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Euromoney is the leading authority for the world's banking and financial markets. With unique access to the most influential figures in finance, Euromoney's coverage provides unrivalled insight into the people and the businesses driving the development of these dynamic markets. Our journalists' understanding of what brings success in banking makes our annual Awards for Excellence, covering close to 100 countries around the world, the most frequently-referenced recognition in banking. Our benchmark surveys in core business areas such as foreign exchange, private banking and cash management are recognised as the most important rankings in the industry. More than 50,000 bank clients take part in at least one of our surveys each year.

With our combination of hard-hitting profiles, cutting-edge commentary from experts, specialist market insight and high-value proprietary data, Euromoney is your window on what's happening in the fast-changing world of finance. For 40 years Euromoney has covered every twist and turn in the world’s most dynamic market – global finance.

The magazine constantly evolves to mirror changes in international capital markets.

Since its foundation in 1969 by Sir Patrick Sergeant, Euromoney has become the preeminent journal of the international finance community. It is read by high-ranking financial decision makers in more than 100 countries. Euromoney became a public company in 1986 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange as Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC. Sir Patrick Sergeant was co-president of the company along with Lord Rothermere. Lord Rothermere is principal shareholder of the powerful Daily Mail publishing group, which was first established by his great grandfather and great great uncle in 1896. The Daily Mail was the biggest shareholder in the Euromoney group. In November 2022 Euromoney was acquired by funds managed by Astorg and Epiris. Euromoney now operates under the majority ownership and control of Epiris. The parent Euromoney company is now Delinian Limited.

Every month thousands of financial industry professionals read Euromoney. They set aside their busy schedules to dedicate time to the latest Euromoney. Why? It’s partly because Euromoney arms them with comprehensive coverage of all the world’s financial markets. But that’s just one reason.

Euromoney readers....

Who reads Euromoney:

  • Chief & senior bankers
  • Institutional investors / fund & asset managers
  • Finance ministries, central banks, exchanges & regulators
  • Corporate CFOs, COOs, CEOs
  • Accountancy firms, consultants & law firms

  • Get privileged access into one of the world's most powerful and exclusive clubs. Leading dealmakers, regulators and thinkers open up to us in a way they don't to other publications.
  • Get insight that data screens just don't give you. Our journalists based in the local markets, as well as the major financial centres, get you closer to the action – helping you spot market trends, threats and opportunities.
  • Enjoy vigorously contested opinion from our specialist journalists and columnists.
  • Access industry benchmark data. Euromoney's surveys will tell you how you and your competitors are rated by the industry; let you find out the institutions best placed to handle your business.
  • Get premium online access. Find the information you want on specific regions, markets, institutions or individuals at the click of a button.
  • Euromoney's email newsletters keep you up to date on the latest from the world financial markets.


Do you have a reliable trustworthy source delivering you the latest news, in-depth analysis, compelling editorial and rigorous independent research from within your specialist sector?

Euromoney provides the best financial journalism available including in-depth analysis, comment and reviews of the banking industry. We are read by chief and senior bankers; institutional investors; fund & asset managers; finance ministries and central banks, so you can rest assured the extensive market coverage Euromoney delivers is the best available.

As a part of a subscription to Euromoney you will also gain access to the results of our exclusive and much sought after polls, surveys and awards. Stay ahead of industry trends and use the results of Euromoney’s awards and rankings to keep your finger on the pulse of the banking industry.

Receive breaking news & opinion from the banking industry daily as well as the latest developments from across the entire spectrum of global financial markets.


Whether you are in hedge funds, asset management or alternative investments you will be fully aware how important it is to keep up to date with the latest developments within your sector.

Receiving the latest news is one thing, but combining it with expert opinion and analysis can make all the difference when staying ahead of the game.

Euromoney features some of the most respected commentators on the global fund management and investment industries, delivering compelling editorial and forthright perspective on key developments among asset managers and hedge funds. Combine this with the latest news and hard hitting analysis and you have an invaluable source of information that cannot be ignored. Keep abreast of developments with Euromoney’s popular and well-regarded review of trends and strategies in the asset management, investment and hedge fund industries.


Do you want to know what is happening? Why it is happening and what it means for the future?

Finding a reliable, trustworthy source that provides the latest news and analysis from the capital markets is not always easy. Information that can put you ahead of the game in your sector can be difficult to come by.

Not anymore...

Euromoney delivers hard hitting and unique analysis of the key trends and events in equities, debt capital markets, structured finance and credit derivatives. For the top people moves, market action and regulatory issues Euromoney’s team has unparalleled access to movers and shakers.


As an industry professional you know how important it is to keep up to date with the latest from the FX markets.

This information may not necessarily be difficult to source, however, with Euromoney you can go one step better. The quality of Euromoney's forex coverage is unsurpassed. Plus, Euromoney allows you to stay on top of key developments in your specialist sector whilst keeping an eye on developments in others.

Building on Euromoney’s leading reputation in FX markets, and its market-defining poll every May, this section provides the inside track on competition between the leading banks, exchanges and platform providers in the global forex markets.


It’s important to stay ahead of the game in a sector which is constantly developing and changing. Combine the latest news with incisive reports, expert opinion and gripping editorial and you have an invaluable source of information that will keep you at the forefront of developments in your market.

Euromoney delivers all of the above and more, helping you stay abreast of the latest from the global emerging markets.

We have experts covering the world’s emerging markets including C&E Europe, Latin America, Asia, and MEA. With Euromoney you can browse or search specific developments and companies by region or sector as well as visit the regions of interest to read industry news from worldwide sources, updated daily.

Read agenda-setting editorial opinion written by Euromoney’s team of journalists, cutting straight to the heart of the key stories from the emerging markets.

Euromoney subscribers benefit from:

  • The latest research on your industry – crucial facts and figures on the international financial markets. Euromoney's research team conducts independent analysis of a number of facets of finance, and publishes benchmark surveys, awards and rankings.

  • Comment and analysis – industry experts provide you with the insight you need to make informed decisions. Read high-profile interviews and opinions from key market players.

  • 12 months access in print and online, including exclusive access to – read the latest issue online in advance to your print copy's arrival; search for specific market changes and developments by region or sector, interrogate the results of Euromoney’s benchmark polls, and view the archive dating back to 1996. Euromoney subscribers have access to over a decade of analytical content, articles and rankings.

  • The results of Euromoney’s surveys and awards

  • Email alerts in the sector(s) you choose

  • Daily news from around the world

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