inclusion.

Blockchain moves from hullabaloo to hard graft
December 2015 

In the second half of 2015 hype around the potential for shared ledger technology to transform banking rose to a peak. Now comes the hard work as banks and fintech companies seek to put test cases into actual use. As the first practical applications begin to emerge, Euromoney surveys the banking market to ask what’s next for the blockchain.

Year in data 2015: Blockchain 
December 2015 chart-blockchain

Rival blockchain services test corporate appetite
November 2015

Interoperability rather than exclusivity appears to be the likely path to success for corporate blockchain services.

Getting to grips with the blockchain

November 2015

Banks have suddenly cottoned on to the power of the blockchain technology beneath Bitcoin. Inside their own treasuries and innovation labs, and increasingly in collaboration, banks are testing uses for rebranded distributed ledgers to replace their costly, proprietary systems.