Euromoney Rates Survey 2013: Results index

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Overall market share
Overall cash market share
Overall derivatives market share

By currency

Australian Dollar
Korean Won

By currency/product

Euro Cash
Euro Derivatives
Dollar Cash
Dollar Derivatives
Sterling Cash
Sterling Derivatives

By currency/product/tenor

Euro Cash 2-5 year
Euro Cash 5-10 year
Euro Cash 10-30 year
Euro Derivatives 2-5 year
Euro Derivatives 5-10 year
Euro Derivatives 10-30 year
Dollar Cash 2-5 year
Dollar Cash 5-10 year
Dollar Cash 10-30 year
Dollar Derivatives 2-5 year
Dollar Derivatives 5-10 year
Dollar Derivatives 10-30 year
Sterling Cash 2-5 year
Sterling Cash 5-10 year
Sterling Cash 10-30 year
Sterling Derivatives 2-5 year
Sterling Derivatives 5-10 year
Sterling Derivatives 10-30 year

By region/currency

EMEA: Euro
EMEA: Dollar
EMEA: Sterling
North America: Dollar
APAC: Euro
APAC: Dollar
APAC: Australian Dollar
APAC: Korean Won

By region/currency/product

EMEA: Euro Cash
EMEA: Euro Derivatives
EMEA: Dollar Cash
EMEA: Dollar Derivatives
EMEA: Sterling Cash
EMEA: Sterling Derivatives
North America: Euro Cash
North America: Euro Derivatives
North America: Dollar Cash
North America: Dollar Derivatives
APAC: Euro Cash
APAC: Dollar Cash
APAC: Dollar Derivatives

By institution type

Financial institutions

By institution type/currency

Financial institutions: Dollar
Financial institutions: Euro
Financial institutions: Sterling

By institution type/currency/product

Financial institutions: Dollar Cash
Financial institutions: Dollar Derivatives
Financial institutions: Euro Cash
Financial institutions: Euro Derivatives
Financial institutions: Sterling Cash
Financial institutions: Sterling Derivatives

Other rates products

Inflation-linked Bonds: Overall
Inflation-linked Cash
Inflation-linked Euro
Covered Bonds

Client satisfaction ratings

Ability to deal with large transactions/volumes
Back Office Capabilities
Economic Research
Liquidity Consistency
Market Research/Strategy
Sales Coverage/Client Service


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