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HSBC maintains its dominance of the cash management industry.

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Euromoney magazine has released the results of the 2018 Cash Management Survey.

HSBC remains the top player in the global cash management industry, according to the annual Euromoney magazine survey of financial and non-financial clients using such services. We received over 25,000 valid responses in the 2018 survey.

Respondents were asked to indicate their top providers of cash management, and separately to offer detailed customer satisfaction rankings of providers based on their delivery of essential services. Those responses generate the survey's ‘market leader’ and ‘best service’ rankings.

While HSBC was ranked the top global provider by market share (market leader) among both financial and non-financial respondents, the top global ranking for customer satisfaction (best service) was won by Singapore-based DBS Bank among non-financial institutions, and by UniCredit among financial institutions.

Key survey findings:

Non-financial institutions

  • Market share: HSBC and Citi retained the top two spots, with DBS Bank in third place overtaking Deutsche Bank, which fell to fifth place.
  • Customer satisfaction: DBS, UniCredit and HSBC earned the top global scores.

Financial institutions

  • Market share: HSBC and Citi retained the top two spots, while Deutsche Bank rose to third place, unseating Standard Chartered, which fell to fifth place.
  • Customer satisfaction: UniCredit, Société Générale and HSBC earned the top scores globally.

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