The 2014 guide to Barbados

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Published in conjunction with Euromoney Country Risk and the Central Bank of Barbados

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Published in conjunction with:

Euromoney Country Risk
Central Bank of Barbados

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Infrastructure, efficiency, stabilityBarbados remains a paragon of stability offering solid growth prospects, a stable low-tax regime and a business-friendly environment

Renewed sense of purposeCentral bank governor DeLisle Worrell explains how Barbados has managed to emerge from the global financial crisis stronger and economically more diverse

Heading for the major leaguesAmbitious plans to transform the island’s tiny stock exchange into an international securities market should further strengthen its position as a financial centre

The sky's the limitA robust and vibrant economy is ready to build on its strengths

An underrated sovereign
Recent rating agency downgrades seem to underestimate the underlying strengths of the Barbadian economy

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