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Euromoney’s Awards for Excellence cover more than 20 global product categories, best-in-class awards in all regions and the best banks in close to 100 countries around the world. The full results are available here and are accessible by subscribers.

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Country and region awards

Global Awards for Excellence 

Best global bank

Citi – Last man standing

best global bank

Citi is the last global wholesale bank offering all products to its clients everywhere. It operates in 100 countries and boasts a payment system handling $3 trillion of transactions a day, which no other bank is ever likely to emulate. Under the leadership of Michael Corbat, Citi has closed the share price discount to book value. It must now prove that a global universal bank can avoid the pitfalls of scale and deliver sustainable returns. If it does, it will be the only one.

Best global investment bank

The reinvention of Morgan Stanley

Under the leadership of James Gorman, Morgan Stanley has carved out a unique position in global banking. It remains a great investment bank. Its much-maligned FICC division now looks fit for purpose. And its US wealth management arm gives the firm new stability and strength. Most important of all, the disparate parts of a once-divided business are delivering the benefits of the whole firm. And the markets are starting to realize the potential of a new Morgan Stanley as well.




Best global bank
Best global investment bank
Banker of the year
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Best emerging markets bank
Best emerging markets investment bank
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Best bank transformation
Outstanding contribution to global financial services

Banker of the year

John Hourican

Banker of the year

John Hourican, the Bank of Cyprus CEO, will move on this summer after restoring the bank to health – the latest, and toughest, of his repair jobs.

Regional and Country Awards for Excellence

North America
Western Europe and Nordics
Latin America
Central America and Caribbean
Middle East
Central & Eastern Europe and Baltics
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 Natural History Museum, London, 9 Jul 2015

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  Shangri-La Dubai, 3 June 2015

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