The future of the RMB: special focus
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The future of the RMB: special focus

Euromoney's latest coverage of how Beijing is seeking to globalize the renminbi, through currency swaps and trade-financing facilities; the rise of the offshore bond market; and how fee-hungry banks are salivating at the prospect of the RMB’s growth.

China: special focus

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Emerging markets: special focus

China’s RMB is less popular as it ages

February 2020


In 2016, China’s currency seemed on target for global reserve status. These days, the renminbi appears stuck in reverse, with Beijing looking on passively as its status shrinks and it slides down the global rankings.

Trade war hits Asian FX

October 2019


Asiamoney ranks the top five counterparties and top three Asian counterparties in 11 different Asian jurisdictions as part of our 41st annual survey of liquidity consumption in the global FX markets.

Bank of China: Outward bound

September 2019


This financial institution is clearly one to watch on a global scale, thanks to its presence in 57 countries and domination of the renminbi clearing market.

Asiamoney Global RMB Poll 2019: Results

June 2019

The renminbi's internationalisation may have taken a back seat for now, but its importance continues to rise among global corporations.

Financial markets: What's next for China?

June 2019


In 30 years, China has gone from a backward command economy to a global superpower, but what will the next 30 hold? Asiamoney picks 10 factors to watch, from the renminbi to bonds to wealth management, as we move towards the mid-century.

International investment banks: It’s all about China

May 2019


International IBs pride themselves on the diversity of their business in Asia Pacific, but a bank without a decent China business in this region is nowhere. It is the engine of both regional and global growth. 

Bank of China aims big in little Sri Lanka

March 2019 


BoC has only just opened its first Sri Lankan branch, but already it wants to be the biggest foreign player in the market. In an exclusive interview, Asiamoney sits down with the lender’s senior local bankers to discuss its goals and ambitions.

Singapore hits critical mass in offshore renminbi futures

January 2019


Volatility in China and increased onshore access means a greater need for hedging; Singapore also building offshore rupee traction.

The Belt and Road backlash

January 2019


The US’s great fear is that the BRI succeeds magnificently, leading to a future in which global trade, priced in renminbi.

Sri Lanka questions reliance on China

January 2019

Hambantota Port_dancers_780

China’s plan to internationalize its currency and embed it deeply into global trade has so far taken a back seat to the monumental task of building the BRI’s foundations. But over the last year, Beijing has been quietly pressing Sri Lankan banks and corporates to print renminbi-denominated panda bonds in mainland China.

Russian state firms defy sanctions speculation with bond sales

November 2018


Two borrowers beat US pressure by tapping into demand with euro and renminbi sales.

HBL’s Aurangzeb sees brighter times for Pakistan despite bailout

October 2018 “That’s why we are big in suggesting a lot of these projects should be invoiced and settled in RMB, and energy projects should be RMB-indexed…”

Nigeria swap deal shows renminbi’s African rise

October 2018


Following in the footsteps of Egypt and South Africa, Nigeria has signed up for a currency swap deal with China, but are swaps all they are cracked up to be?

Watch out world, here come Chinese government bonds

September 2018


As Chinese bond markets are set to be included in indices for the first time, a big change is coming to the global financial system. Chinese government bonds could become the new Bunds in portfolios, but Xi Jinping might have bigger targets in his sights.

China in MEA: more than bricks and mortar

September 2018

Five years after China launched its Belt and Road Initiative, its ambitions in the Middle East and Africa are beginning to go beyond infrastructure and oil.

Broken China should scare LatAm

August 2018


Any slowdown in the economy of the country that consumes so much local output will bring short-term pain and should be a long-term warning. Some Latin American currencies are showing the first signs of a China crisis. As the renminbi has declined, so too have the currencies of Brazil, Chile and Peru.

London Stock Connect may give China a bridge to New York

July 2018

The link appears to be finally taking shape, but with the dollar as its biggest trading and settlement currency, the scheme looks increasingly skewed towards investors in the US.

Investment banking: Can BOCI step up to the next level?

