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Excellence in Leadership

This year Euromoney is also recognising a select group of banks in our new Excellence in Leadership awards. Our editorial team has been hugely impressed by the swift reaction of many banks across the world in responding to the Covid-19 crisis. The Excellence in Leadership awards recognise these efforts.

About the Awards for Excellence

Euromoney's Awards for Excellence are the awards that matter to the banks and bankers who matter. They were established in 1992 and were the first of their kind in the global banking industry. This year Euromoney received almost 1,000 submissions from banks in our regional and country awards programme that covers more than 50 regional awards and best bank awards in close to 100 countries. We will be receiving submissions and announcing winners in a further 25 global award categories in our September issue.

Euromoney's Regional and Country Awards for Excellence 2020 were published on July 15 at noon London time. The Global Awards will be announced later this year.

See here for submission information.