Primary debt 2014: Methodology

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Primary debt 2014
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Funding officials at borrowers in the global debt capital markets are asked to rate their top three preferred banks in one of three categories: services to clients, major currency sectors, and by product type.

Scores are calculated as follows: Four points are awarded for the first choice in each category, three points for the second place and two points for third place. The overall score is then the total of these scores. The overall, global table is calculated by taking the sum of all the individual service, currency and product category scores.

Funding officials at any borrower in the markets can vote. We only accept one vote per firm per category. If we receive more than one vote from a firm in a category, in the first instance we will contact the respondents from that firm to amalgamate their votes. If this is not possible then the most senior person’s vote will count.

This year we received 256 valid responses; up 25% on last year.

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