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About us.

Euromoney Data is part of Euromoney, the internationally recognised banking and capital markets magazine. For 40 years we have been producing industry benchmark polls and surveys on core financial services, including cash management, trade finance, fixed income research and foreign exchange. Annually these surveys draw responses from more than 50,000 of Wall Street's largest customers. We also run two quarterly surveys: Euromoney Bank Risk and Euromoney Country Risk, which apply crowdsourced expertise to rank banks and sovereigns. 

We use the quantitative and qualitative data gathered from our vast network of respondents to offer deep insight into how market participants think, work and plan for the future. The data we offer provides real-time, relevant and far-reaching analysis of several markets and highlights the trends we have seen year on year. Our data helps those financial institutions looking to improve important elements of their business including: market position, client share of wallet and geographical reach.

• What matters most to your clients? 
• Do you have enough competitor intelligence? 
• Are you achieving your strategic business goals?

To answer these questions and many more...

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