Cash management survey 2014: results index

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View the results of a record 28,000 survey responses from treasury professionals.

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Non-financial institutions

Which ICMs do you use most globally?


Best regional cash manager

Western Europe
Nordics & Baltics
Central & Eastern Europe
North America
Latin America
Middle East

Best domestic cash manager
Qualitative category rankings
Includes: Access to clearing systems; Advisory services; Cash flow forecasting; Cash management network capabilities; System compatibility; Counterparty risk; Cross-border low value payments; E-banking applications/E-invoicing; Implement netting/In-house banking; Industry expertise & knowledge; Innovative/Tailored business solutions; Level of commitment to your cash management business; Liquidity/Credit facilities; Multi-currency capabilities; Payment/collection methods; Quality of electronic banking security, execution, personnel; Treasury management systems; Understanding of your business

Financial institutions

Which ICMs do you use most globally?

Which ICMs do you use most –

Includes: Euro transactions; Dollar transactions; Sterling transactions; Yen transactions

    in Western Europe

    in North America

    in Asia

    in Latin America

    in Middle East

    in Central & Eastern Europe

    in Africa




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Sibos 2014 special edition

About the Cash management survey:

Euromoney’s Cash management survey receives responses from the leading cash managers, treasurers and financial officers worldwide, and is considered the benchmark survey for the global cash management industry. This year the survey recorded a 14% year-on-year rise in valid responses, pushing total responses to a new record high of  27,794. This is the most comprehensive guide to the cash management arena in the market.