July 2018


Bank of China International has established itself as the leading investment bank of China’s big four, but what will it take to make BOCI a real challenger to the international firms that it wants to compete with?


Global RMB Poll 2018: The renminbi steps onto the world stage

June 2018


The winners of this year’s RMB survey are already benefiting from a new wave of liberalization across commercial and investment banking activity that will allow the currency to win wallets around the world.


Asiamoney Global RMB Poll 2018: Results

June 2018

View results of the Asiamoney Global RMB Poll 2018.


Macau turns to a hub

March 2018 


Instead of ignoring its colonial past, Macau is using it as a unique selling point for its renminbi clearing services by targeting Portuguese-speaking markets. But that business hasn’t arrived yet, and it will always struggle to overcome the challenge of the commodity dollar.

CFETS ramps up its tech partnership with NEX

March 2018


China’s interbank market trading platform and infrastructure provider has ramped up its technology partnership with NEX to capitalize on the ever-increasing appetite for algorithmic trading.China: Ministry of Finance auction casts shadow over dim sum

January 2018

The Chinese Ministry of Finance successfully completed its second offshore renminbi bond auction, but poor investor demand for the offering raises questions about the future of the CNH bond market.

Chinese banks yearn to trade offshore renminbi

December 2017


Analysts’ confidence that there is untapped demand from Chinese banks to trade offshore RMB is good news for R5, which last week announced a joint venture with Shanghai Clearing House designed to connect these institutions to the London FX market.

Bank of China: Outbound ambitions

December 2017  Internationalization is starting to pay dividends in performance.

China’s cryptocurrency ban is not what it seems

November 2017

cw-on-asia banner-600x183

The People’s Bank doesn’t want a crypto-free country – it wants to own the market.

Asia hubs jostle for share of FX wallet

August 2017

The only Asian market to match Singapore for growth in recent years is Hong Kong, which has managed to stay ahead of its regional rivals for offshore RMB.

Renminbi payments in decline, but outlook positive, says Swift

August 2017

A sharp decline in renminbi-denominated letters of credit and deposits in offshore centres have seen its standing as an international payments currency decline since 2016.

FX: CLS and Traiana extend aggregation service to four EM currencies

July 2017

The service now handles offshore renminbi, Russian rouble, Turkish lira and Polish zloty trades against the US dollar and euro, alongside the other currencies settled on CLS.


Asiamoney Offshore RMB Poll 2017: Press release

June 2017

Asiamoney has released the results of its sixth Offshore RMB Survey. HSBC retains its indisputable position at the top, followed by Standard Chartered and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

RMB trade slowdown prompts treasury sophistication

February 2017

The growth of renminbi trade has stalled, but it has forced a turning point to how corporates use the Chinese currency.

FX: China ponders implications for renminbi of Trump victory

November 2016

Trump China monkey-R-600

The US president-elect has talked tough on China, but he could be good news for China’s economy and its currency.

FX: RMB joins the SDR basket

October 2016

Renminbi basket-R-600

The renminbi’s inclusion in special drawing rights (SDR) is 'the biggest structural event in FX since the creation of the euro'.

China looks forward to second phase of CIPS

September 2016

As the China International Payment System (CIPS) approaches its first anniversary, there is much anticipation around how the second phase of the project will impact RMB settlement volumes.

China retail gold survey 2016: China steps towards gold dominance

August 2016

Gold bars-R-600

"For China, the strategic mission of gold lies in the support of renminbi internationalization."

MSCI decision tells China it can’t always get its own way

June 2016

Wednesday’s decision by MSCI to delay membership for Chinese A-shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index serves a number of purposes.

Asia: China's moment of truth

April 2016

China clock illustration-600

Wherever you look in the Chinese economy there are mixed messages, not least in the recent history of the renminbi.

China’s muddled FX policy sows reform doubts

March 2016

Renminbi concern-R-600

China has reportedly drafted a Tobin tax on foreign currency transactions – just the latest in a series of measures that appears to backpedal on financial reform. However, bulls say it’s a classic move by Beijing to limp towards reform without subjecting domestic markets to volatility.

