Thomson Reuters Matching completes migration to new API

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Thomson Reuters, the market-leading FX multi-dealer platform, has completed the migration of the 1,100 subscribers to its Thomson Reuters Matching platform to a new API, which will increase the volume of trades processed through the portal.

The new Thomson Reuters Matching API replaces the platform’s use of the AutoQuote API that was originally only designed to price non-deliverable forwards trades. Based on FIX, the industry standard API, Thomson Reuters Matching API will crucially lower the latency of trades processed through the platform. The new API will allow traders to better take advantage of depth-of-book functionality – the number of price levels available at a particular time – for four currency pairs: AUDUSD; EURGBP; GBPUSD; and USDCAD. Thomson Reuters Matching users will also benefit from the rollout of a new graphical user interface (GUI) on the platform designed to support recent changes in trends for trading workflows.

The new GUI can lock customer and internal orders into the platform, and it lets traders either transact their own book individually or monitor up to five instruments at a time, displaying their net and average position.