The 2014 guide to Barbados: Infrastructure, efficiency, stability

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Barbados remains a paragon of stability offering solid growth prospects, a stable low-tax regime and a business-friendly environment

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For hundreds of years, Barbados has been a pillar of stability in an often turbulent region. Since independence nearly half a century ago, its leaders have worked hard to turn Barbados into an investors’ paradise. The island is economically and politically stable, boasting strict adherence to the rule of law, allied with super-low rates of taxation, corruption and crime.

This is a golden island fit to adorn any postcard, but it’s also a working democracy, populated by highly educated white- and blue-collar workers, and overseen by judicious regulators and the world’s third-oldest working parliament. Moreover, the Barbadian business model, based on financial transparency and a low-tax environment acceptable to corporates, investors and regulators across the developed and developing world, is one that clearly works.

Throughout the financial crisis, and the turmoil unsettling many emerging markets across the globe, which includes several Caribbean islands, Barbados...