China A-shares set for MSCI index breakthrough


March 2016

QFII reforms will open up access to domestic stocks; China will have big weighting in EM index.

Emerging markets: Big trouble from brittle China


February 2016

The January fall in emerging market currencies, the exodus of foreign capital and a global bear market in equities all point to a new financial crisis. How China reacts to this threat holds the key for emerging markets.

Beijing seeks to allay fears of China crisis February 2016

Market and currency turmoil weigh on growth; financial and stock market reforms needed.

China: Currency contortions threaten dim sum

February 2016

renminbi contortion-R-600

Gap between onshore and offshore exposed; Hong Kong dim sum market in doubt.

Against the tide: China’s bumpy ride

February 2016

Chinese dragon-R-600

Stock markets dropped sharply at the beginning of this year, driven by the apparently accelerating slowdown in the Chinese economy and the slide in the Chinese renminbi. 

Economists sombre on China monetary trap

December 2015 Dollar dominance continues; RMB inclusion in IMF reserve basket symbolic.

China's international payment system gathers steam

November 2015

One month in and it’s a case of so far so good for the China International Payment System (CIPS), even allowing for limitations in operating hours.

Chinese corporates reassess FX hedging

November 2015

Renminbi overlap dollar-R-600

Having done well from their exposure to the RMB during the past decade, the currency’s surprise devaluation in mid-August should force Chinese companies to brush up on hedging strategies that were rusty at best, but many are instead simply focusing on opportunistic borrowing strategies.

China's balancing act on exchange rate

October 2015

China's quarter-point rate cut last Friday is the latest attempt to revive a flagging economy. But although currency liberalization is on the agenda in the longer term, the People's Bank of China is unlikely to be ready to cede control of the renminbi’s de facto dollar peg just yet as depreciation pressures grow.

RMB: ParFX offers USD/CNH trading October 2015

RMB dollar glasses-R-600

Offshore renminbi has passed another milestone, becoming the first non-CLS settled currency to be tradeable on ParFX – but China’s regime of exchange-rate controls still casts a long shadow over the market’s infrastructure.

Brics take the road less travelled

September 2015


Emerging markets are working for a multipolar monetary world. Beijing is spearheading the push to establish rivals to the World Bank to globalize the renminbi, establish markets for its excess capacity and plug the infrastructure deficit. But, for now, a post-Bretton Woods era is fantasy.

Asia’s corporates mature and refine treasury

September 2015

"The relevance of RMB has grown over the past four years from the trade settlement perspective. It will start to eat into the market share of other currencies." Markets mull RMB devaluation and Fed policy link

August 2015

Janet Yellen time-R-600 

China’s shock RMB devaluation is unlikely to influence the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike, or otherwise, in September, but it could shape the path of subsequent increases, say analysts.

China: Stock meltdown prompts market intervention

August 2015

Foreign investors pull Rmb40.5 billion in two weeks; average P/E ratio still 66 times.

Markets adjust to new RMB normal

August 2015

Analysts foresee a surge in corporate FX hedging activity, onshore and offshore RMB spreads to normalize, and a dip in dim sum issuance after the RMB’s shock adjustment.

China stuns markets with sudden currency devaluation

August 2015

Everyone knew a revaluation of renminbi was coming sooner or later, yet China's announcement, including reform of the dollar fixing mechanism, caught many off guard. The move left observers debating whether it was stimulating its economy or acquiescing to calls for exchange-rate liberalization.

Inside investment: Rights and responsibilities of the renminbi

July 2015

China’s bid to join the currencies in the IMF’s SDR basket is more than a footnote of interest only to economists. Policymakers should take note.

Interdealer brokers: IDBs bet on RMB boom

July 2015

Renminbi internationalization a big opportunity; commodities counterbalance bank retreat.

Dim sum bond issuance slumps as renminbi globalization struggles to gain traction

June 2015

Recent data suggest that the momentum of the renminbi is slowing, particularly outside Asia.

 firecrackers column

RMB usage hampered by expertise, liquidity deficit

April 2015

The internationalization of the renminbi could be further turbo-charged if knowledge and liquidity concerns were addressed, according to a new study on corporates' views of the Chinese currency.

