Best Managed Companies 2015: Executive precision

In an era where every bank is considering its strategy more closely than ever, managerial acumen and the ability to articulate that strategy in an open and transparent way are increasingly important. Euromoney’s survey reveals the banks in emerging markets that are doing it best – and in some cases better than any other corporates in their country or region.

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Before the financial crisis, many banks were regarded as among the companies that others should aspire to when it came to management expertise, communication, delivering on strategy and credibility.

Now, in the developed world, you’d struggle to find an analyst or investor that would consider a bank’s management team as more convincing than counterparts in retail, technology or a myriad other sectors.

But in many developing markets, the C-suite at financial institutions remains highly regarded. This can be seen in the results of the latest Euromoney best-managed companies survey.

Analysts that cover the entire corporate spectrum in Latin America, the Middle East, emerging Europe, Africa and Asia took part in the survey. They ranked management teams based on criteria such as most convincing and coherent strategy; best corporate governance; most accessible senior management; most transparent accounts; and best for shareholder value.

Often, banks are considered to...