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Credit Suisse reaches the summit of private banking

Helen Avery
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The recent announcement of net new inflows of Sfr44.2 billion, on top of group net income of Sfr6.7 billion for 2009, shows that a strategy of integration is paying rich dividends for Credit Suisse, sending wealth management business storming past arch rivals UBS to take the top spot in Euromoney's private banking rankings. Can the bank retain its momentum?

THE WINDOW DISPLAYS at Credit Suisse Private Bank’s headquarters on Paradeplatz, Zurich, would not seem out of place at Saks Fifth Avenue or Fortnum & Mason. Every window sparkles with fairy lights, framing sledges, hats, boots, books, ski poles, trees, snow. Each one has a message. A battered antique sledge: a gift from your grandparents. A pair of mittens: a gift from your grandchildren. The slogan in this window: "A bank that has been with you for 80 years."...