RMB depreciation expectations shift trading strategies

March 2015

As China gradually loosens its grip on its FX regime, an ostensibly overvalued RMB is expected to fall back in line with global currencies, presenting a range of opportunities for traders, ranging from USD/CNH spot positions and the options market, to punts on the CNY-CNH differential.

Stronger RMB, stronger China

March 2015

China’s currency might look overvalued, but that is only half the story.

RMB: Banks staff up to match rise of Chinese currency

February 2015

The need of banks to raise awareness and staffing levels around the renminbi within their own organizations looks set to be key as the battle for business heats up.

Rising dollar makes renminbi second-most overvalued currency

February 2015

What goes up must come down, even the renminbi. Having appreciated by more than 30% since 2008 against a trade-weighted basket, there is growing consensus that 2015 will see further falls in the Chinese currency.

Trade finance: RMB expansion catches up with China GDP

February 2015

Capital controls have constrained the use of the renminbi in global trade, while China’s real economy has surged ahead. Despite the strict rules around its use, market players are punting on strong RMB growth in 2015, Euromoney’s Trade Finance survey reveals.

Challenger banks and RMB to shape year ahead

January 2015

The continued internationalization of China’s currency and the emergence of challenger banks is set to define transaction banking in 2015.

Rise of RMB trading shows little sign of slowing in 2015

December 2014

Despite depreciation risk next year, amid the global currency war, market players say the battle between RMB offshore financial hubs and trading volumes will go from strength to strength.

Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect enables CNH funding arbitrage

December 2014

The Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect, which was launched amid much fanfare on November 17, has triggered a jump in CNH-funded arbitrage opportunities. However, rising Stock Connect volumes and easing by the People’s Bank of China – triggering a convergence between onshore and offshore rates – will remove current funding advantages.

South Korea battling for RMB spoils

October 2014

Backed by its robust trading relationship with China, the east Asian nation is the latest fledgling offshore renminbi hub. Market participants shed light on South Korea’s renminbi bid as internationalization of the Chinese currency gathers pace.

IFC plans offshore RMB duration play

October 2014

Buoyed by its Indian success, the World Bank’s private-sector arm the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has set its sights on further extending the offshore renminbi curve.

RMB: China vs the world

July 2014

The prospect of fierce competition between Chinese and western banks for international RMB business strengthens.

Pulse Survey: Renminbi’s internationalization continues apace

July 2014

When it comes to the difficulties in liquidity management faced by treasurers operating in China, 21.3% say renminbi cash-pooling is top of the list of issues.

Percentage of cross-border trade settled in RMB 

Source: Euromoney Research Group

RMB-sterling trading gets off to a flying start

June 2014

Bankers are already seeing demand for direct renminbi-sterling deals, and anticipate a rise in volumes and market makers, since the announcement on Thursday it is now possible to directly trade these two currencies in China’s onshore interbank foreign-exchange market.

Corporates take cautious stance on RMB adoption

June 2014

While renminbi trade flows between mainland China and emerging markets continue to grow, many domestic and western corporates remain reluctant to trade in the Chinese currency.

Transaction services guide 2014: Redback rising

June 2014

The renminbi’s meteoric rise as a payments and trade currency has brought it closer to becoming mainstream than ever before. Precisely when this will happen is anyone’s guess. That it will is inevitable.

World payment currencies vs. trade
Global share (extra-regional trade only for Europe)
Source: WTO, Swift, Standard Chartered Research

RMB to be a top-five payments and trade currency in three years – ICBC

May 2014

The renminbi has risen dramatically as a world payments and trade-settlement currency in the past three years. According to the Chinese bank ICBC, it could become a mainstream international currency as soon as 2017.

RMB two-way volatility a key hedging challengeMay 2014

Damian Glendinning, Singapore-based group Treasurer at PC maker Lenovo, sees two-way volatility in the renminbi (RMB) as a key hedging challenge for the company, and for the market, in the coming period.

