Awards for Excellence 2013: Best SME finance house

Bank of America Merrill Lynch stands out because it provides a level of service to SMEs on an international scale comparable to that traditionally available only to large companies.

Awards for Excellence 2013

Best SME finance house: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Also shortlisted: BNP Paribas

Lending to small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the fundamental roles of a bank. But it is one that deleveraging since the financial crisis has brutally curtailed at some institutions. The re-establishment of credit channels to these corporates has become a political flashpoint in Europe as economic growth stagnates. Growing interest from non-bank lenders in lending to these firms means that banks are under more pressure not only over the volumes that they lend, but in how they service these clients across the board.

In many ways, financing SMEs is a highly domestic business, and identifying a global winner can therefore be a challenge. Bank of America Merrill Lynch was, however, the standout candidate for 2013 in Euromoney’s inaugural global SME finance house category on the strength of its ability to leverage...