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New SuperDerivatives cloud-based data platform to cost $1,500 for new users


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SuperDerivatives, the derivatives pricing vendor, has launched a new cloud-based data platform covering a number of asset classes that will cost $1,500 per year for new customers.

The fee makes the SuperDerivatives product, called DGX, substantially cheaper than Bloomberg’s market-leading terminals. Bloomberg typically charges around $20,000 per year in base fees for its market data terminals, and there are additional charges depending on how much data a user chooses to access. DGX will provide market data covering: all leading and emerging markets currency pairs; all interest rates along with all yield curves; 800,000 bonds, including sovereigns, agencies and supra-nationals, corporates, Eurobonds, MBS and ABS; 50,000 stocks, indices and exchange-traded funds; 4,000 credit default swap curves; 500 energy products, including oil, oil products, electricity, gas and carbon emissions contracts; all metals; and 250 agricultural products; and wet and dry freight. The cloud-based nature of the DGX platform means users can access the SuperDerivatives data through a website log-in using a typical desktop computer as well as through an Apple iPad or a mobile device through a specialized interface. The DGX product will be rolled out to existing SuperDerivatives customers free of charge. New customers for the product can apply to SuperDerivatives to use a free version of DGX throughout summer 2013, and then the $1,500 annual fee structure begins. If DGX users want to access more specific SuperDerivatives markets data, then they can purchase apps for the information from the company’s app store.

“DGX is set to transform the market data space, enabling us to obtain a significant market share relatively fast and reach a large professional user-base in markets across the globe,” says SuperDerivatives CEO David Gershon.