Eurozone’s first RMB clearing hub in Frankfurt faces London competitionApril 2014

Though Germany lacks sizeable RMB deposits and liquidity, Frankfurt is well-positioned to intermediate trading flows between China and the eurozone, but it lacks London’s financial depth.

Capital controls in China are broken; Beijing faces a new 'impossible trinity'

April 2014

The sharp jump in cross-border lending to China in recent years means capital controls are de facto broken. As a result, Beijing faces the “impossible trinity” – an inability to manage exchange rates, monetary policy and allow for free movement of capital, all at the same time. China faces an renminbi-policy crisis just as much as a potential credit crisis.

Battle for European RMB trading hub supremacy intensifies

April 2014

Competition among European financial centres to be the main renminbi trading hub is intensifying after the Bundesbank and Bank of England struck agreements with China to clear and settle payments in the currency.Decline of yuan-way bets triggers financial stability fears

March 2014

The longstanding one-way bet on USDCNY has been in disarray, but worse might be to come, as China looks to its FX regime to cope with credit issues, and likely defaults this year, threatening volatility in the structured-product market.

Jury out on renminbi trading band

February 2014

A shock policy-driven fall in the onshore spot rate has ignited speculation that a widening of the exchange-rate band is on the cards, while others are unsure the 'two-way' volatility presages a structural shift.Transaction banks step up to multinationals' RMB liquidity challenge

February 2014

Deutsche Bank has become the latest bank after Citi and HSBC to launch a service enabling the movement of renminbi-denominated cash between onshore and offshore accounts, crucially boosting companies’ liquidity in the currency.

Offshore renminbi: Bank of China CEO gives London edge over Luxembourg

February 2014

CEO’s endorsement big boost to the City; renminbi bond issuance globally at record levels.

International renminbi update: Luxembourg 1, London 1

February 2014

London and Luxembourg are at loggerheads to become Europe’s leading offshore renminbi hub – although they wouldn’t let you know it.

Market is bullish on renminbi internationalization amid China wobbles

January 2014

Concrete advances towards the full tradability of the Chinese currency are at last seemingly being made, helping to rebalance the country’s growth model but heaping on short-term risks to China’s economic and financial stability.

London the offshore renminbi centre of choice in west, says Bank of China

January 2014

As competition between financial hubs heats up, London’s ambition to become the western destination of choice for offshore renminbi received a boost from crucial market players this week, following a flurry of successful renminbi-related developments in the City.

The stock market impact of China’s reforms

January 2014

The country faces many problems in banking, real estate, consumption and demographics that cannot be quickly solved.

Renminbi offers bright spot amid global trade finance slump

December 2013

The renminbi’s impressive rise this year as a global trade finance currency is a positive development for a critical market that has been buffeted hard in recent years by limp demand and financial regulation.

London-China ties strengthen as China Construction Bank touts UK business

December 2013

With extended opportunities for UK investors in China through programmes such as the RQFII scheme, China Construction Bank opened its doors this week to London-based investors, signalling the strength of the Sino-UK relationship.

Renminbi second only to dollar in trade finance

December 2013

The renminbi has overtaken the euro to become the second most-used currency in trade finance, according to Swift, the financial messaging service.

 Renminbi as world trade finance currency in value 

China’s crucial Shanghai trade

December 2013

At its Third Plenum, the Communist Party communicated its commitment to economic change. The country’s first free trade zone, in Shanghai, will act as the test bed, but without clarity on any number of policies, will international firms rush to set up shop?

Four challenges facing Shanghai free-trade zone

November 2013

China’s ambitious liberalization experiment in Shanghai, announced at the third plenum, could reshape national policy – but there are four key challenges that could thwart the project.

FX investors should look east; China could taper before the Fed

November 2013

For all the focus on the Federal Reserve’s plans to start tapering its asset purchases, currency investors should also be looking at developments in China.

China’s latest swap agreement will facilitate trade

November 2013

Swap agreement reflects growing trade; London has competitive advantage.

