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Global results

  Best private banking services overall
  Relationship management
  Privacy and security
  Range of investment products
  Range of advisory services
  Bespoke wealth management
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Global net-worth-specific services

  Super affluent clients ($500,000 to $1 million)
  High net worth I clients ($1 million to $10 million)
  High net worth II clients ($10 million to $30 million)
  Ultra net worth clients (Greater than $30 million)
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Global asset/product classes

  Equity portfolio management
  Fixed income portfolio management
  Foreign exchange
  Lending/financing solutions
  Commodities investment
  Precious metals investment
  Real estate investment
  Private equity investment
  Structured products
  Managed futures
  Hedge fund investment
  Luxury investments (non-art)
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Global services/advisory

  Family office services
  Inheritance and succession planning
  Trust services
  Tax guidance and services
  Offshore services
  Corporate advisory for private banking clients
  Islamic banking services
  Philanthropy services
  Yacht/aircraft financing
  Art and collectibles advisory
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Specialized services

  Corporate executives
  Inherited wealth and business
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Regional results

Western European regional awards
North American regional awards
Asian regional awards
Latin American regional awards
Nordic and Baltic regional awards
Central and Eastern European regional awards
Middle Eastern regional awards
Caribbean regional awards
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Country results
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(including 'Best local private bank', where awarded) 
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Full results:
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