Awards for Excellence 2013: Best Bank

No bank is better run than Wells Fargo, and no bank is better at sticking to what it does best. That’s why the market values it more highly than any of its competitors.

Awards for Excellence 2013

Best bank: Wells Fargo

Also  shortlisted: BNP Paribas and UBS

For this year’s shortlist for best global bank, Euromoney focused on two key criteria: banks that are well run, and banks that know their strengths and stick to them.

'Well run’ is not a phrase that has often been used about UBS over the past decade. But the new management team, under CEO Sergio Ermotti, has taken more tough strategic decisions than perhaps any other, and to date implemented them very successfully. They deserve credit for creating a new UBS, even if the jury remains out on whether or not its wealth management-centric business can turn out high-teen returns on equity with a Swiss capital finish.

BNP Paribas is the very epitome of a well-managed bank that focuses on what it is good at doing. These core competencies include retail banking, in Europe and...