US Treasury renminbi undervaluation claim disputed

October 2013

The US government has upped the ante in its criticism of China’s foreign exchange regime, but Lombard Street Research reckons the renminbi is, in fact, overvalued by 30% on a trade-weighted basis, citing, in part, rising unit labour costs and disinflationary pressures.

Cash management: A revolution in cash for China

October 2013

Demand for sophisticated cash management services in China is rising as the authorities press for greater business efficiency at home and Chinese corporates expand their foreign operations. Renminbi liberalization is another driver.

International RMB: Luxembourg 1 Rest of Europe 0

October 2013

London should be wary of the Duchy’s ambitions to become Europe’s RMB hub.Foreign investors wary of China onshore risks

September 2013

The preferred method for playing Chinese credit markets remains the dim sum bond market, say analysts, as China’s expansion of access to its onshore market is met with a cool reception by foreign investors.

Emerging market FX growth underperforms broader market

September 2013

Emerging market (EM) currencies are expected to continue to expand their share of the $5.3 trillion-a-day global forex market despite the turmoil, with China’s RMB leading the charge.China RMB debate: The renminbi’s road to full internationalization

July 2013

Euromoney’s debate involving leading executives in Asian financial services throws light on the Chinese currency’s progress to full international status and the likely developments that will hinder and advance the process.

Renminbi overvalued by 30%; China macro risks rise

July 2013

The appreciation of China’s renminbi in the face of deteriorating economic fundamentals and global disinflation represents a new normal in China’s political economy, but opinion is split about whether the currency is overvalued.

Currencies the best way to hedge against China crash

July 2013

Investors looking to insure against the probability of a hard landing in China should look to the currency market.

China: People’s Bank stays firm to calm fears

July 2013

Funding squeeze reaches peak; PBoC to safeguard stability.

London underlines offshore RMB credentials

June 2013

London’s role in the global RMB market grew substantially last year, with business volumes and the number of renminbi products provided by London-based banks on the up, according to a new report.

China’s FX carry trade: the next shoe to drop?

June 2013

For FX investors witnessing the volatility in high-yielding currencies, it might seem a strange time to warn about the potential bursting of a carry trade bubble, but one has managed to slip under the radar. US falls behind the curve as China pushes forth with internationalization of the RMBJune 2013

Fully convertible RMB: the final frontier

May 2013

Renminbi takes off as trading currency

May 2013

China curbs on speculative inflows pave way for renminbi band widening

May 2013

European capitals scramble to arrange currency trade deals with China

May 2013

China FX liberalization to ease reserve headache; Beijing at point of no return

April 2013

China balances reserves against currency imperativeApril 2013

Improved Taiwan-China relations spur investor confidence – Asia Q1 results

April 2013

Chinese banks: too big to competeMarch 2013

Redback’s rocky rise: will China bite the monetary bullet?February 2013

London steals a march on New York with Beijing swap agreement

February 2013

Renminbi a better focus of currency hostilities

February 2013Nominal GDP targeting – a new method in the Chinese monetary policy madness?February 2013

Renmimbi internationalization to turbo-charge Taiwan growth

February 2013

China: Cash management revolution under wayFebruary 2013

Special focus: Currency warsFebruary 2013

Former People’s Bank of China adviser warns on China imbalancesJanuary 2013

The renminbi and cross-border trade: sightings of BigfootJanuary 2013China rebalancing: winds of changeJanuary 2013London ramps up its offshore renminbi bidJanuary 2013Renminbi: Why not swap?January 2013

Bond markets: LatAm dim sum whets Asian appetiteJanuary 2013

UK policy hampers London’s RMB driveDecember 2012

Lack of single benchmark hurting offshore RMB

November 2012

Sources: Bloomberg, TMA, ANZ



F is forward rate; S is spot rate; d is the number of calendar days for day count adjustment; t is tenor and t=0 is spot.

