The 2009 guide to Technology in Treasury Management


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The 2009 guide to Technology in Treasury Management (PDF)

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Economic climate forces pace of change
In today’s tight credit environment, customers are increasingly looking for automated solutions
to help them more effectively manage their working capital, control risks and reduce costs

International cash and trade management review 2009: The worst and the best of times
Euromoney’s annual survey shows that in these troubled times companies and banks are
focusing on efficient cash management as never before. The leading players remain committed to
developing their business and are finding that clients prefer to stick with partners they really trust.

Liquidity management takes on renewed importance
Lisa Rossi, global head of liquidity management at Deutsche Bank, gives her insight into the effects
of the economic crisis on liquidity management

Overcoming the challenges
The SEPA Credit Transfer has been a qualified success since its launch a year ago, with some large
multinational companies, perhaps feeling their existing systems already meet their needs. They may
be encouraged to enter the SEPA world by the planned launch of the second stage, the direct debit
system, in November

Cash manager to Africa’s international agencies
Standard Bank is using its long-standing local presence and expertise to provide secure cash
management facilities for international development agencies, governments and NGOs working in Africa

Payment Systems Review: Meeting a need that cannot be bypassed
Automated payment and collection systems are rapidly proliferating at all levels of amount
catered for and platform used – from full bank systems to mobile phones and contactless

UniCredit makes breakthrough in CEE liquidity management
UniCredit Bank Austria’s liquidity management solution for paper merchant Papyrus has made
clear the opportunities for other corporates with central and eastern European operations to
increase their efficiency

Is there a future for bank online systems?
Banks are looking at how technological developments enable them to take their electronic delivery
channels in new directions. They may even be getting some tips on interactivity from social networking
sites such as Facebook. Citi’s next generation platform, for example, will include messaging, video and
mobile components

Technology and Risk Review:
In the present financial crisis, more than ever before, corporate treasurers are seeking fully
integrated automated systems and services compliant with the growing number of accounting and
reporting standards that will give them full visibility and control of their cash and risk exposures.
Moreover they are attempting to do this at lower prices. The drive for these improved services is
leading to some interesting new partnerships.

The ideal global network bank
The near collapse and subsequent bailout of several big international banks during the past 12
months have fundamentally changed the way treasurers and CFOs view their banking relationships.
Chris Furness, global head of cash management, Standard Chartered Bank, explains the
implications of this for global network banking, and why Standard Chartered is the ideal global
network banking partner for international corporations and institutions

Stability comes to the fore
With the focus on bank creditworthiness, many corporates are reviewing their banking
relationships. A strong and stable partner in cash management is more important than ever and
BNP Paribas meets the challenge

New partnerships show future of financial supply chain management
New business practices to improve the efficiency of the physical supply chain that reduce capital
investment and increase collaboration and the sharing of assets even between major competitors
are beginning to appear in the financial supply chain where banks and other financial service
suppliers are collaborating to deliver wide-ranging improvements in management information and
financial supply chain efficiency.

Right place, right time
With liquidity the priority, corporate treasurers need to know where their cash is and how to access
it quickly. For Barclays, cash management and trade services is at the core of its commercial banking
relationship with clients

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