China Construction Bank's dim sum bond to spark new international bank issuanceNovember 2012

Renminbi internationalization remains on track despite cyclical drop in paymentsNovember 2012

Start planning now for RMB internationalizationNovember 2012

Interest rates in China will be fully liberalized in three years – HSBCNovember 2012

How to get your money out of China

November 2012

 China's government expands the role of the RMB

 Source: China Law and Practice

Inside investment: Nudging 1.3 billion ChineseSeptember 2012

Foreign exchange: Depreciation hampers renminbi

September 2012

Hong Kong: Chan outlines risk and reward for Hong Kong

September 2012

Taiwan agreement opens the gate for Chinese investment

September 2012 

Changing dynamics of RMB: Hedge depreciation via forward-forwards

August 2012

 Correlation of RMB to China composite


Depreciation fears hamper renminbi internationalization

August 2012

HKMA's Chan outlines risk and potential reward for HK

August 2012 

Value of RMB payments increases 17-fold

July 2014

 RMB payments grow 17.4 times

 Source: Swift



 Growing international adoption of RMB payments

 Source: Swift

People's Bank of China to keep renminbi flat to the dollar by year-endJuly 2012

 Source: Capital Economics

You win sum, you lose sum

June 2012

RMB internationalization: From dim sum to a full Chinese banquetJune 2012

RMB internationalization: Who will win China's transaction banking business?

June 2012

London is the natural hub for renminbi

May 2012

Widen RMB trading band to 10% — ex-People's Bank of China advisorMay 2012

Markets hail Asian governments bond plan

May 2012

Hopes rise for Asia regional bond market

May 2012

China: Dim sum bond is offered first on London's menu

May 2012

China cash management debate: Banks in China simplify a complicated world

May 2012

Barclays: China could achieve capital-account liberalization by 2015April 2012

Middle East: Emirates NBD prints Gulf's first dim sum bond

April 2012

Taipei angles for offshore RMB financial centre status

March 2012

Aussie's days as a China proxy may be numbered, warns HSBCFebruary 2012

Foreign Exchange: London seeks to be top renminbi trading centreFebruary 2012

Dim sum bond market shows signs of maturity

February 2012

Taiwan: Cross-strait banking plans to bear fruit

February 2012

Renminbi internationalization to continue in 2012

January 2012

Will UK/HK renminbi deal make a difference?

January 2012

London 'not ready' to be offshore market for China

January 2012

China: Investors lose appetite for dim sum

January 2012

CME adds renminbi to alternative collateral

December 2011

Hong Kong launches renminbi gold trading

November 2011

China cash management debate: The challenges of Chinese cash managementSeptember 2011

CME Group to launch new RMB FX products

September 2011

BNP Paribas focuses on Asia as Renminbi deregulates further

September 2011

Deutsche Bank unveils massive expansion in ChinaSeptember 2011

Zhou stays firm amid China’s challengesSeptember 2011

Foreign exchange: Is the Hong Kong peg to the dollar unsustainable?September 2011

Foreign exchange: Offshore renminbi celebrates first anniversary

August 2011

Will China unhitch from dollar, internationalise renminbi?

July 2011

China: Dim sum fever leaves investors starving for yield

May 2011

Cash management debate: Dynamic Asia makes growing demands on cash management banksApril 2011

China starts onshore options market

March 2011

Asia's financial regulators bolster FX barriers

February 2011

World Bank taps dim sum

January 2011

Dim sum market is a side dish

January 2011

China: Government AMCs to become new conglomerates

November 2010

Renminbi comes to Africa

October 2010

Chinese reform: Renminbi moves to a sweeter spot

October 2010

Everything you always wanted to know about RMB but were afraid to askOctober 2010

A new bond market

October 2010

Chinese reform: Renminbi moves to a sweeter spot

October 2010

FX: Two sides of the renminbi coin

September 2010

Renminbi: Trading places

September 2010

Two steps towards internationalized renminbi

August 2010

Chinese central bank opens up bond market to foreign investmentAugust 2010

McDonalds serves up first RMB-denominated corporate bond issueAugust 2010

Standard Chartered is on the road with Renminbi trade settlementMarch 2010

Asia's local-currency boom is a Chinese story

June 2009

HKEx plans derivatives in renminbi and IT upgrade

March 2010

NPLs: China's trillion renminbi problem

January 2009

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